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4/556 Reviews
This stay at 320 is a bit unsatisfactory 1. There is no hot water, and there is no hot water when I stayed at Lavande last time. Who knows this is the same. 2, the toilet seat is rotten 3. There is rust in the sink, and there are stains in the rain. I don't know if it is blood or something. It was renovated last year. All indications are not. It may be that the old hotel was renovated. 4, air conditioning like used five or six years of old second-hand air conditioning, not too cool and leaking. 5, the sheets are a bit bad. 6, the remote control is also very personal, ”dry and wet separation”. 7, although the air conditioner is electric, but can not be used. Overall, I am not too satisfied, and I may not live for the second time. It was originally a brand of Shangkeyou. The price was 132. After living, I found that it was not worth the price. I hope you can check the above questions. After all, the guests want to live comfortably.
Hanting Hotel (Yongcheng People's Square Branch)
4.6/5275 Reviews
Facilities: The washing machine dryer downstairs is very convenient, parking is at the door, and there are small robots that like to send things very convenient Hygienic: clean and tidy, the room has no smell, the room is large, and the details are also very good. Breakfast: breakfast is very rich, a variety of choices, and the soy milk machine is very delicious, the dishes are delicious, the baby and the elderly also eat very well Service: The front desk lady is very good, also helped to upgrade the room with windows, breakfast also sent two, especially good, the service did not have to say very warm, the middle of the night disturb also helped solve the problem, the price is very high, will stay next time Environment: The environment is beautiful, there is a large square next to it, and the transportation is convenient and convenient at the door.
Hangong Hotel
4.6/5207 Reviews
Good local hotel in Seoul 🚗 Transportation: It didn’t take long to get out of the expressway, I usually drive or take a taxi when I get out, but I didn’t pay attention to whether there is a bus. 🧹Sanitation: The room is very clean and the facilities are quite new 🍃Environment: The environment is very good, the main Chinese style, especially the public areas, suitable for punching in and taking pictures 🔔Service: Warm and thoughtful service attitude
Yong Mei Hotel
4.4/5100 Reviews
Overall satisfaction, it is worth the money. However, the charge is not transparent enough and the payment is automatically deducted after check-out. One of the ”miscellaneous fees” does not specify what it is. And there is no such item at the first day of check-in, and there is this item at the next day.
4.4/54 Reviews
Mangyu Mountain is famous for the Han Gaozu Liu Bang's snake-cutting uprising, and Chen Sheng, the first leader of China's peasant uprising, was buried here; Confucius left Confucius cliffs and Confucius Mountains in this rain-avoiding lecture; The largest Han tomb group in China, the Hanliang Wang tomb group, is a popular tourist attraction in East Yu that integrates landscape, humanities and folk customs. The small courtyard is located next to the scenic spot and is very close to several attractions. The yard is comfortable, warm and feels like home. It rains ☔️... It gives the chic courtyard an artistic conception, which is very suitable for family parents, friends gatherings, group building, etc. The room is fully equipped, clean and hygienic, and I am in love at first sight. The beds are also very moderate and sleep well all night. Breakfast experienced Yongcheng Shuijianbao, homemade soy milk, etc., haha delicious! I like it very much and look forward to staying again!
Yongcheng yingtianzhen beauty pageant Hotel
4.4/5135 Reviews
I went to Laojunshan Road to stay in Yongcheng for one night. I saw that Yingtian Hotel was very well evaluated from the Internet. I experienced it myself. It was really good. There were highlights, such as disposable pillowcases, quilt covers, sheets, pure water, etc. The room was cleaned very cleanly. There were many varieties of early morning, and the staff service attitude was also very good. In the evening, I added a quilt and sent it directly to the room. Many praises were obtained by the hard work of the staff. I am very satisfied. Thank you!

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