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Weather and Best time to travel in Sapporo

The fifth-largest city in Japan, Sapporo is the capital city and the political, economic and cultural centre of Hokkaido island. Situated in the alluvial plains of Toyohira river, it is surrounded by mountains from the west and south. Drawing millions of visitors around the world annually, Sapporo has emerged as one of the best tourist spots in the country. Featuring four different seasons and a humid continental climate, Sapporo is among the few metropolitans to face heavy snowfall. The warm and humid summer with an average temperature of 22C is followed by short monsoon and ultimately by a long spell of cold winter from October to January when the average temperature drops to -7C. The best of Sapporo can be enjoyed in the October to March period when a white blanket of ice covers the whole city. Late spring in April is the cherry blossom season when one can relax and appreciate the natural beauty by sitting under the large katsura trees. The Sapporo Snow Festival is an annual event in February attended by more than 2 million people to witness beautiful snow statues and ice sculptures. Cross-country skiing, vibrant nightlife, ramen are just some of the many reasons as to why Sapporo is a must-visit.

Airport in Sapporo

Sapporo is the administrative city of Hokkaido and enjoys smooth air connectivity. The Okadama Airport, located at 7.5km north of the city centre, caters to the domestic flight needs with frequent flights to other major places in Hokkaido. The airport can be reached easily with a lot of options. The New Chitose International airport provides a gateway to international destinations and is located at about 48km away from the city. It is the third busiest airport in Japan and handles around 17million passengers annually. The fastest way of getting from Sapporo to New Chitose Airport is by JR which takes about 36minutes and operates on a high frequency. One can have a good time at New Chitose airport by visiting the Hokkaido showroom featuring local produce, sweets, and gourmet foods. Hot water spring, theme park and a theatre can also help one pass their time at the airport.

Transportation in Sapporo

Sapporo houses an extensive network of subway, railway, buses, taxis, and streetcars ensuring smooth accessibility between any two points in the city. The Sapporo municipal subway is the most convenient form of travel for sightseeing. Operating in three major lines, it is available from 6 in the morning until midnight at reasonable rates. The streetcar going through the streets provides a glimpse into the downtown and the residential areas. Buses operated by three different companies provide connectivity between important locations while taxis and car rentals are also available 24x7. The base fare for a taxi is around 8.9SGD for 1.5km and 1SGD for every additional 300m. Unlike other Japanese cities, Sapporo is organised in a grid format making navigation bit tougher. The views of the city can also be enjoyed by renting a bicycle at about 6.6SGD/day. Purchasing a Kitaca card would be beneficial to avoid purchasing a ticket every time one uses the bus or train.

How to get to Sapporo

Being a winter wonderland, Sapporo is a heaven for people in tropical regions. The ice, cherry blossom attract people from all over the world which has led to smooth connectivity of Sapporo to all major cities around the globe. The Hokkaido International airport provides air routes to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, etc. The distance between Sapporo and Singapore is 5950kms and a direct flight on average takes around 7hours and 15minutes to complete the journey with a fare of around 640SGD. The major airline operating in and out of Sapporo are- Air China, Air Nippon, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, EVA Air, Air Seoul, etc. in compliance with the government rules, international flights are permitted on every day except for Monday and Thursday. The airport has excellent ground transportation with high-frequency shuttle services to and fro from Sapporo Railway station. Sapporo can also be reached with train via an undersea segment.

How much are hotels in Sapporo?

Enjoy a comfortable stay with a wide range of hotels in Sapporo to match your needs and budget.

Following are the best Sapporo hotels in each category:

  • 5-star hotels- enjoy a luxurious stay in the Sapporo Park Hotel, Rayton Sapporo Hotel, Keio Plaza Hotel, Hotel Okura, etc which have a price range of 150-200SGD.
  • 4-star hotels- get luxury at an affordable price at Hotel Gracery, Century Royal Hotel, Daiwa Roynet Hotel with a price range of 100-120SGD.
  • 3-star hotels- grab the best Sapporo hotel deals and make the best of your money at Richmond Hotel, Nest hotel, Jozankei view Hotel with a price varying between 70-100SGD.
  • 2-star hotels- Book hotels in Sapporo to get an affordable basic stay - Goen Lounge & Stay, Hotel Livemax Sapporo, Hotel Roshan, etc which have inexpensive deals varying from 30-80SGD.

Sapporo tourist information

Top tourist attractions in Sapporo

Must visit Sapporo attractions include the following-

  1. Sapporo Snow festival- celebrated in February every year, it is the largest event in Sapporo known for ice sculpting competitions. Many artists travel across the world to compete and create an elaborate artwork. For attending the festival, it is advisable to book tickets well in advance. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Sapporo
  2. Mt. Tiene- a ski and snowboarding mountain for both beginners and experienced people. The mountain was used in the 1972 winter Olympics and lies within an easy drive from Sapporo. The space is open to the public from December to March every year.
  3. Hokkaido Shrine- a Shinto shrine situated adjacent to Maruyama park is a religious site for people practising Hanami. From June 14 to 16 every year, the Sapporo festival is celebrated in which people bear Mikoshi and parade down the street. 

Top food places in Sapporo

A visit isn’t complete until you taste the local food. So following are the must-visit places to get a flavour of the local cuisine.

  1. Sapporo Beer Museum- the museum is registered as one of Hokkaido’s Heritage sites and is the only beer museum in Japan. After the tour of exhibitions, one can actually taste all the different beers especially the Sapporo beer.
  2. Sapporo Kanihonke- this is the most famous crab restaurant in the whole Japan where one can enjoy snow crab, king crab and the popular hairy crab cooked in authentic Japanese style. The recipe originated from Sapporo and is today followed in many restaurants all over the country.
  3. Ramen Senjyu- this restaurant is recommended for trying Miso ramen. The semi-thick, curly noodles served with broth give out the great aroma of spices and the charsiu topping makes it mouth-watering.

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