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Penghu County is located in the middle stream of the Taiwan Strait. The county consists of Penghu Island and 64 surrounding islands, collectively known as the Penghu Islands. The easternmost island is Cha Mou Island, while the westernmost is Flower Island. Penghu is the only county in Taiwan that is completely made up of islands. The county government is located in Magong City, where many hotels in Penghu are also located.

Located between mainland China and Taiwan, the Penghu Archipelago has unique geographical conditions. Since ancient times, it has been an important hub for military affairs and a midway point for immigrants. It is the earliest area for Taiwanese development and is known as the "key to the Taiwan Strait." The Penghu Archipelago was traditionally a place of settlement for early immigrants. Today, the islands are home to many tourist attractions, including the Tienhou Temple, the oldest Matsu Temple in Taiwan, as well as Wenshi Academy, Guanyin Pavilion, the Seven-beauty Temple, and Xitai Castle, and so on. The famous landscapes such as the Penghu Cross Sea Bridge, Tongpan Island, and the Tongliang banyan are worth checking out as well.

Penghu Island was originally a volcanic plateau, so it has neither mountains nor rivers. The land on the islands in general cannot be farmed, but the islands are known for their abundant seafood yields. Peach-colored coral and Penghu aragonite are quite famous and jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and earrings made from them is sold around the world.

The area is home to many animals. In addition to the dolphins swimming with the current from December to March each year, Penghu also has many natural reserve areas such as Jishan Island, Xiaobaisha Island, and the Wangan turtle conservation area, and the Maoyu bird sanctuary, all of which work to protect rare and endangered animals.

Wind and rain are the two major characteristics of the climate of Penghu. Sweet potatoes, peanuts, and sorghum are the three major crops of the region. Agricultural products grown in Penghu are mostly fruits and melons, of which cantaloupe, garbo melon, and angled luffa gourd are all well-known. The fishing industry is still the main contributor to Penghu’s economy.

Affected by natural conditions, the Penghu tourism season is concentrated between the months of April and September. Most tourists choose to relax by the sea, partake in water activities, and eat seafood. The cultural and geographical landscapes found on the islands of Penghu are very different from those found on the island of Taiwan, making it a unique vacation destination.

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