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Santiri Island Resort
4.6/563 Reviews
An independent island with a very good environment, suitable for vacation Basic snorkeling and sports are provided, and three meals a day are provided, which is good food. The natural environment of the hotel is very good, but the hotel hardware, hygiene and details need to be improved. However, children will be charged an additional 50% of the room rate, which is not very cost-effective. But the kids still had fun Getting in and out is quite difficult, which may be a common problem among all islands in Semporna, so make your own choice.
Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort
4.2/582 Reviews
Almost completed my 6N5D trip with my family of 4 with 2 teenagers. We had a great hospitality from the diving coaches but feel a great pity that the resort mgmt has wasted a great jewel and have not lived up to its luxurious potentials (maybe due to COVID and the resort had to furlough majority of the staff for over 5 months within the last 2 years and it has yet to recover). First, I was impressed with the photos seen on social media and decided to book this (supposed to be the BEST and most expensive resort near Sipadan) First, the jetty transfer in Semporna was smooth but there were plastic trash all over. If the company wants to portray a good image for international tourists, probably should first clean them up? Once arrived at Kapalai, the welcoming process was subpar. There was no receptionist welcoming us, and we were a bit lost. Since it is lunch time, we just straight dive into buffet lunch. Then, a staff clumsily come to offer a glass of diluted sugary orange juice and we were left there. After almost 1.5 hours, we were reached out by diving coaches about our program (the adults were taking advanced PADI open water, and the kids were taking junior PADI open water) Once we checked into the room, overall “hardware” appears nice, but after staying for 6 days some basic problems surface 1) No intercom/phone in the room - since we are at the far corner of the resort and it takes 10mins to walk to lobby, we sometimes need to call buggies. But we were only given a local phone number to call, and the mobile/cell reception is bad here 2) No proper shampoo and conditioner - for my ladies who have long hair, assuming this luxurious should have this basic provided but they don’t 3) Broken chair in the balcony and water dripping out from air condition unit In term of food at the restaurant, it was ok-ish but there are so many opportunities to let the tourists spent more. No wine, no ice cream and no a la cart ordering. The local store has limited daily necessities and it is essential to well prepared before coming. Lastly, for this type of resort, you will see the general manager walking around to ensure all are good in place. I have not seen it over 6 days and the receptionists all seems junior and lack of international experience/exposure to hosting well travel international guests. In term of diving experience, I can feel that the diving coaches and staff have done everything they can to put on a smiley face. My teenager girls have a GREAT experience on their junior open water (OW) experience (with Linda Ho, thank you!) but less so on the advanced open water. (AOW). I feel a bit rush on the AOW but don’t feel the knowledge has sunk in and that is a real pity. Something to be improved. Many of us really want to learn, rather than just get the AOW license in order to dive in Sipadan (need at least AOW to dive there). Have been diving around the world, I would say the diving experience is world class. Water is generally clear and Sipadan is truly
Mabul Water Bungalows
4.4/514 Reviews
Had a really good stay here!!! From the boat transfer from Semporna Jetty to the resort, the staff were very attentive and helpful. Upon arrival at the Water Bungalow, I was welcomed with a welcome drink and a brief introduction and orientation of the facilities and the amenities was given by Jasni. Loved the spacious room and the stay was very comfortable. Sea nomads come by daily and offer coconuts and fresh seafood. If you are willing to buy they will be very happy; if you are not keen, just decline politely and they will leave you alone. Meals here were great, there was a variety of mains, fruits and desserts available. The compound is also very beautiful and the view is breathtaking at every corner. Indeed more expensive, but you are paying for the resort being in one of the best locations. They also provide diving and snorkelling services. The Water Bungalow Housereef is a divers heaven and it has many interesting pelagic animals to see. Truly loved my stay here and I believe I will be back.
Amina Holidays
4.9/55 Reviews
The owner of Amina Resort is an overseas Chinese who is very enthusiastic. He waited for us at the pier and prepared lunch for us in advance. In the afternoon, we will go directly from Semporna Pier to Amina Resort, which takes about 35 minutes by boat. There is a small beach near the hotel where you can play on the beach. The most comfortable thing is the hotel's restaurant. After bargaining with the Bayao people, we can eat seafood at sunset. The seafood processed by the hotel kitchen is delicious. Slow life is in good shape. If you want to go diving, you can make an appointment with the hotel’s diving instructor Awei. The hotel bed is huge. All the facilities that the room should have are available. The boss Bobo will also remind you in advance that you need to bring necessary daily necessities before going to the island. Considering that it was our first time to come to Semporna and we were still a little seasick, they even helped us prepare lunch and accompany us when we went on an island hopping trip. The service level was quite high. Overall, the price/performance ratio is quite high for living on Semporna Island.
Mabul Paradise Lodge
3.8/527 Reviews
Wonderful staff and plentiful tasty food. Rooms are over the water and the open-air dining area is as well. The staff can organize snorkeling and diving trips or you can snorkel right off their dock all the way out to the reef, an amazing amount of life in those waters including one day where we could see 5 huge green turtles at one time. There is a bit of trash on the seabed, unfortunately, but the fish make up for it. The snorkel trip to Kakalai was nice to see a different island area and the trip to Sipidan was simply astounding - very expensive but worth it (snorkeling with 1000 Black Jack, 15 huge Bumphead Parrotfish and a huge Napoleon Wrasse - Wow). You can also buy local fish from locals who come up to the dock in their boats and the kitchen will cook them up for you (the mantis shrimp and the crab were some of the best we have ever eaten). Note that there is very spotty phone service and no internet, so be prepared to disconnect and relax. We will come back here on our next visit.
Borneo Divers Mabul Resort
4.2/533 Reviews
We spent 4D3N at the resort and the overall experience was simply wonderful. We took the one day Bohey Dulang island hopping package and was assigned Dive Master Yusof as our guide. Yusof took good care of us and he made our hiking and snorkeling experience so memorable. The staffs were friendly and helpful. The itinerary/activities were well organized and coordinated. Our room was clean and comfortable for 3 pax. Food was good enough. BBQ dinner was yummy. The meals would be more interesting if we could more choices of dessert. Eg. Ice-kacang, sago pudding . We are glad we stayed at this resort because we were able to appreciate so much beauty nature has to offer (from land to under the sea) through your facilities and hospitality. Terima Kasih. 🙏🏻

