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Hotels in Montrose Reviews

4.6/551 Reviews
While I’m sure this hotel would be suitable for many customers, unfortunately my experience as a cycle tourist on a multi-week bike tour was negative. Upon arriving with my bicycle I enquired about a safe place to store it overnight. I was told the hotel can’t store bikes and they have nowhere secure they are willing to let me put it. I explained that I was travelling solo on a multi-day trip, with my bike as my only means of transport, and so leaving it unsecured isn’t a risk I was happy to take. Unfortunately this was met with polite but blank indifference amounting to nothing more than a “sorry, can’t help you”. I was directed to the “bike rack” outside reception. Unfortunately this is one of those ground-level style of racks that only allow you to fit your front wheel in to keep the bike from falling over, but doesn’t allow you to actually secure the frame to it. Making them completely useless as a secure way to lock a bike. I tried explaining this but the receptionist didn’t seem to register what I was talking about and again reiterated there was nothing they could do for me. She did mention that it wasn’t a dangerous area and so theft was unlikely, but also said “don’t hold me to that”, making clear the hotel would accept no responsibility. So at this point I was left with a bike I couldn’t risk being stolen, with no secure location to store it overnight, not even a functional bike rack to lock it to and staff blankly refusing to offer any help. Leaving me no option but to simply leave and find accommodation elsewhere. Perhaps if I’d kicked up more of a fuss I could have I could have eventually persuaded them to help me, but I’d already had a long and difficult day and begging staff to let me put my bike somewhere inside just wasn’t something I could be bothered with. In the hotel’s defence, I absolutely should have called ahead to confirm if they could safely store my bike. I didn’t do my due diligence in this case which isn’t the hotel’s fault. However, having cycled the length of Britain and multiple other countries, this is the first time a hotel has been completely unwilling to help me safely store my bike. From tiny B&Bs to large chain hotels, staff have always found a secure solution for me, often going out of their way to be helpful when they see I’m living off the bike. In contrast, the shoulder-shrugging sense of indifference in this case did bother me. I think this hotel would be great for a lot of people, and I’m sure the positive reviews are deserved. But for bicycle tourers the lack of safe storage and unwillingness of the staff to help make it a complete non-starter.
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