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The OneFive Okayama
4.1/5305 Reviews
This hotel is set in a great location of Okayama, close to the shoutengai, Okayama castle and the JR station with lots of choice for food close by. Staff friendly and helpful. Would not recommend to use their car park or listen to the hotels advice on parking, we were quoted 2700¥ for a nights parking, when we took a look in the area we found parking for 900¥ for 24 hours. Room very nice if a little dated, lack of public ofuro was a little sad but what else to expect at this price. Bathroom a little small, but definitely ok again for the price. No breakfast offered or provided, so can’t really give any advice on this. However there is an amazing cafe around the corner that sells freshly made croissants 🥐 
Toyoko Inn Okayama-eki Nishi-guchi Migi
4.3/5109 Reviews
About 5 minutes walk along the track at the west exit of Okayama Station. Closer than I thought. Is it empty or the cheap plan remained just before. (Single 4550 yen) Always Toyoko quality, but is the room spacious? Also, the upper floor of the west-facing room (odd number) is the toilet in & station view. I think the free breakfast is also full. I saw three kinds of curry but no white rice ※ chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chiri
Okayama View Hotel
3.8/531 Reviews
The location is good, close to the Tenmaya bus station and all sorts of shops are found in the vicinity. The room concept is also interesting. Wooden floor with futon sets so that you kind of feel staying at a ryokan. But what I didn’t like was the inflexibility of the hotel. The cleaner came around 12:20 to 13:00 everyday and regardless of what you do, you have to accommodate the cleaning schedule unless you decline the service. Because of this rigid scheduling, I thought the hotel could accommodate my request to check out at 12pm, one hour later than the designated check out time, which I think is accommodated by most of the hotels worldwide, especially when I know very well that the cleaning doesn’t start until 12:20. But I was asked to pay one hour overstay charge for this! I am not sure what to make of it, but I feel extremely generous giving 3 for this hotel.
Via Inn Okayama
4.4/547 Reviews
We used it for event participation at Okayama Convention Center. It is directly connected to Okayama Station and it is very easy to move. It is also convenient to Okayama Convention Center. I think it depends on the location of the room, but the room I stayed this time was able to see the platform of Okayama Station from the room, so I think that is also attractive for those who like trains. There are many restaurants in the station building of Okayama Station and there is no inconvenience in eating. It is a very recommended hotel for those who have a business at the Convention Center since early morning at Okayama Station late at night.
Daiwa Roynet Hotel OKAYAMA-EKIMAE
4.5/598 Reviews
 I almost missed breakfast on Sunday morning. At the time of check-in, you can see the photo and it is a set menu, so only the explanation is that you can choose from these 5 types on the day. Understand that it is ”set menu only”. Even though it is a business hotel in front of the station, Sunday starts at 7 o'clock 30 minutes later than weekdays. It seems to be entrusted to the tavern on the same floor as the front desk, and even if it is explained, the location is not clear, and it cannot be seen from the front desk. When I left the hotel at 7:30 and headed for the store, there was a person in the chair in front of me. However, there is no tag saying that you are waiting, so when you say breakfast in the store, you will say, ”Please wait in front.” When you try to write the name, there is no such thing. However, it seems that you should sit in the corridor and wait until the order comes. I heard that I took out, but I didn't. I have to leave for work, but this will miss eating breakfast ... When I returned to the front desk and explained the situation to the hotel staff, the hotel did not know the situation at all. I'll go to the breakfast shop together and listen to the situation. Finally, the first people started to leave, and luckily, the previous people were all group guests, so I sat at about 8:45. When I entered, the set was only the main, and a little buffet was added. Moreover, it is understood that only up to 8 people (groups) can enter the store in the form of a private room izakaya. With this, there is a great possibility that I couldn't enter the store even if I waited forever, and I think it is disqualified as breakfast at a business hotel. Don't throw the hotel round, understand what the situation is and improve it.
Okayama Washington Hotel Plaza
3.8/584 Reviews
There was also a morning snack and a welcome drink from afternoon to night. However, when I asked the front desk to finish the room cleaning by around 11 o'clock, I agreed that it would be okay around 11:30. I left the room after 10 o'clock and I noticed something I forgot, and when I went back to pick it up, it was already started. (laughter)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hotels near JR Kanagawa Station offer breakfast?

