The most beautiful town in France | The stunning Monet garden

🏞️[Destination Guide] Monet is one of my favorite Impressionist painters. When I visited France in 2019, I was lucky enough to take a break and visit the small town of Giverny, 70 kilometers west of Paris, where Monet's private garden is located. Walking in, I couldn't help but marvel at how beautiful Monet's old house and garden were! No wonder he painted so many masterpieces in such a stunning setting! 🧳Pre-trip preparation: You can rent a car or sign up for a one-day tour product on Ctrip, which is very convenient. The shuttle service to and from Paris is provided on the same day. 🍽Food Guide: There are many Western food options in the small town, remember there is a famous steakhouse, and of course there are other options such as sandwich shops, Western fast food, and coffee shops. 🛍️Shopping Guide: There is a souvenir shop in Monet's Garden, where you can buy exquisite art objects. I bought two sets of playing cards with 54 classic paintings by Monet, and also bought colored pencils in Monet's colors. 💗Travel experience: I was sitting on a bench admiring the beautiful scenery of the lotus pond, and I met an old lady from Switzerland wearing a white bohemian-style dress and applying nude pink lipstick, posing in various ways, asking me to take photos of her! As a return, she also took many photos for me. She said she loves this place very much, came here yesterday, came again today, and will come tomorrow. I think the Monet Garden is really well maintained by the staff, so even after so many years, the scenery is still beautiful. Facing this scene, the artistic cells in the hearts of every tourist are awakened... 📌Small tip: Spring is the most beautiful time to visit Monet's garden, with various flowers blooming and every shot being picturesque!
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Posted: 8 Jan 2023
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