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Macau, the dazzling metropolis of China is filled with myriad tourist attractions. From gleaming riverfronts to exotic entertainment centers, Macau has evolved into a favorite tourist destination among travelers, regardless of their age. The radiant cityscape is home to mega shopping malls, luxury hotels, giant casinos, grand monuments, and an enthralling nightlife and food culture. Also, the grand monuments and historical sites of Macau showcase its glorious past. This amazing blend of modern lifestyle and ancient heritage makes Macau a complex yet mesmerizing tourist destination. The culture and tradition of Macau is a dynamic fusion of Portuguese and Chinese influences. As a result, the architecture of several buildings and monuments is a wonderful culmination of both these cultures. Owing to the enormous number of casinos found in the city premises, Macau is popularly dubbed as the ‘Las Vegas of the East’. Situated on the banks of the South China Sea, Macau’s land expanse is mostly spread over the Pearl River delta. It typically experiences a humid subtropical climate, characterized by four distinct seasons. The autumn and the winter months of the year are generally preferred for exploring the city as the temperatures are relatively cooler.

Airport/ Nearby airport

Macau International Airport is the primary airport serving the city of Macau. The airport is equipped to handle massive passenger traffic as more than 7 million passengers transit through this airport every year. It is important to note that Macau has its immigration and customs regulations. It is mandatory to go through this procedure even though your travel is restricted within the country. There is nonstop connectivity between Macau International Airport and Macau city. The Macau International Airport is approximately ten kilometres from the city center. One can easily traverse this distance by taking a bus, taxi, or rail. Also, there is ferry service available at the Macau ferry terminal if you wish to glance at the towering skyline of the city. Getting to Macau from Macau International Airport via the mass transit system is not only fast and trouble-free but is also one of the most economical ways to travel.


The transportation system in Macau is vast and elaborate to support the massive population of the city. ‘Transportes Urbanos de Macau’ and ‘Sociedade de Transportes Colectivos de Macau’ are the two major bus operators in the city that actively cater to the commuting needs of the passengers. With up to 100 different bus routes running across the city, it is one of the cheapest ways to explore every nook and corner of the city. The Macau Light Rail Transit has well-networked transit lines spread across the city offering seamless connections to border check posts, neighboring islands, ferry terminals, and other major destinations in the region. Moreover, there is an abundance of taxis available for hire if you are looking for a more cozy and comfortable ride around the city

How to get to Macau

Situated on Taipa Island, the Macau International Airport plays a crucial role in ferrying tourists and passengers from around the globe to Macau. The airport operates several international and domestic flights. Air Asia, Air China, Air Macau, Beijing Capital Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Jeju Air, Philippine Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Vietnam Airlines are some of the flight operators serving regular and convenient flight services to a wide number of destinations. Moreover, these airline companies manage flights to several noted destinations such as Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Hanoi, Macau, Nanjing, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore, Hangzhou, Bangkok, and many more.

Hotel info, prices for different hotel range

The hotels in Macau are known for their authentic interiors and spacious rooms. Be aware of the latest Macau hotel deals online as you may grab Macau hotels with great discounts. Book Macau hotels that suit your budget and preferences.

1. 5-star hotels: City of Dreams and Wynn Palace are some of the most glamorous hotels in Macau with prices around 400-450 AUD.

2. 4-star hotels: Sheraton Grand Macau and Grand Coloane Resort are some luxury hotels that charge around 130-160 AUD.

3. 3-star hotels: Book the Inn Hotel Macau and Emperor Hotel for a pleasant and homely stay. They charge around 80-90 AUD.

4. 2-star hotels: Caravel Hotel and Ho Kong Hotel are some of the cheap hotels in Macau, with prices around 60-70 AUD.

Macau tourist information

Top tourist attractions in Macau

  • Ruins of Saint Paul’s: This is probably one of the oldest and biggest tourist destinations in the city. This 400-year old church is dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle and is a stark depiction of the Portuguese influence on the architecture of the buildings in Macau. Though much of the church complex has succumbed over the years to various anthropogenic activities, the ruins that remain are preserved for public display by the local administration. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is listed among the ‘Seven Wonders of Portuguese Origin in the World’.
  • Luís de Camões Garden: Such a large green space is a true gem to be located in one of the most densely populated cities of the world. This is an excellent location to relax among the lush greenery around, away from the buzz of the city. The garden also houses the Macao Public Library.
  • Senado Square: This is a triangular-shaped square located in the heart of the city. The square is restricted only for pedestrians as the enormous number of people visiting this heritage city obstructs the smooth flow of traffic.

Top food places in Macau

Macau attractions are so many that a single vacation may not be enough to explore them all. Of all the things to do in Macau, trying out the diverse cuisines of the region should never be missed. The cuisine of Macau is a delightful brew of Cantonese, Macanese, Portuguese and Chinese cuisines.

  • Head to Lord Stow’s Bakery to taste the iconic snack of Macau: the egg tarts.
  • Bak Kwa is a delicacy prepared out of dried meat and is a unique snack of Macau. Largo De Senado prepares one of the best bak kwa in the city.
  • ‘Dim sum’ and a cup of hot tea is a snack time favorite of the local population. Lung Wah tea house is one such eatery located amidst the busy streets of the city.

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