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Shui An Hua Cheng  Hotel
4.8/5249 Reviews
The hotel is now being renovated in the lobby of the main entrance. It is the reception desk to enter from McDonald's to the 5th floor. The little girls at the front desk are particularly enthusiastic, and there are free coffee, tea bags, sewing bags and other supplies. The rooms also have small snacks, the bed is comfortable, the parking lot is quite large, parking is free, breakfast is OK. There are big supermarkets around, and there are many places to eat. It is very convenient to eat, live and travel from Zhangzhou Twin Towers and Zhangzhou Museum.
Leeds Holiday Hotel
4.7/50 Reviews
Overall it is not bad, mainly because I want to go to Zhuozhou, it is more convenient to live nearby, this is considered the best hotel nearby ~ single-family villa, four rooms can accommodate eight people...

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Number of Hotels354
Number of Reviews11,960
Highest PriceS$ 135
Lowest PriceS$ 9
Average Price (Weekdays)S$ 43
Average Price (Weekends)S$ 44