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Holiday Inn Express Spokane-Downtown
4.5/5104 Reviews
We flew into Spokane for a nice long road trip to explore this part of the USA. This hotel was where we stayed for a few days at the beginning of the trip, and we liked it so much that we returned there for the final night. It is in a primo location. A castle up on the hill with beautiful sunsets. We had planned to stay nearer to the airport on our last night but we liked this hotel and the location worked out well. The rooms were very very clean and the staff were nice and helpful. We had a little problem with the refrigerator in the room, they immediately sent maintenance to replace it. Breakfast was good, basic HIEX done well, they were keeping it clean and fresh. We chatted with the lady staffing the breakfast, and she was really nice and friendly. Nice little balcony overlooking the river, there were hotels on the river but this one is across the road. The location, up on the hill, so pretty. It’s got nice landscaping and some fragrant flowers planted near the front door. Parking was not a problem until that final night, the hotel was full and we were lucky to find a place right by the door. They bake fresh cookies every night and have them available for free at the front desk, really nice especially during these crazy times. Will stay here again when we return to the area. It was easy to walk to our car rental place, about a mile away.
Hotel Ruby
4/5103 Reviews
I was in town to visit family and had a nice safe haven at the Hotel Ruby! The staff was exceptionally kind, the room was clean and cute and the rates were really good. The location was great, I enjoyed getting up in the morning and going for a nice walk to grab coffee. A really good home base!
Courtyard Spokane Downtown at the Convention Center
4.3/5100 Reviews
I was in the week of October 16-22, for a conference. The hotel is a fantastic location, in front of Riverside Park, which is the centre of Spokane, two steps from the congress centre, which reaches walking by the Centennial Trail, a path that costs Spokane River for 38 miles eastward. West. It is advisable for those who have to go to work at the congress centre. They also have the Starbucks in the lobby, and the strippers of long chairs in front of the TV, always in the lobby (very Stefano? :-) The rooms are clean and comfortable, soft and large beds, as in the American style. Then Spokane is a city in the midst of a fabulous nature, in the amazing Washington State.
The Davenport Grand, Autograph Collection
4.4/5107 Reviews
This hotel had the best Amenities such as in room safe, internet connection, fancy bedding with deluxe pillows and bedspreads. Also the bathrooms were high fashioned with walk in showers with doors and lots of soap and lotion to enjoy for personal hygiene and comfort. The restaurants and lounge area were high fashioned and very Medieval type. Very convenient for llarge groups. I would suggest a Toastmasters International at this place due to very large conference and ballrooms for both Banquets and World Speaking Contests. The headquarters is located in Mission Viejo CA where founder Ralph Smedley founded this group coming up 100 years in 2026 and more than 20000 clubs worldwide including many in Spokane WA, Hopefully if they do meet here, they will be able to ride to sky glider ride and face much calmer Wildfire situation as opposed to present plus not have many streets under construction,
Oxford Suites Spokane Downtown
4.4/5102 Reviews
We always enjoyed this place when our daughter attended Gonzaga and we still do! We hadn't been back to Spokane for over 10 years but the Oxford Suites still was our perfect go to! We were able to get a shuttle ride from the airport and enjoyed the evening beverages at the hotel as well as the breakfast! Also, the walk to downtown Spokane and Gonzaga is very nice along the river.
DoubleTree by Hilton Spokane-City Center
4.1/5103 Reviews
My experience was good not great in that it will not be a memorable experience and I will most likely try a different hotel/inn next time. Which I am really surprised about because of the fact that I have been at a coue of 3 star hotels in spokane that were way more and the doubletree is supposed to be a 4 star. The best part was the breakfast very tasty. The room was clean enough but out dated there were a few cheap upgrades not what I would have expected from a 4 star hotel.

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