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Best time to visit Zhuhai

Being located along the southern coast of China, Zhuhai receives a good amount of sunlight and obviously the heat. The weather is often warm and humidity levels are quite high. It tends to receive abundant rainfall too which is mostly from the month of May till October, which accounts for almost 90% of the total rainfall received during the entire year. So, if we talk about the best time and weather to visit Zhuhai, these are the months of March, April, November, and December. These are those months when the best and humidity level is comparatively less as compared to the other months in the year. For travelers, humidity becomes a factor that reduces the level of enjoyment and adventure to less than half. Hence, it is advisable to avoid visiting the place in the days when humidity is at its peak. The average temperature is around 22-23°C. Summer is not hot but very humid. June to August are the months when Zhuhai experiences summer. January and February are the winter months. The temperature being moderate throughout, even winters are not severe. If you happen to visit Zhuhai during winter months, light sweaters will be enough to cope with the amount of cold.

Airport in Zhuhai

The nearest airport to Zhuhai is Zhuhai Jinwan Airport which is located around 37 km from the downtown. The airport is located in the middle of Jinhai road in the district of Jinwan. The airport consists of only one terminal and operates around 30 domestic routes which connect Zhuhai to all major cities in China namely Shanghai, Chengdu, Kunming, and many more. The major airlines that operate their flights at airports include Air China, china eastern airlines, Hainan Airlines, China Southern Airlines, and many more. The travelers are advised to reach the airport at least 1.5-2 hours in advance because the check-in counters are closed 30 minutes before the flight. In no circumstances, you would be allowed to check-in if you reach late. Also, you can check in through no luggage counters if you are traveling without luggage. Shuttle buses are available for getting to Zhuhai from Zhuhai airport.

Transportation in Zhuhai

Getting around Zhuhai is an east task and budget-friendly too. There are various means of transportation available namely-

  • City bus- This is the most economical choice to get around the city. Options in services like sightseeing buses and peak-hour buses make it even easier to commute. The city buses have been divided into nine categories that include Downtown lines, Express lines, Cross district lines, Intercity lines, West district lines, Peak hour lines, Night lines, Sightseeing lines, and Rapid lines. The fare varies from 1-2 CNY for normal and 2-6 CNY for air-conditioned buses.
  • Taxi- With around 3000 taxis running across the city, travelers with excess luggage are suggested to take a taxi to the city or any other nearby place.
  • Subway- Currently, the city does not have a subway service but it is expected to have three subway lines by the end of 2020 or early 2021.

How to get to Zhuhai

Zhuhai is one of the major cities of China and is well connected to cities outside the country and within. The best way to fly across the country is obviously via air travel but even if traveling from a city within China, flights are the most comfortable and quick means to reach the place. Being served by numerous airlines gives you a wide range of options in the selection of the airline and flight timing according to your choice. If you have a planned trip a few months in advance, this gives you a privilege to opt for the tickets at the best price. There are other modes of transport too for those traveling from a different city in China. One of them so Ferry, which is quite famous for the purpose of an adventurous trip. Zhuhai is well connected through various routes of ferries from all major cities. Long route buses are also available. 

How much are the hotels in Zhuhai

Being one of the major tourist spots in China, there is a wide range of options for Hotels in Zhuhai. Among the 5 star hotels are Chimelong Penn hotel, Bamboo Plaza, Crowne Plaza, and many more. The prices start from CNY285. Lim hotel, Harbour view, and L hotel are among a few 4- star Zhuhai Hotels and the prices start from CNY150. Thank you hotel, Zhuhai sea view Hotel and Jinfeng longetengwan hotel are few 3- star properties in Zhuhai and the prices are as low as CNY103. Ease hotel and Vyluk Hotel are among 2- star hotels in the city and these are very Hotel hotels in Zhuhai with prices starting at just CNY75.

Tourist Information

Top tourist attractions in Zhuhai

Here are a few places of  Zhuhai attractions that are to be visited for sure

  • The new summer palace – It is a replica of the Summer Palace in Beijing. Plaza’s buildings that have been designed according to western culture and it’s gardens that portray classical beauty is worth visiting.
  • Zhuhai Museum- When we talk about things to do in Zhuhai, Zhuhai museum is not to be missed for sure. A park, a garden, and a majestic building are what describe the outlook of the Zhuhai Museum. Depicting the history of Zhuhai is a collection of various artifacts that date back to many thousand years.
  • Jintai temple -Doumen county of Zhuhai has this place of religious activity which is one of the most famous spots to be visited by travelers. A statue of Buddha, ancient Chinese architecture on the walls, and clear water are seen from the hall is a treat to the eyes for sure. A peaceful place to be. It is a stress buster for sure.

Top food places in Zhuhai

Apart from the scenic beauty one other thing that makes the people across the globe visit Zhuhai is it’s dining. From its contemporary cuisines to fast foods, it serves almost everything. Here are a few top food places

  • Deyuefang restaurant- With a special boat-shaped dining hall which is the center of attraction for the visitors, the place serves authentic Zhuhai cuisine and all the major specialties in seafood. The average cost of food per person is around CNY150.
  • Jinyuexuan restaurant- Along with the beautiful sea view, the restaurant offers the best Cantonese food. The food cost per person is around CNY100. The restaurant is located in the Xiangzhou district.
  • Shishen restaurant- Budget-friendly and awesome dining experience are what you get here. The average food cost is around CNY80. The seafood is mind-blowing and a must-visit place for all seafood lovers. The restaurant has a couple of branches in Zhuhai.

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