    A delicious breakfast is a great way to kick start your day. If you want to stay at a hotel with breakfast near JR Kanagawa Station in Okayama, consider Shikinokaban . Be sure to book this popular hotel in advance!

  • Which popular hotels near JR Kanagawa Station have parking?

    If you're planning on driving to JR Kanagawa Station in Okayama, why not stay at Shikinokaban or Okayama Momotaro Onsen ? These are all popular hotels with parking lots.

  • Which hotels near JR Kanagawa Station have free Wi-Fi?

    Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, Wi-Fi is an essential. Shikinokaban is a popular hotel that has free Wi-Fi.

  • Which hotels near JR Kanagawa Station are the most popular?

    Shikinokaban and Okayama Momotaro Onsen are some of the most popular hotels.

  • What hotels near JR Kanagawa Station have non-smoking rooms?

    Many guests care about the quality of the rooms they stay in and want to ensure that their rooms have fresh, clean air. Shikinokaban is a popular hotel with non-smoking rooms.

  • What popular hotels near JR Kanagawa Station have restaurants?

    If you like the idea of sampling local flavours while travelling, consider staying at Shikinokaban and Okayama Momotaro Onsen . There are plenty of restaurants that serve local dishes near these hotels.

  • What's the average price of hotels near JR Kanagawa Station this weekend?

    According to Trip.com's data, the average price for a weekend night at hotels near JR Kanagawa Station in Okayama is S$ 375. Prices fluctuate often; this rate is for reference only.

  • What's the average price per night of hotels near JR Kanagawa Station

    According to Trip.com's data, the average price per night at hotels near JR Kanagawa Station in Okayama is S$ 142. Prices fluctuate often; this rate is for reference only.

  • What hotels are recommended near JR Kanagawa Station?

    If you're having a hard time choosing a hotel, consider staying at Okayama Momotaro Onsen or Shikinokaban , these hotels have great reviews. Be sure you book early!

Hotels Quick Overview

Highest PriceS$ 913
Lowest PriceS$ 27
Number of Reviews2,423
Number of Hotels267
Average Price (Weekdays)S$ 126
Average Price (Weekends)S$ 150

Guide for Travelling in Okayama

Looking for hotels in Okayama? Trip.com is a great place to start. Planning a trip to Okayama? If you travel to Japan, visiting Okayama is a good choice. You can plan a one or two day trip to Okayama.

Okayama Airport is the primary airport in Okayama. It's easy to reach Okayama. The city can be reached by plane, train, and car.

There are 43 hotels in Okayama with excellent service. When looking for hotels in Okayama, there are likely good options at a nightly budget of just 82 SGD. There are 3 four-star hotels in Okayama at an average price of 104 SGD per night. There are 29 three-star hotels in Okayama at an average price of 89 SGD per night. There are 4 two-star hotels in Okayama at an average price of 70 SGD per night. As a popular tourist city, Okayama has many renowned chain hotels. Crowne Plaza is the top choice of many travelers in Okayama. In Okayama, chain hotels such as Crowne Plaza are one of the top choices among travelers. Daiwa Roynet Hotel Okayama Ekimae is one of the most popular hotels in Okayama. Koraku Hotel Okayama is also one of the most frequently chosen hotels.

There are quite a few famous attractions in downtown Okayama, such as Momotaro Statue. You can choose attractions in Okayama that are perfect for a weekend getaway, such as Inujima Seirensho Museum, Omizu-en Garden, Iwayaji Temple. You can also visit top-rated attractions like Okayama Castle, Yumeji Art Museum, Koraku-en. Upon departure, you can head to popular commercial areas like Omotecho Shopping Street, AEON MALL Okayama, Tenmaya Okayama Honten to buy souvenirs or travel accessories.

Average Temperature

• January to March: 8.07°C during the day, 3.93°C at night

• April to June: 21.25°C during the day, 16.55°C at night

• July to September: 28.71°C during the day, 24.86°C at night

• October to December: 14.42°C during the day, 9.99°C at night

Average seasonal Rainfall

• Spring: 61.77 cm

• Summer: 148.57 cm

• Autumn: 131.2 cm

• Winter: 45.07 cm

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