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The location is very quiet, there is free parking, the room is very quiet, next to Hengda Huafu in Wugang City, the surrounding facilities are relatively complete, suitable for work and business travel.
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Yajie Boutique Hotel
4/5168 Reviews
Facilities: There is a yard on the side downstairs, which is a parking lot. Parking is very convenient. The house is very clean and tidy. It has everything that should be available, mainly breakfast. Now it is convenient to have breakfast without a place. The disadvantage is that the shower only has a fixed head. , There is no activity, and the air conditioner is central air-conditioning or almost, but fortunately it is not cold anymore. Location: By the Shimantan Reservoir, I was on the reservoir trail within two minutes after I came out. I thought it was a remote place next to the reservoir. I didn’t think about the park area built by this reservoir. There are musical fountains at night and there are crowds of people. You can go for a walk in the morning. It is the place where children eat downstairs. Environment: Although it is facing the street, it is a residential area behind, there are not many cars, it is very quiet at night, occasionally there are passing trains whistling but it does not affect.
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Yiming Shuju homestay (wugang  banshanxi  store)
4.9/536 Reviews
The homestay is on a small slope. You can drive directly through the village's path. There is a small parking lot in front of the door and a small swimming pool. The surrounding environment is very good, quiet and very suitable for a daze.
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Wugang Four Seasons Jiangnan Hotel
4.8/5217 Reviews
I went to Wugang for the first time and compared a lot on the Internet. I finally booked this hotel. It didn’t disappoint me. The decoration of the hotel is stylish and tasteful. The location is excellent, not far from Shimantan Reservoir. Within walking distance, there is a separate yard, the place is large, you can park a lot of cars, the environment is good, very quiet, the tatami room is set for one person with children, although the room is not very big, it is very cozy, two people are enough, The sanitation is very clean, the service is very enthusiastic, the customers can solve the problems in time, the room design is reasonable, the supplies are complete and high-quality, especially the design of the small balcony, the children like it, two people enjoy the tea The scenery outside the window is very pleasant. The boss is very nice and enthusiastic. Because I have never been here and consulted a lot of questions, the boss answered patiently one by one. It is the first time for my child to come to this city, but I’m not familiar with it. The master driver came to pick us up to the hotel. The master driver was also very nice and enthusiastic. He took us to make a round from Shimantan Reservoir Road and gave a general explanation. Thank you very much! 🙏, when we went home, because we were in a hurry to take the car, the boss contacted the driver's master to send us, and talked with the driver's master in the car, and learned that we were going to play elsewhere, and sent us to Wuyang Bus Station for free. grateful! ! ! 🙏🙏🙏 Must recommend! Wugang Four Seasons Jiangnan Hotel is worth staying at! ! !
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Lamangu Resort Hotel
4.7/510 Reviews
The container room smells like a toilet, there are a lot of flies, it is not very clean, the toilet is broken, not to mention the shower head is dew, there are electric safes on it, there are safety risks, although the environment is good, but not the standard room in the main building is clean, water Big. The food tastes good, but it's too slow. I eat there at noon and evening. On average, I have to wait two hours for each meal. I won't go to these for the second time. The container is not worth the price
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Average Price (Weekday Nights)S$43
Average Price (Weekend Nights)S$43

Guide for Travelling in Wugang

Looking for hotels in Wugang? is a great place to start. There are many discounted hotels on Wugang is not far from Wuyang and Suiping. These places can also be included in your itinerary.

Wugang does not have civilian airport. You can fly into a nearby city and come here using another method of transportation. Although there aren't any airports or train stations, visitors can come to the city via bus or other means of transportation.

When looking for hotels in Wugang, there are likely good options at a nightly budget of just 38 SGD. There are not many well-known chain hotels in Wugang, but staying at a unique local hotel will make you feel at home. Thank You Inn Wugang Zhulan Jianshe Road is one of the most popular hotels in Wugang. Wu Gang Hotel is also one of the most frequently chosen hotels.

Average Temperature

• January to March: 7.48°C during the day, 1.92°C at night

• April to June: 23.78°C during the day, 17.62°C at night

• July to September: 27.23°C during the day, 22.61°C at night

• October to December: 12.43°C during the day, 6.81°C at night

Average seasonal Rainfall

• Spring: 21.93 cm

• Summer: 66.27 cm

• Autumn: 132.2 cm

• Winter: 28.7 cm

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