I'm going to love this romantic lake loop, Shenzhen 1h direct!

I'm going to love this romantic lake loop, Shenzhen 1h direct!. ■Shenzhen 100 Weekends|Dongguan. Songshan Lake Scenic Area (Architecture) . The Huawei European Town located in Songshan Lake, Dongguan has been built for many years. Many friends thought that they could only see these European-style buildings by entering the park, so they never came. But in fact, as long as you turn around in the Songshan Lake Scenic Area, you will be able to take pictures of all the buildings in the notes (the blogger is shooting outside the park); . The entire Songshan Lake is 20 kilometers around, with multiple treasure spots along the way, and it will also pass through different themed buildings of Huawei European Town. It can be said that it is a beautiful view all the way, very suitable for cycling around. Rent a car: Self-driving to Songshan Lake Yanyu Parking Lot, where you can rent a bicycle. Bicycle 30-40r/day, electric car 30-40r/hour. Play projects: Cycling around the lake, camping, picnicking, taking pictures, walking, fishing (can set up tents, can sky, can bring pets, can fish) Play route: ■Route Plan A . If you just want to cycle around the lake or camp, you don't need to pay special attention to the route. Just walk around the lake as you like. If you see a beautiful place, you can stop to take pictures or camp. ■Route Plan B . If you mainly take pictures, you can follow the route recommended by the blogger: Charlie Bridge (p1-6) This is the most crowded and beautiful spot. Enter from the entrance of Songshan Lake Yanyu University Road, and you can reach it by cycling for five minutes on the left hand side. Huawei Creek Backslope Village B Area-Bridge Retro Train (p11-13) There is a bridge between B area and A area of Creek Backslope Village. You can take different angles of the train from both sides of the bridge. Huawei Creek Backslope Village B Area-Berlin Wall (p17-18) Continue to walk down the previous spot for about five minutes, you will see this red clock tower, very magnificent. Huawei Creek Backslope Village M Area-Cambridge (p7-10) Navigate to "Huawei Creek Backslope Village M Area", you can wait for the small train to appear and take pictures, about ten minutes a trip, you can take pictures of Cambridge under the sunset at five in the afternoon; Transportation: It is recommended to drive by yourself, and it takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to drive from Shenzhen Baoan Center to Dongguan Songshan Lake Scenic Area. Parking: It is recommended to stop at Songshan Lake Yanyu Parking Lot Duration: It is recommended to arrange 1 day Tips : Autumn and winter are the most beautiful seasons here, so there are more people on weekends, and there may be queues in the parking lot. It is recommended to set off early in the morning and bring food, so you can stay in it for a day with peace of mind.
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Posted: Jan 31, 2024
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