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4.7/56 Reviews
Urban Area
The room was very clean and the room layout was very beautiful and warm. The landlord responded quickly and paid attention to the check-in experience. Every day, I asked the aunt to clean up. I was very happy to stay.
Siyang Yuanxuan Hotel
5/57 Reviews
Urban Area
The room is very good, especially the health is better than other, the service is also good, the problem is solved in time, the transportation is convenient.
Lavande Hotel(Siyang RT Mart)
4.9/51088 Reviews
Urban Area
Originally, I came to Siyang to live in other hotels. I have never lived in their home. The first time I stayed at the Lavande Hotel in Siyang, I felt very good. The decoration style likes the indoor items. They are also relatively new. The bathroom with dry and wet separation is more spacious, comfortable, and unrestricted. There is also a refrigerator in the room. Because I lived for a lot of days, I bought some bread and yogurt. I ate it early in the morning. I went out early and put it in the refrigerator. The freshness will not be bad. It is very good. The front desk service is also very intimate. I explained the use of the refrigerator and informed us of our travel guide. Introduce the surrounding environment, as well as supermarkets, this season's crabs are good, here I heard that the crabs are rich, really good, delicious and cheap, you can buy some to send relatives and friends when you go home.
Siyang Yunting Business Hotel (Phoenix Yuan Branch)
2.8/53 Reviews
Urban Area
It's all good.
Siyang V1 E-sports Hotel
4.7/52 Reviews
Urban Area
Stayed for three consecutive nights and the experience was excellent
Siyangxuan Hotel (Sunshine Paris City)
4.7/56 Reviews
Urban Area
Very good, cleaned in time and decorated, facilities are very good downstairs is the snack street downtown, very convenient, a little bit, remember to bring earplugs, otherwise you can't sleep at noon hahahaha