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Yinyue Homestay
4.9/554 Reviews

Yinyue Homestay

The decoration style of the homestay is very Japanese, and the photos are very popular ~ The housekeeper and sister of the hotel are very good. I know that I like to eat purple sue. Before I left, I specially dug two purple sue for us to take away. I also gave me a large bag of purple sue seeds. In addition, I cut two purple sue and took it back to us for the last two days. It was so intimate. Because I slept late at night, I told my eldest sister before going to bed that we would be late the next day. The eldest sister did not urge us to get up for breakfast the next day. She kept giving us hot breakfast until 11 o'clock. We woke up and went down to eat. I really want to give the eldest sister a five-star praise. The people are so nice, very simple and kind. I will book this homestay next time I go to Zhangzhou for the eldest sister. Let's talk about the environment of the homestay. It is in the countryside. In the evening, it is quiet and leisurely. We are especially lucky to see double rainbows. I like the bed in the homestay very much. It is like Japan. I sleep on the ground. I sleep very well all night. It is very comfortable. I feel that the whole person is very grounded. There are a lot of mosquitoes in the country. If you go, you must do a good job of mosquito prevention. The hotel will also provide toilet water. Anyway, mosquitoes are inevitable in the country. ~ In the evening, we took the big sister of the hotel to eat the famous Hangyu Xiaoping duck head in Zhangzhou. It is super recommended. ~ The big sister also packed some back and gave us breakfast the next day. 🤣 Oh, by the way, when I first checked in, the eldest sister washed a large plate of grapes for us and brought it over. It was said that the boss went to the local vineyard in the morning and it was very fresh. I really found the feeling of home here, I highly recommend this homestay ~

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Reviews for Quzhou Hotels

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All Seasons Hotel (Quzhou Qujiang Branch) (All Seasons Hotel (Luzhou Lujiang Branch))
4.8/5449 Reviews
I chose the whole season for the New Year. I stayed in a family room for many days. The hotel room is large, the equipment is very smart, the breakfast is very delicious, and the front desk lady is very attentive. The agreed room is really perfect. It is a very good experience. Yes, The hotel also provides nightingales at the New Year's Eve, the hotel parking is also very convenient, and will choose the whole season in the future! !
Quzhou Baoshan Academy Theme Guesthouse
4.6/518 Reviews
Very clean in the homestay The air and scenery are very good. The hotel is on the top of the mountain. From the parking lot to the hotel, you need to walk about 200 meters to climb the mountain. The boss is very intimate. He personally picked the flat shoulder and sent our suitcase up the mountain.
quzhoubaiyue hotel
4.1/576 Reviews
The floor was not cleaned in place, and there was obvious garbage when entering the house. In the toilet, the toilet paper used by a guest when checking out will not be replaced with a new one. This is the case every time you stay. The attitude of the front desk clerk is very bad, I don't understand it. If the hotel is not located very close to the place of business trip, it would be a few hundred meters away, and the service attitude might not go to this. Check-in also comes with breakfast at a very affordable price, and the variety of breakfast is good. The overall facilities of the room are quite good.
Kaihua Zuiyuan Hotel
4.2/5386 Reviews
This hotel is amazing, it is worthy of being a relatively good brand in the national chain. The environment is beautiful, there are so many hotels around, I feel that this is the best value for money. The environment is excellent, and the bedding is clean and not damp. The key is the hotel's service attitude, which is very good and must be praised.
Orange Hotel (Quzhou Railway Station)
4.9/5705 Reviews
Quzhou High-Speed Railyway Station Area
The room was large and clean. It was still very warm to the store late. It also helped to upgrade the room type. The smart automatic curtains were very good for shading, sound insulation was very good, and it was very quiet. I slept very well... The sofa in the lobby is very nice... It is very convenient to go out to the bus station. The starting price of a taxi is at the train station. The location is also very good#recommended
4.7/54 Reviews
Water Pavilion Gate/Kong's Temple
✨ [First glance into the room] The room is the same as the photo, very clean 🙋 [For the landlord, I want to say] The landlord is very enthusiastic and great 💡 [Small surprise for me by the homestay] Very clean and very comfortable 📍 [For the convenience of the surroundings, I want to say] It is very convenient to take a taxi 🛏 [Housing facilities I must mention] Electrical appliances are all very perfect

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