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Daiwa Roynet Hotel OKAYAMA-EKIMAE
4.5/5107 Reviews

Daiwa Roynet Hotel OKAYAMA-EKIMAE

Okayama|1.2km from downtown
 I almost missed breakfast on Sunday morning. At the time of check-in, you can see the photo and it is a set menu, so only the explanation is that you can choose from these 5 types on the day. Understand that it is ”set menu only”. Even though it is a business hotel in front of the station, Sunday starts at 7 o'clock 30 minutes later than weekdays. It seems to be entrusted to the tavern on the same floor as the front desk, and even if it is explained, the location is not clear, and it cannot be seen from the front desk. When I left the hotel at 7:30 and headed for the store, there was a person in the chair in front of me. However, there is no tag saying that you are waiting, so when you say breakfast in the store, you will say, ”Please wait in front.” When you try to write the name, there is no such thing. However, it seems that you should sit in the corridor and wait until the order comes. I heard that I took out, but I didn't. I have to leave for work, but this will miss eating breakfast ... When I returned to the front desk and explained the situation to the hotel staff, the hotel did not know the situation at all. I'll go to the breakfast shop together and listen to the situation. Finally, the first people started to leave, and luckily, the previous people were all group guests, so I sat at about 8:45. When I entered, the set was only the main, and a little buffet was added. Moreover, it is understood that only up to 8 people (groups) can enter the store in the form of a private room izakaya. With this, there is a great possibility that I couldn't enter the store even if I waited forever, and I think it is disqualified as breakfast at a business hotel. Don't throw the hotel round, understand what the situation is and improve it.

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Hotel Maira
4.1/572 Reviews

Hotel Maira

Okayama|0.87km from downtown
[Location] 10 minutes walk from Okayama Station (Korakuen Exit) +α. It's not in front of the station, so it may be a little difficult if you have a large suitcase. There is a Family Mart about a minute walk from the hotel, and there are taverns across the river. However, it is not a place like a sluggish place in the downtown area, so I think it is a location where women can stay with peace of mind even if they are alone. I didn't feel like a place where security was bad. The only bargain I encountered was the solicitation of a single-word massage by an Asian foreigner. [Room] It is not a card key. At check-in, I was given a stick-shaped key, and when I entered the room, I plugged the key into the wall and the lights were lit. I tried to do it that way, but the lights didn't turn on at all. When I had to contact the front desk by extension, the room I stayed in did not have to insert the key into the wall, and it was a type that turned on and off with a remote control. So, if you don't turn on well even if you put the key on the wall, you may want to look for the remote control on the wall. The remote control of the air conditioner and the remote control of the lighting are lined up. The beds are large enough and have at least everything you need. I had a suitcase of the size that I brought in on board, but there was enough space to spread. The bathroom will be a unit bath. The toilet is not a hot water washing toilet seat. The water pressure in the shower was fine. Although it was a single use, two sets of towels and amenities were prepared. I took a shower twice during my stay, which was useful. The dryer is not the type on the wall, so the air volume was sufficient. The only thing I was interested in was the sound of the refrigerator operating. The operating sound continued even in the middle of the night, so I had to turn off the power. [Customer service] Of course, it is not the same as a city hotel, but it is the standard customer service level of a common business hotel. It's a pretty rough image. If you often use business hotels, I don't think you care. Recently, some hotels have refused to set their own rooms when they asked for a wake-up call, but this hotel was willing to respond. [Light meal] In front of the front desk, there is a drink bar, an ice candy stocker, and a Chinese mandarin bun steamed with Yamazaki meat mandarin. Both are self-service all-you-can-eat, and you can take them back to your room and eat them. The meat buns will end as soon as they are gone. I checked in around 20:00 on weekdays, but there was still enough leftovers. [Breakfast] It will be served from 6 am. There are about 6 types of Yamazaki sweet bread in front of the front desk, and you can bring as much as you eat. [Price] It was about 4000 yen per night. I think the cost performance is relatively high. [Others] There is a river just off the hotel. The river was beautiful with illuminations. There were some locals taking pictures of the illuminations. Overall, it was a hotel as expected. Some rooms are smoking, so it is also recommended for smokers.

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Okayama Castle

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Okayama Korakuen

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Shorinji Temple

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Okayama University Tsushima Campus

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The OneFive Okayama
4.1/5323 Reviews
This hotel is set in a great location of Okayama, close to the shoutengai, Okayama castle and the JR station with lots of choice for food close by. Staff friendly and helpful. Would not recommend to use their car park or listen to the hotels advice on parking, we were quoted 2700¥ for a nights parking, when we took a look in the area we found parking for 900¥ for 24 hours. Room very nice if a little dated, lack of public ofuro was a little sad but what else to expect at this price. Bathroom a little small, but definitely ok again for the price. No breakfast offered or provided, so can’t really give any advice on this. However there is an amazing cafe around the corner that sells freshly made croissants 🥐 
Toyoko Inn Okayama-eki Nishi-guchi Migi
4.3/5115 Reviews
About 5 minutes walk along the track at the west exit of Okayama Station. Closer than I thought. Is it empty or the cheap plan remained just before. (Single 4550 yen) Always Toyoko quality, but is the room spacious? Also, the upper floor of the west-facing room (odd number) is the toilet in & station view. I think the free breakfast is also full. I saw three kinds of curry but no white rice ※ chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chirizushi chiri
Dormy Inn Okayama
4.8/563 Reviews
It takes 10 minutes to walk from Okayama Station. Life in front of the station is also very convenient (and Takashimaya). It is very convenient to go to Houyuan, Kurashiki and Uno Port. The top floor hot spring bath can see the sunset.
Abiss Inn Okayama
4.9/57 Reviews
I use it to hold live concerts in a temple a 2-minute walk from the hotel. This is a coincidence, but I am glad it is very close. There is a convenience store nearby, you can contact the high-top car in advance. It helped me stop at 500 yen. I am very satisfied with the breakfast, this is a lunch box with corona in mind, with miso soup and drinks. recommend!
Mielparque Okayama
3.9/52 Reviews
I came to Okayama two months later and stayed at this hotel. I like this hotel very much. The table in the room is big and it is convenient to face the window. It is 10 minutes walk from the station and the price is very cheap.
Okayama International Hotel
3.8/527 Reviews
The hotel provides a bus to pick up from the train station. The breakfast is very rich. This mansion is halfway up the mountain. Great! This hotel has high cost performance and I'd like to recommend it. Okayama's price is affordable in general.

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