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Weather and Best time to travel to Xiamen

Xiamen, also known as Amoy, is a sub-provincial city of Fujian province of the People's Republic of China and a recipient of the UN-Habitat Scroll of Honor Award. The city is located in the southeast part of Fujian and serves as the largest port of southeast China and a vital trunk line port in the Asia-Pacific region. The economy of this city is majorly based on IT, logistics, finance, manufacturing, and tourism.  Xiamen consists of Xiamen Island, Gulangyu Island, and part of the coastal area of the inland Jiulong River. The terrain of Xiamen is slightly on slops from northwest to southeast and has an incline from south to north. The climate in Xiamen is characterized as a monsoonal humid subtropical climate or CFA, according to the Koppen climate classification. That means Xiamen sees summer from June to September that is long, humid,  hot, and muggy due to the monsoon in April till September; hot and muggy autumn in October & November; with short, dry, and mild winters from December to February. Thus, the best time to visit Xiamen is from December to February when there are low chances of typhoons, low humidity, and pleasant and dry weather due to winter.  

Airport in Xiamen

The Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN) is the main airport of  Xiamen, which also serves as the domestic airport for the island. The airport is located 13 kilometers away from the city center on the northern side of Xiamen Island at an elevation of 18 meters. The airport is one of the busiest airports in China in terms of air traffic and passenger traffic movement. Just in 2018, the airport received about 26,553,438 passengers. The airport has world-class infrastructure offering latest amenities and services like restaurants and cafeterias, communication and business center, medical stations, currency exchange, tourist information center, business center, banks, ATMs, post office, massage & spa center, hair salon, luggage storage, lounges, duty-free shops, and car rentals. The city center is just 13 kilometers from the airport, and to reach there you can take the Xiamen airport express line bus, hire a taxi, or rent a car from the airport. For getting to Xiamen from Xiamen airport, hiring a taxi is the most convenient option.

Transportation in Xiamen

The public transportation system in Xiamen is very reliable, and most of the residents use only public transportation for their everyday commute. Transportation on Xiamen consists of city buses, metro, ferry, cruises, taxi, and bicycle. Public buses, BRT buses, and metro lines 1 & 2 are well connected to most of the known spots. The easiest way of all is to hire a taxi, as they are easily available and convenient to hire. Their rates are also affordable, starting with just around 10 CNY plus fuel charges. If you are getting around solo, you can also hire a bicycle on rent for your commute. Hiring a bicycle is very common in Xiamen, you can hire a bicycle for 8 to 10 CNY per hour. To commute between the various parts of the island, you can use the ferry, these are available both day and night with a round trip price of 35 to 50 CNY depending on the type of ferry.      

How to get to Xiamen

Xiamen is very well connected to all the nearby cities as well as some international cities.  The airport operates regular flights between important cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Xi'an, Guilin, and  Chengdu. Internationally, it is directly connected to cities like Hong Kong, Macau, Bangkok, Singapore, Manila, Seoul, Amsterdam, and Osaka. Xiamen is an important city in southeast China, and it operated over 60 direct and indirect flights from the capital city each week. Typically the airfare for a one-way flight ticket from Beijing to Xiamen will cost you about 1000 CNY.  Another important route for Xiamen is Shanghai, ass more than 100 flights per week are operated between the two cities. Along with air travel, Xiamen is very well connected by the train to all the major cities in all directions. There are also shuttle buses, ferries, and cruises from nearby cities to take you to Xiamen.

How much are hotels in Xiamen?

One can find various hotels in Xiamen, depending on the budget.  

  • 5-star: These 5 star Xiamen hotels provide luxury stays starting from as low as 300 CNY.
  • 4-star: 4-star hotels offers the best amenities at better prices, starting at CNY 200.
  • 3-star: Offering the best Xiamen hotel deals are these hotels starting at  150 CNY.
  • 2-star: These cheap hotels in Xiamen starts below 100 CNY.

If a budget stay is your plan, then book Xiamen hotels under 100 CNY.

Xiamen Tourist Information

Top tourist attractions in Xiamen

Xiamen is a very popular city in China, famous for its green initiatives and modern infrastructure. Here are some of the popular Xiamen attractions and things to do in Xiamen: 

  • South Putuo Temple: Located at the bottom of the Wulao Peak, this Buddhist temple was built by the Tang Dynasty and was named Sizhou Temple. The temple mainly worships the goddess of mercy and is named after the Putuo temple in the Zhejiang Province.
  •  Hi-Heaven: Built-in 1921, Hi-Heaven is the largest villa complex consisting of 5 villas built in Xiamen style. These villas were built in a mixture of both western and Chinese style of architecture. The most attractive part of the site is the central building, which is recognized for its traditional design.
  • Gulangyu: It is a world heritage site that sits off the coast of Xiamen. This island is pedestrian-only and takes an eight-minute ferry ride from Xiamen to reach here.

Top food places in Xiamen

Xiamen has its traditional dishes that are slightly different from other Chinese dishes. Here are some of the top food places in Xiamen.

  • Zhongshan Road: Also known as Yatsen road, this food street is known for its variety of street food. You can try some satay noodles, the highlight of this Xiamen dish is the soup made of squid rings, shrimps, pork belly, pork innards, bean sprouts, and mushrooms.
  • Longtou Road: This food street is located in Gulangyu Island is famous for fish balls, wang's pasties, pureed noodles, fried sea oyster, ginger duck, and many other local dishes.
  • Jiali Seafood: Being a coastal city, people in Xiamen love eating seafood, and the most famous stop for all seafood in the city is the Jiali seafood restaurant. This is a great place to enjoy the best of Xiamen seafood served in a traditional Cantonese style. The restaurant is one of its kind and considered to be the best place for fresh seafood in Xiamen.  

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