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5 star

Putian International Hotel
4.7/54119 Reviews

Putian International Hotel

Xiapu|2.08km from downtown

Latest booking 4 hrs ago

Today, Putian Hotel sent me to Donghai Line 1. I added the lobby brother on WeChat and went to Haiwei Castle, Dajing Beach, Xiawei Island, Gaoluo Beach and other attractions. I also took a fishing boat to the sea at Dajing Beach, but unfortunately the captain didn't catch many fish and crabs. I was lucky. It didn't rain in the morning and during the day, and the sun occasionally showed its face. Because it was not sunny, I didn't see the sunset at Donggua Mountain. After the short holiday, my wife and I came to Xiapu. The purpose of coming here is to eat seafood first and take photos second. Because I did my homework, it was a free trip. It took 5 hours to get here by train. We stayed at Xiapu Putian International Hotel, and the room rate was not expensive. It was in the center of Xiapu County, Ningde City. The biggest advantage of staying in this hotel is that it sends guests to two tourist routes (both popular tourist attractions) for free every day, and the two routes switch back and forth every day. Each attraction agrees on the stay time, and then goes to the next attraction, and sends guests back to the hotel in the evening. This hotel also provides guests with supper from 8 to 10 every night. Tonight's supper is seafood noodles, seafood rice noodles, fried eggs, meat buns, white fungus soup, mung bean soup and fruit. The hotel is very user-friendly [strong] Xiapu, such a county town, is now so well built, thumbs up! I also give a thumbs up to Putian International Hotel!

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Beiqi Wetlands

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Floral Hotel·Xiapu three-night lodgings (Sansha Dongpidian)
4.8/5343 Reviews

Floral Hotel·Xiapu three-night lodgings (Sansha Dongpidian)

Xiapu|0.22km from Dongbi'ao
Self-driving to Xiapu, the strategy said that Dongbi Village must live for two days. Find a homestay to consider a few points: 1. Petty bourgeoisie, 2. Clean and spacious, 3. Good location to lie in bed to watch the sunset, 4. Convenient to go out and park, 5. Warm service, 6. Cost-effective. Repeatedly looking for comparison, the result locked Huazhu Xiapu Yusu. There is really no wrong choice. When Xiawei Island comes over, the proprietress will contact and send it to the location, and inform the door to park. The warm reception helped us send the trolley box to the room. Knowing that we lived in three people, we offered to send a breakfast. Into the room, received a small reminder of the room equipment, and then sent the surrounding attractions with pictures and texts. Then a full pot of fruit was sent to the door, so that we had a warmth of home. Every night, the proprietress will ask about the breakfast time the next day. The warm and appetizing breakfast carefully prepared in the moment we went down was brought to the front. Every day, it was not heavy. The black soy milk made by the proprietress was really rich and delicious (see picture). By the way, the environment of the hotel shows the intentions of the proprietress everywhere, and the just right fragrance is flowing everywhere. The small yard at the door is really exquisite, and the meat and small fish are full of vitality. On the day I left, it was raining ☔️, and the proprietress sent it out, and waved goodbye to us with a smile 👋 All of a sudden, my eyes were wet...Flower Zhu·Yusu, I will come again!

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Xiapu Fangda Xihai Hotel
4.8/572 Reviews

Xiapu Fangda Xihai Hotel

Xiapu|0.88km from Sanshazhen
Our whole family has to give this hotel a super praise. The decoration facilities of the hotel have nothing to say. The toilet is fully intelligent and better than my home. The key is that the sanitary environment is particularly good. This is the only hotel where I don’t use disposable sheets and disposable bath towels. So that the hotel that went to Quanzhou the next day felt that it was not good, and then our family decided to return to Xiapu on the third day to stay at this hotel. Even if it was a little farther, I would come to live. However, I made a mistake in the date and after the time of refund, the boss gave me a full refund without saying anything. Thank you for taking the initiative to ask the boss to deduct the appropriate fee. Since Xiapu Hotel is full, we can go to Wenzhou Tongxuan to play. When I stayed at the hotel, I found that my ID card had dropped this hotel. I quickly contacted the front desk of the hotel. Miss sister, Miss sister has sent me a message before this, I didn't see it. I could trouble Miss Sister to send it home to me. Miss Sister readily agreed, and I rushed to this service attitude. Everyone Liu Yifei, rest assured! Oh, by the way, because during the Spring Festival, the boss also sent drinks and a little local snacks when we left the hotel. This service attitude is nothing to say. #Health is in place#Service is#Room facilities are new decoration, facilities are also very advanced