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which hotels near Kapalai are the most popular?

    Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort is one of the most popular hotels.

  • Which hotels near Kapalai are popular with budget travelers?

    Whether you're travelling for business or going on a holiday, Amina Holidays is your best choice.

  • What's the average price of hotels near Kapalai this weekend?

    According to Trip.com's data, the average price for a weekend night at hotels near Kapalai in Semporna is S$ 809. Prices fluctuate often; this rate is for reference only.

  • What hotels near Kapalai offer breakfast?

    A delicious breakfast is a great way to kick start your day. If you want to stay at a hotel with breakfast near Kapalai in Semporna, consider Mabul Backpackers,Amina HolidaysandBorneo Divers Mabul Resort . Be sure to book these popular hotels in advance!

  • What's the average price per night of hotels near Kapalai?

    According to Trip.com's data, the average price per night at hotels near Kapalai in Semporna is S$ 263. Prices fluctuate often; this rate is for reference only.

  • Which hotels near Kapalai have free Wi-Fi?

    Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, Wi-Fi is an essential. Mabul Backpackers and Borneo Divers Mabul Resort are all popular hotels that have free Wi-Fi.

  • Which hotels near Kapalai have gyms?

    Since staying fit is important to a lot of guests, it's no surprise that gyms can be found in many hotels. Borneo Divers Mabul Resort is a popular hotel with a gym.

  • What hotels near Kapalai have non-smoking rooms?

    Many guests care about the quality of the rooms they stay in and want to ensure that their rooms have fresh, clean air. Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort is a popular hotel with non-smoking rooms.

  • Which popular hotels near Kapalai have parking?

    If you're planning on driving to Kapalai in Semporna, why not stay at Mabul BackpackersandBorneo Divers Mabul Resort ? These are all popular hotels with parking lots.

  • What hotels are recommended near Kapalai?

    If you're having a hard time choosing a hotel, consider staying at Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort , this hotel has great reviews. Be sure you book early!

  • Which popular hotels near Kapalai have pools?

    Summer is a great season to take your kids or family on a trip to Kapalai in Semporna. Mabul BackpackersandBorneo Divers Mabul Resort are some popular hotels with pools.

  • What popular hotels near Kapalai have restaurants?

    If you like the idea of sampling local flavours while travelling, consider staying at Mabul Backpackers, Amina Holidays and Borneo Divers Mabul Resort . There are plenty of restaurants that serve local dishes near these hotels.