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Weather and Best time to travel to New York

New York City, officially called The City Of New York and of the byname, The Big Apple is a city and a port located at the mouth of the Hudson River in the northeastern U.S. It is the one of the most influential and the largest metropolis enveloping Manhattan and Staten Islands. New York City is mainly a collection of many neighbourhoods scattered among the city’s five boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and, the Bronx. All these neighbourhoods must be close in proximity but are completely different in their trends and style of living. New York’s urban area extends to New Jersey and Connecticut. New York is a gateway to the North American continent and its preferred exit to the oceans of the globe. 

November to February are the coldest months with the temperature ranging from -26 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius. Summer months start from March and last till June with the highest temperature at 46 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit New York is from April to June and from September to November as the weather is pleasant and warm during this time and the tourist crowd is also not overwhelming. The cheapest time to visit New York is from mid-January to early February, buts since it is too cold during these months, be sure to be a fan of the extreme winters. 

The airport in New York

New York is the most populated city in the country and one of the most densely populated ones in the world. The airports of New York city handle over 112 million passengers a year. People from New York travel to all parts of the world for business works and for leisure too. There are many major airports in New York that handle many domestic and international flights. For planning a trip to New York, you should we well aware of these 4 airports to avoid hassle and to make your journey less cumbersome. Newark Liberty International Airport, also known as the EWR airport, is one closer to the western side of Manhattan. It is located in New Jersey and getting to New York from Newark Liberty International Airport is very convenient through train, shuttle and bus services. It is a 13-mile ride. John F Kennedy International Airport or JFK is one of the most well-known and popular airports of New York. This airport is a little far from the city, located in Southern Queens thus is not the best options for people travelling to central Manhattan as they will lose quite some time. LaGuardia Airport is the preferred choice when people need to travel to East Side of Manhattan and Long Island City. The airport is about 11-miles from Time Square which almost a 30-minute ride by a cab, one can take shuttles to this city centre too. Lastly, the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, it is the largest out the four New York city airports covering 1000 acres area. There are about 100 daily flights from that service from here to 30 cities in the United States and to Jamaica, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. 

Transportation in the City

New York is the most populated city in the country and is connected closely to the five boroughs, thus offering a wide range of ways one can travel around. The iconic yellow taxi, the one which we see in every movie based in New York, is certainly a very popular way to get around for both citizens and tourists. The yellow taxis are the only vehicles allowed to pick passengers in response to a street hail. There is a yellow light on the taxi which when illuminated means that the taxi is available for hire. These taxis are metered, starting from $3 and keep increasing as per the time and distance. The drivers of these taxis can be paid in cash and debit or credit card. Another popular way of travelling around New York is through its world-famous New York City Subway. It’s a smart way to get around the city by avoiding all the traffic. The New York City subway is one the busiest, oldest and largest city subways in the world serving 472 subway stations. Its operated 24 hours a day and serves four out of five New York City boroughs. For riding on the Subway, you can either purchase a MetroCard or purchase a single ticket. The MetroCard can be purchased at $2.75 while as single fare ticket pricing is $3. These fares are not distance-dependent unlike other metros; one can go as far as they like on a single ticket. Other ways of commuting around New York is by rail, bus, ferry and one foot.   

How to get to New York

One can get to New York by plane, train or by the road. There are over 90 flights that travel to New York from all over the country and the world. International passengers can arrive at any of the four New York Airports, although LaGuardia mainly services domestic destinations with a few flights from select Canadian cities. A non-stop flight from the west coast to New York could range between $140 to $300. The top flights servicing New York Airports are Virgin Atlantic, Unites Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines amongst many more. 

Hotels in New York

New York is a cultural impact city, filled with a diversity of people from all over the world. It is packed with iconic sites too from the Empire state building and the Statue of Liberty to the Hipster Haunts of Brooklyn. To experience all this comfortably, the city offers a wide range of hotels one can stay in for all kinds of budgets and experiences, one can book New York hotels through various sites but cheap hotels in New York can only be found on 

  • 5-star hotels in New York costs anywhere between $200 to $800
  • 4-star hotels in New York costs anywhere between $180 to $300
  • 3-star hotels in New York costs anywhere between $100 to $200
  • 2-star hotels in New York costs anywhere between $65 to $180

Top tourist attractions in New York

New York is one of the most famous cities in the world and offers a wide range of places for people to enjoy and unwind. It is also very famous for its tourist attraction sites. The top three places to visit and things to do in New York are – 

  1. The Statue of Liberty – It was built in 1886 and remains the famous world symbol of freedom. It is one of the tallest statues in the world at 152 feet of height. One can see the statue from various parts of the city but to get the best view, it is advisable to take a boat ride to Liberty Island and see it up close. It is one of the top New York Attractions. 
  2. Central Park – This large park is half a mile wide and 2.5 miles long and is one of the many things that make New York a beautiful, homely and livable city. 
  3. Empire State Building – This building is one of New York’s Key tourist attractions. This 102-story building was the tallest in the world until the first World Trade centre rose higher 41 years later. 

Top food places in New York

The top 3 places to eat in New York are – 

  1. Daily Provisions – Serving the best doughnut in the city and coffee to die for. 
  2. Los Mariscos- It is a small place in which counter serves Mexican seafood. 
  3. Sadelle’s – This is a Jewish appetizing place in Soho, the French toasts here are one of the best things you can have. 

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