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Grand Hotel Portovenere
4.4/554 Reviews
Very good niche travel destination, it is recommended, the hotel is good: 1, diet: breakfast in the middle of the rules,; booked half-board, dinner dishes can be; service attitude is very good; 2, parking: definitely have to go by car, stayed for two nights, the hotel garage 40 euros stopped for one day, Italy parking costs are similar in several cities, very expensive. 3, room: booked is the administrative sea view room (that is, the 4th floor room), the room area is really small, it is more than a dozen flat, a suitcase will be, two suitcases can not open, slightly have a nainai tide However, the executive room has a small balcony that can be smoked to see the scenery (the balcony will be covered by the room, which does not affect the view), and if it is the 4th floor (408, 409), the balcony does not have a room. But basically can't stand, no area, and the view will be blocked by other rooms, we just switched to other rooms. It feels like the room with 2 floors is the best room type. Compared to the Italian attractions, the hotel pays attention to the view, not the inner space (area, facilities, etc.). 4, small town: Comments can not describe, you need to experience, I lived for two nights, one day by boat to go to the Cinque Terre, I feel no sense and necessary, just relax in the port town to stay and go very good (especially Easy to get motion sickness and seasickness, the boat is very bumpy and easy to seasick, very tossing, the Cinque Terre did not look at it during the day) Overall satisfaction is very worth remembering
La Perla Blu
2.1/50 Reviews
It is very close to the Cinque Terre, and the scenery of this place is also very good. There is a bar in the evening.
Il Borgo di Campi
4/518 Reviews
After getting the keys (not before 15:00, otherwise you wait outside), I find a large apartment, but with small windows. A part of the room doesn't close. The bathroom is a real disaster. The shower is only 50 per 50 cm. The shower apple is inaccessible to a medium-sized person, to use the toilet you need to be contorted to not be knocked against the toilet paper distributor, while out of service. The building is very noisy. Even no slips to absorb the noise of the chairs. Result, as soon as someone rips a chair, everyone is awake. I don't talk about the stairway to the apartment, very tight, and the contours to do to close the door inside. Finally, for early lift, no need for awakening, the house cock is very effective. From 5 a.m. on the morning. The cherry on the gate: I complain about the state of the bathroom. Here's their answer: Two things are infinite: the universe and human fool, but I still have doubts about the universe. (Albert Einstein) stay at your home ... Good night IL BORGO DI CAMPI No how This is beautiful view (external, not small windows) Only positive point
Affittacamere Sapore di Mare
3.9/516 Reviews
Tout ce que nous souhaitions, chambre propre, fonctionnelle, pas chère, très bien placée, dans l'hypercentre de Levanto, tout près du départ du chemin Azzuro pour les 5 terres, la clef est à prendre dans une agence immobilière à 100 mètres, très bon accueil, aucun souci,
Hotel Cristallo
4.2/59 Reviews
We just greeted Fiascherino and Tellaro and this excellent hotel where we stayed 3 nights. All the super friendly staff, you feel really cocktailed from the beginning to the end of the day. Breakfast is always rich with sea view. Car parking, which is not little given you in Liguria, overall managed with a great organization.Hotel with excellent quality price ratio unlike the restaurants in the area that are very salty, even if you eat very well. A special thanks to the lady who managed the cleaning of the third floor, who gave us a smile every day, which is not wrong ... Of course we will come back!
Hotel Villa Argentina
3.8/547 Reviews
Located on the top of the mountain in Rio Maggiore, it has its own parking space, which is convenient for self-driving travel. If you take public transportation such as trains, living in scenic spots is not the best choice: 1. The price of the scenic spot is expensive. Las Pezia and Levanto at both ends of the scenic train are good accommodation options. These two places are a few minutes drive from the scenic spot. The important thing is that the hotel has a wide range of options, and of course it is cheap. 2. The scenic spot has been scattered after 8 pm and there is no night view. 3. Breakfast is simple. Fourth, the service attitude is average. Fifth, the bathroom is small, forced, the sink is very narrow, and the glass plate above is very close, can not wash, very strange, it is also the first time in life, it is a long experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the popular hotels with Wi-Fi in Province of La Spezia?

    Whether you are travelling to Province of La Spezia for business or tourism, Antiche Terre Hotel & Relax , Locanda Dell'Angelo and Hotel Villa Argentina are all preferred hotels.

  • How much is the average rate for hotels with Wi-Fi in Province of La Spezia?

    For hotels with Wi-Fi in Province of La Spezia, the average price on weekdays is S$ 268, and the average price on weekends (Friday–Saturday) is S$ 277.

  • Which hotels with Wi-Fi in Province of La Spezia offer sea view?

    Many hotels with Wi-Fi in Province of La Spezia also offer sea view. Grand Hotel Portovenere is a good choice.

  • Which hotels with Wi-Fi in Province of La Spezia are luxury hotels?

    Many hotels with Wi-Fi in Province of La Spezia are luxury hotels. Grand Hotel Portovenere is very popular.

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