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Weather & the Best time to travel Kyoto

Kyoto, the erstwhile capital of Japan, is situated on a pretty island of Honshu. Famed for ornate Buddhist temples, beautiful gardens, imperial palaces, traditional wooden homes, Shinto shrines, and more, Kyoto is a popular travel destination for travelers from across the world. Experience the best of Japanese culture with kaiseki dining, Buddhist vegetarian fare, geisha entertainment, shopping for traditional souvenirs like washi, matcha, kimono and yukata, gate charms, bamboo products, and more. Located in the mountainous region of Tamba Highlands, Kyoto is surrounded by Higashiyama, Nishiyama, and Kitayama mountains on three sides and Yamashiro basin on the eastern side. At 1000 meters above sea level, Kyoto has temperate weather round the year. The summer months of June to August are hot and humid, while December to February brings chilly winters. Enjoy snowfall between December to mid-March. The temperature in summers can soar up to 33°C, while in winters, it can drop down to 9°C. July brings ample rain. 

 All in all, Kyoto has something for every season. Plan your trip accordingly.

Airport / Nearby Airport 

Osaka Airport is also known as Itami Airport, is about 36 kilometers from Kyoto and takes about an hour to reach the central business district. However, it serves domestic flights only. For international travelers, Kansai International Airport is a convenient option. Getting to Kyoto from Kansai Airport takes about 100 minutes and costs between 1210 yen by a special rapid train along the JR Kyoto line. JR Haruka limited express train would cost between 2380 to 2900 yen for a 50-minute trip. Taxi can cost up to 15000 yen. Airport Limousine costs about 1600 yen and takes 60 minutes of travel time.

Kansai Airport is the first offshore airport to be built on a completely manmade island. The ultra-modern airport offers a plethora of services for the convenience of passengers. Convenience stores, fast food kiosks, restaurants, internet café, lounge, and more are available for the comfort of travelers.


Kyoto has a well-developed local transport network. The Kyoto Subway and Bus pass is the most convenient and economical way to get around the city. A day pass costs around 900 yen for adults and 450 yen for children. A two-day pass is also available. You can board subway trains and some buses with the same pass. Taxis are plentiful and cheap, and bicycles are commonly used.

How to get to the destination 

Singapore to Kyoto flights is ample and frequent. Singapore Airlines, Air Asia Berhad, Jetstar Asia, ANA, Philippine Airlines, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Asiana, and more airlines offer direct and connecting flights to Kyoto. The airfare begins from SGD198 and takes about six and a half hours on a direct flight to Kansai Airport. If you choose to reach Osaka Airport with stopover flight will take about nine and a half hour and cost about SGD400. It is recommended that you book your flights well in advance to avoid last-minute price surge. 

Hotel Info, prices for different hotel range 

There are ample options for hotels in Kyoto to suit every budget and requirement. Here’s a list of most preferred Kyoto hotels rated by guests to choose from. 

  • 5-star hotel price: Hotel Granvia, Tokyo Hotel, Daiwa Royal, Sumiya, and other popular 5-star properties are available starting from SGD118.
  • 4-star hotel price: Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo, Kyoto Tower Hotel, Keihan Kyoto Grand are popular 4-star properties starting from SGD53.
  • 3-star hotel price: Mystays Kyoto Shijo, Kyoto Rich Hotel, Super Hotel Shijyo Kawaramachi are perfect options for a budget stay starting SGD44. 
  • 2-star hotel price: If you are looking for budget options, choose from Santiago Guest House, Khaosan Kyoto Guesthouse, Ninhonkhan, and more for SGD32 onwards.

Explore the popular areas in the city for more amazing Kyoto hotel deals.

Kyoto Tourist Information 

There are so many things to do in Kyoto.  Experiences to indulge in and places to explore, you will have a busy itinerary for sure. 

Top tourist attractions in Kyoto 

Check out these must-see Kyoto attractions

  • Philosopher Walk or Tetsugaku No Michi: Take a walk along the canal-side, the path is lined with cherry blossom and maple trees and leads you to beautiful Ginkakuji temple. The zen garden, pine-framed pond, the Kinkaku-ji hillside temple with large veranda, hundreds of bright orange Tori gates in the forest, the castle with elaborate carvings, bamboo grove, and more will transport you to another world altogether. Find your inner peace and calm as you take a long walk into the woods.
  • Kyoto Imperial Palace: The former Imperial residence with well-manicured gardens and huge gates is a heritage treasure trove. 
  • Kyoto Aquarium: Explore the wonders of the underwater world at Kyoto Aquarium. Check out hundreds of exhibits on display in glass enclosures and enjoy an up-close adventure with dolphins, penguins, seals, and more.

Shop for Japanese goods at Nishiki Market and explore various museums and parks spread across the city. 

Top food places in Kyoto 

Explore the culinary journey of Japanese delicacies in Kyoto. Fire Ramen, Nishin Soba, Yofudu, Sushi, Green Tea dessert, and more are worth experiencing. 

  • Kaiseki Ryori – The multi-course meal is a carefully crafted menu inspired by celebratory banquets with seasonal ingredients and beautifully presented. The delicately portioned dishes are handcrafted by the skilled chefs in the open kitchen. The elaborate fare consists of an appetizer-sakizuke, followed by soup-nimono, a sashimi dish-mukozuke, seasonal dish-hassun, grilled delicacy-yakimono, rice dish-harmono, and a dessert. 
  • Kyozushi – Local variation of sushi in Kyoto is made with cured fish in salt and vinegar. Book your table in a 100-year old restaurant Izuju or check out the chef at work in Hisogo Zushi. Pack a picnic basket and enjoy the handmade sushi variant near the Kamo River.
  • Shjin Ryori – This one is a pretty cool option for vegetarians. This cuisine is inspired by the Buddhist food that excludes meat and meat products. The food consists of 5 colors of food – red, green, white, black, and yellow. It represents five elements of Buddhism – fire, wood, metal, water, and earth. Check out restaurants like Ajiro or explore humble cafes in Nishiki.

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