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Weather and the Best time to travel

Yiwu is a city in central Zhejiang Province, China. The city is very famous for its commodity trades and vibrant market places. If you are planning to take a trip to Yiwu, you can plan the journey in either spring or autumn. In fact, the China Yiwu International Commodities Fair almost every year is full of visitors in the months of April and October as the weather during this time is pleasant. The spring generally begins at the end of March over here and lasts for nearly 60 days, till the end of May. The humidity is more during this time as opposed to the winter season. So, there are chances of frequent rains during the time. The tourists must carry an umbrella during this time. For this time, jeans and thin jackets are the most suitable travel clothes. You can also spend time shopping at the Trade City and Commodity Fairs easily as the average temperature during this time is 18 °C. The summer, on the other hand, is a hot and sunny time and stretches for more than 4 months (nearly 130 days). 

Airports near Yiwu 

The nearest airport is Yiwu is Jinhua Yiwu Airport (YIW). It is just 5 kilometers away from the downtown area of Yiwu, 10 kilometers away from the city, and 50 kilometers away from the Jinhua urban center. The airport built in the year 1991, was the largest airport ever in western and central Zhejiang Province. It is right now the only county-level airport in Zhejiang Province. The routes in the domestic air here are operated through the largest cities in China, namely Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, and Kunming. There are three international air routes that connect Taipei, Hong Kong, and Daegu. There is a newly developed bus line which runs from the airport to Yiwu downtown. The buses are always available. At the airport, you can also opt for a taxi anytime. It takes 20 minutes in getting to Yiwu city from Jinhua Yiwu Airport and the ride to the primary downtown area costs only CNY 30.

Transportation around Yiwu

The railway station in Yiwu has superb quality facilities. It is an important junction for the middle section of Zhejiang Province. There are trains every day connecting the city to large cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanjing, and Guangzhou including some other places as well. Frequent trains arrive from Hangzhou, Taizhou, and Shanghai every day in Yiwu station and you can take trains to these cities from here also. Apart from this, there are over 50 bus lines operating in this city. Out of these, 28 run in the city center, and the others connect the urban area and the towns surrounding it. The connecting buses are always numbered starting with 3. The urban buses that run in the international trade city are special lines, No.121, 122, and 123. If you want to catch a bus in the urban area at night, go for No.209, 206, 202, and 201 which run during 05:35-22:15, 05:50-22:05, 05:50-22:20 and 06:00 pm-22:10 respectively. The comfort rides in the city are the green and blue taxis. There are nearly 1400 cars shuttling up and down the city serving the tourists and the locals alike. The base rate for the first 2 KMs is CNY8 for all these taxis. After that each extra kilometer costs CNY2.5. If you are riding between 11 pm and 5 am in the next morning, 10% of the total price needs to be paid under night allowance. So, you practically can book Yiwu hotels anywhere- as transportation availability is one of the biggest advantages of your trip.

How to Get to Yiwu?

There is no direct flight between Singapore and Yiwu. The best price and deals you can opt for comes with Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines, China Southern, Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, and China Eastern. The cheapest of these flights take 23 hours for this journey halting at Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi (Vietnam) and Guangzhou (China) before reaching Yiwu airport. There are many fine deals available for this journey around the year. Sometimes you can also grab some lucrative offer for cheap hotels at Yiwu at the same time. During the commodity fairs, there is a great rush for tickets. So, it is safe to book flight tickets way ahead of time.

Hotels in Yiwu

Yiwu is a place for any type of visitor. Whether you are a luxury tourist or a backpacker traveler or on a business tour, Yiwu has places for everyone. If you are looking for the best Yiwu hotels you can check out the following suggestions:

5-STAR HOTELS- Try Shangri-La Hotel and The Pury Hotel among the 5-star hotels for the best services and awesome ambiance.

4-STAR HOTELS- You can opt for Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel or Ramada Plaza Yiwu Zhejiang Hotel among the 4-star hotels.

3-STAR HOTELS- Among the 3-star hotels, Jinhao International Hotel and Jiahua hotel are famous.

2-STAR HOTELS- the BEST hotel is one of the most appreciated 2-star hotels around this area.

The price of these hotels starts at CNY 171 and ranges till CNY459. Of course, for budget travelers and backpackers, there are inexpensive hotels and hostels available.

Yiwu Tourist Information

Top Tourist Attractions in Yiwu

If you are preparing your list of things to do in Yiwu, the three things that should definitely be there on your list:

  • Shuanglin Iron Tower- It is a great tower at the foot of Yunhuang Mountain.
  • Shuanglin Temple- If you are interested in the cultural and religious history of China, this temple is the real deal for you.
  • Desheng Yan- Another one of the Yiwu attractions, Desheng Yan or Chou Yan means dense rocks. Climbing it is a difficult activity for its steepness.

Top food places in Yiwu

If you are supposed to treat yourself in Yiwu, try ham, brown sugar, and jujube. There are interesting shops you can buy these and a lot more from:

  • Huafeng Snack-World- This place offers various kinds of snacks at reasonable prices. Fast food, hot pot, and seafood are the main attractions here.
  • Jilaoda Big Plate Chicken- This place is located at Binwang Business and Trade Zone. The name itself suggests their specialty in chicken dishes.
  • Dada Dumpling Restaurant- If you want to devour the dumpling of Yantian, this should be another go-to place for you.

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