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Zhongshan New Town Hotel
4.4/520 Reviews
Yanghe New District
The service is good, the location of the hotel can also be good for parking, but the sanitation is not very good, the facilities in the room are a bit old.
Xinshijie Hotel
4.4/5111 Reviews
Urban Area
The suite booked plus 3 standard indirect parenting, went down to breakfast early in the morning and said to take some to the bride to the room. The waiter impatiently said that your room had been taken a few times. As a result, she remembered it wrongly and did not apologize. She showed the customer's face. I hope the hotel will manage these well. After all, spending money is not to find anger
Orange Crystal Hotel (Suqian Sucheng District Government Store)
4.9/5362 Reviews
Suqian Downtown and Xiang Yu's Hometown
The official business trip location is nearby. I searched and found that this orange crystal is newly opened and has a high score. The ranking of high-end hotels in Suqian is also relatively high. I placed an order decisively. Ctrip points are redeemed for free. I didn’t expect it to be amazing. It turned out that the Orange Hotel can also be done on the high-end. The hardware is absolutely matched with the relative price. The dissatisfaction is in terms of hygiene. The bathrobe in the room has not been replaced with a smell of soot. It is the first time I have encountered such a disgusting hotel in more than ten years... The front desk staff work this piece is relatively young. Obviously, there was a late check-out at 2 o'clock in the order, but 12.30 I received a call to ask if I would check out, speechless. However, a small gift was given when I checked out, and the overall praise was received.
New Century Grand Hotel Siyang
4.7/52505 Reviews
Urban Area
On January 18, I booked an executive river view king room at Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel in Siyang. The room has a great orientation and you can enjoy the beautiful canal scenery of Siyang through the window. During my stay at the hotel, I felt the enthusiasm of the people of Siyang. We were very moved by the home-like experience. Let me share my trip to Siyang: Before arriving at the store, Wang Juzi, the front desk, called me and learned that my room was used as a wedding room, and said that she could decorate the wedding room for us. After checking in, we were really surprised and moved. The atmosphere of the carefully decorated wedding room was directly full. They also prepared red wine and high-heeled glasses for us to present romance. The poems of joy were so thoughtful. They could perfectly integrate the names of our young couple with the poems, which was great. Even the bathtub was decorated with rose petals for us, and the snack and dried fruit platter was 66. The focus was on the two little swans hand-painted on the bed. It was too cute. It is well known that the white swan has not only become the exquisite beauty in nature with its beautiful appearance and elegant behavior, but also has been given the profound and beautiful meaning of love loyalty, peace and kindness. The hotel is really attentive, thank you. When we checked out, it was snowing heavily in Siyang and we were in a great mood. When Xia Qian, the front desk supervisor, learned that we were driving back, she also prepared warm mineral water for us. I would like to especially thank Liu Danhong, the supervisor, and Sun Yunping, the supervisor, for their careful arrangement of our room. Thank you. I give you a thumbs up for your dedication to your post and your satisfaction in service. The extraordinary service experience has left us with lasting and beautiful memories. Thank you Siyang Kaiyuan for providing us with a attentive, professional, meticulous and perfect stay experience. I hope that Siyang Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel will prosper in business.
Junji International Hotel (Shuyang Sports Center)
4.6/5241 Reviews
Urban Area
The service is very good and in place! A great stay experience! The tea given at check-in was good and peach flavored-fragrant 🏨 The breakfast buffet was also delicious, with many varieties 😋 The atmosphere is particularly good! Their service is great. If you are busy, you can also let the cleaning sister help to wash the clothes. This detail is awesome! I highly recommend everyone to come
4.7/5761 Reviews
Suqian Downtown and Xiang Yu's Hometown
When I first entered the hotel, I had all kinds of services, cordial greetings, which made people feel very comfortable and very comfortable, and then it was very good when I walked into the room, there was no peculiar smell in the room, the bathroom was cleaner than I thought, and the air-conditioning sound was low. , That's great, I like it, hee hee

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