My friends on social media thought I had gone abroad, but I felt like I was in Prague while in Guangdong

🕹Dongguan Songshan Lake My friends on social media thought I had gone to Europe Strolling around Songshan Lake, there are European-style buildings nearby 💃It really feels like I've traveled to Prague! It's a great place for photography 🍀Don't miss these spots: 🌸Stream Backslope Village Kangqiao A vintage tram passes by every few minutes Standing on the bridge, you can take a photo with the tram, and the background is a large European-style building. It's easier to get good shots if you have a telephoto lens 🕹Navigation: Stream Backslope Village Bus Station 🌸Songshan Lake Misty Scenic Area Rent an electric car and slowly tour along the lakeside trail 🌟In a few minutes, you can reach the "Charles Bridge", which really looks like Prague! 🌟You don't need to enter the park, just walking around the park can take many beautiful photos 🌟The park is also suitable for camping It's a good choice to ride a bike and picnic by the lake when the weather is good 🕹Navigation: Song Lake Mist University Road Entrance Parking Lot
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Posted: Jan 21, 2024
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