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Xiapu Haiguan Huansu
4.7/574 Reviews
Originally, there was a big beach outside the window, but now a large open space has been surrounded by embankment and road construction. I don't know if it is going to be developed. The landscape thus disappears altogether. If you plan to take a leisurely and slow tour, you can look for sea view B&Bs, which should generally be more expensive, or you can live in Sansha, as there are many accommodations on the island. Or find a cheaper non-sea view homestay. Anyway, you can see the sea when you go out, and you can see it everywhere. Most of the time when you go back to the room, you have to draw the curtains. The town is still very interesting. It is built by the mountains and the sea, and the houses are all seaside. Sansha is relatively prosperous, and there are many tourists. You can sell everything you eat and use, and it is convenient to travel. You can rent motorcycles, buses, and three-wheelers. It is also convenient to book a boat, both Yushan and Sizhen (Beizhen) can be booked. Fishing boats are very expensive. There is a shuttle boat from Hougang Wharf to Beizheng, but not every day. The boat departs from around 2:00 to 2:30 in the afternoon and returns around 2:00 the next day. The boat boss said that the island is boring in winter, it’s not good-looking or fun. When booking a B&B on Beishuang Island, the boss said that there are strong winds and waves in winter, and the shuttle boat is not fixed, so it is temporarily closed, and also said that there is nothing to see in winter. So I didn't go to Beizheng. Note: There is no shuttle boat at Xiapu Jishi Wharf! There is no regular boat! It's not a ferry terminal there, so don't run away in vain. Dajing Beach is said to have a cruise ship dock, but I couldn't find it. If you go to Yushan Island, there are speedboats at Sansha Wharf, and there are both large and small ancient towns. There are small jumping tail islands on the Shanghai side of the shuttle boat, but I don’t know about Sansha’s side.
4.7/56 Reviews
The beautiful landlord is very nice ~ enthusiastic and meticulous, very patient, and help contact the route. Because our number of people changed, the room was refunded and re-booked, and the landlord was very patient to help coordinate. The room is in the first row, with a sea view, very beautiful. The room layout is very beautiful, the style is very like 😍, fresh and comfortable, very clean ~ The beauty got up early to help make breakfast, and the number of people was 30 and it was very good. The landlord’s lover helped to take it to the pier to buy seafood that just returned to the boat. It was very fresh and cheap. Thank you!
5/59 Reviews
The first time I came to Xiapu to play, I brought a family, and it took 10 minutes to get to the station. The homestay has just opened and renovated this year, very new! Sleeping is also very quiet, the front is the sea, surrounded by mountains and the sea, you can make a tea to see the sea and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The boss is very good, I am reluctant to leave after booking a day's itinerary, I will choose to live here next time I come to Xiapu, it is recommended!
Yunshuijian Music Xiaozhu (Xiawei Island Store)
4.7/514 Reviews
The small courtyard environment is very good, the children like it very much, they can also light a bonfire, make tea in the stove, and when the weather is good, you can lean on the chair and look up at the starry sky. The beach is very close and you can walk for a few minutes. It is very convenient to take children to play. With children, you can choose a twin bed. The bedding is very comfortable and new, and it can be spliced to sleep more comfortably. The small courtyard also prepared hot pot hot barbecue.
Yihai Hostel
4.8/585 Reviews
In Dongbi Village, there is a row of seas, roadside parking, balcony roof terrace to watch the sunset, go to Huazhu to watch the sunrise for more than ten minutes, go to Sansha Wharf to take 🚢 to Daegu Mountain Island for ten minutes. There are several seafood stalls on the side, the net red picks up the sea cafe, and the stone steps leading to the sea are on the side. The boss is also more enthusiastic.
Xiapu Huyun Mountain Villa
4.5/58 Reviews
The landlord is welcoming, the room is large, the facilities are complete, and the breakfast is provided for free, thank you landlord

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