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Reviews for Tieling County Hotels

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xiyue boutique hotel
4.8/5107 Reviews
Facilities: It can be seen that the store is very careful. All the things that can be seen are big brands. Xiaomi TV, Gree air conditioning, bathroom are Wrigley. Hygienic: I don’t have to say that the absolute 360-degree clean without dead ends, the bathroom has no smell. Environment: The surrounding environment is very quiet, it will not be noisy at night, it is convenient to eat, there is a dining street, skewers hot pot Chinese food has everything Service: The service is particularly enthusiastic. The store also introduced what are the places worth punching in Tieling. I also helped to find a parking space.
Dachuan Hotel
3.8/535 Reviews
The hotel staff is very enthusiastic! Eating around is very convenient! Plush toys are also presented when you stay in the hotel! The two kids love it very much! If you go to Tieling on a business trip and stay at the hotel, you should consider staying here!
times hotel
3/531 Reviews
The proprietress is very enthusiastic and the people are very good. The disadvantage is that the soundproofing of the room is too bad. I live on the first floor. I can hear the sound of check-in at the front desk and the sound of people coming and going. There are all kinds of indescribable sounds at night. There is always a man at the door. Chatting, people are very good but will not live in the future...
Tongfu Inn, Tieling County
4.8/550 Reviews
It is very convenient to travel in the inn, there are supermarkets around, very close to the teacher's college, and it takes only five minutes to walk. The check-in procedure was very fast. The proprietress was kind and kind. She specially picked a warm room. The room was well lit, clean and tidy, with all facilities and equipment. There were tables and small sofas. The bedding towels and towels were very clean and comfortable to sleep at night. The service is also superb, helping to guide the nucleic acid testing points around the road, and ordering takeaways to help deliver them to the room.
panda esports hotel
5/56 Reviews
The bed is very comfortable and good! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
4.5/56 Reviews
The price is quite good, even if it is possible during May 1st, but the conditions are average. If the wash basin is connected to hot water, it is particularly good, but overall the price is particularly high, the boss is very good, very kind, and the quilt is very clean.

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