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Kushiro Century Castle Hotel
4.3/537 Reviews
Hotel is in a nice spot by the river and harbor, with a Fisherman’s Wharf tourist area 3 minutes walk away. On our arrival walk from the train station we noted the town was a bit depressed and later learned 2 of their 3 main industries were fading (paper and coal declining while fishing booms). Perhaps because of this and lingering pandemic effects, the hotel pulled out some stops to make guests’ stays more enjoyable - complimentary buffet of bath salts and pillows in the lobby, plus complimentary breakfast set options on top of an an already nice buffet. We opted for the seafood breakfast and were extremely happy with it. Our room, a Deluxe Hollywood Twin would be perfect for 2 adults, it was a bit cramped for the 3 of us with a rollaway. The bathroom was a Japanese style wet room which we appreciate. We also used the coin laundry. If you’ve got a car this could serve as a decent base for some exploring. We spent one day on a bus tour up to Lake Akan.
Hotel Global View Kushiro
4.1/543 Reviews
Located in front of the Kushiro River, it was a convenient location with many restaurants around, 5 minutes walk from Kushiro Fisherman's Wharf Moo where the connecting bus to the airport stops. Because it was a business hotel, check-in in the evening was crowded with salaried men, but check-in in the morning was relatively smooth. There were many breakfast buffets and local ingredients, and the view from the window was wonderful. The open-air bath in the large communal bath was the best, coupled with the cold winter. The sauna was large, but I feel a little low temperature. The room was just the size of the room, and the air purifier was always available and comfortable, but I felt that the electric load on the hotel side seemed to be large because the electric control by the card key was not possible. It is located in front of the Kushiro River, a 5-minute walk from Kushiro Fisherman's Wharf Moo, where the shuttle bus to the airport stops, and there are many restaurants nearby. Since it is a business hotel, check-in in the evening was crowded with office workers, but check-in in the morning was relatively smooth. The breakfast buffet had a lot of local ingredients, and the view from the window was wonderful. The open-air bath in the large public bath was the best, combined with the coldness of winter. The sauna was large, but I felt that the temperature was a little low. The size of the room was just right, and the air purifier was always available, so it was comfortable.
Super Hotel Kushiro Natural Hot Springs
4/511 Reviews
After dinner in Kushiro downtown, I took a taxi to the cold of too much, and when I said, ”super hotel far from the station”, it was returned to ”kurokin Cho”, so when I went to Takashi, I went to ”kurokin Cho” It seems better to say. But there is no distance from the station. It is farther to go to downtown. The room is necessary and sufficient as a business hotel. It is cleaned properly, the atmosphere of the whole hotel is good, and the service like a super hotel such as providing pajamas and pillows separately. Even if it is manual, the unified service in the whole country can be relieved. However, last year, I used a small hotel in the neighborhood that was a little cheaper for Kushiro 2 nights, but I was satisfied with it, so I want to choose breakfast service, the existence of a large bath, and the balance of the whole facilities. Super hotels will be easy to choose in the sense that the price is affordable and available without anxiety. I tried this time and felt like that again. What was happy with the amenities was that shaver had shaving cream. There are many business hotels in the city, but there are still many places in the country. This is happy because it is easy to lose razor. The public bath is divided into men and women in time. Men are from 21 o'clock at night to 6:30 in the early morning. Before and after that is women. Personally, I'm glad to use it in the morning, but it's decided, so this is no choice. I used a large bath before I went to bed and used a shower in the room after I got up. It is not confirmed where it is, but the hot spring is a transportation hot spring. Hot spring with a smeared skin touch. It seems to be a hot spring if it is like a hot spring. The distance between the washroom and the bathtub is close, so I'm worried about how to use it roughly. I want a note. I thought I would have a little breakfast, but when I entered the fourth night, the body was tired and the stomach was tired, and I couldn't confirm it because I gave priority to sleeping rather than eating. I'm sorry.
Dormy Inn Premium Kushiro
4.5/5134 Reviews
The room is relatively large in Japan, and the single bed is 1.2 meters tall. The facilities are new and the service staff are friendly. There is no need to describe the breakfast, there are many people who praise it. The rooftop hot spring and free late night snacks (noodles) are the highlights of leisure and comfort. We, the old couple, stayed for five nights and were a little reluctant to leave. It was very pleasant to relax in a small city. It was very convenient to watch the sunset on the Higomai Bridge, take a walk on the beach, or take a bus to the Kushiro transportation hub to explore the surrounding areas. There is a direct bus (950 yen) from Kushiro Airport and get off at Fool's Pier Station. The hotel is across the road. This is the same bus that takes you to the airport. The bus stop sign details the bus time for each flight, which makes independent elderly people feel at ease and at ease. I really admire the humanity and meticulousness of Japanese travel. Only we can't imagine it, and no one else can do it. There is a direct bus to Tsurumidai. I stayed at Tsurumidai for a few hours. Next to it was a small shop that won a tourism award. The simple meals, coffee, and desserts were all great. Sitting in the store, you can also see cranes flying back from feeding time. Many Japanese elderly people sit in the store eating, drinking and photographing cranes.
Comfort Hotel Kushiro
4.3/545 Reviews
I stayed to travel to Kushiro for two days and one night from my stay in Sapporo. When I left the station and looked to the left side, there was a large display at the top of the hotel, and I immediately knew the location. The hotel was clean and the room had everything I needed. He lent me a bicycle at the hotel, so I was able to easily go to Starbucks, the easternmost part of Japan, a few kilometers away. In addition, the hotel staff was very friendly and taught me the recommended izakaya in Kushiro. The sun manma I ate at the izakaya was delicious. The free breakfast was delicious and I wanted to use this hotel when I stayed in Kushiro.
Smile Hotel Kushiro
3.9/534 Reviews
The location is a bit far from the JR station. It is quite sour and cool with the children dragging the suitcase on the snowy day, but there are a lot of places to eat near the hotel. This is just fine. The room is small, the bed is ok, and the two big ones are barely enough to sleep. The highlight is the night ramen in the lobby. It is very interesting to cook the ramen for the first time. Free coffee is available in the lobby. In addition, there is a free bath salt on the shelf of the elevator entrance. Warm baby and hair clips can be taken by yourself. This is full of intimacy. Overall it is a good hotel.

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