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Zamba Mingjing
4.8/577 Reviews

Zamba Mingjing

Xinduqiao Town Kangding

Latest booking 18 hrs ago

The strong recommendation of friends and the enthusiasm of Tibetan service staff made me look forward to this place. The hotel is located just a 10-minute drive north of Xinduqiao Town. The design of the hotel is full of Tibetan cultural elements, the exterior is magnificent and the interior is beautifully decorated. Both the room and the public area give a spacious and comfortable feeling. Staying at the Zamba Hotel was a very pleasant experience. The rooms are equipped with advanced facilities and intimate Tibetan specialties. I am impressed that each room has oxygen generators to provide fresh air for tourists and effectively alleviate altitude sickness. In addition, the hotel also prepares local specialty drinks such as simmered milk for guests, which makes people feel very kind. In terms of dining, the hotel's restaurant provides a variety of cuisines, especially Sichuan-Tibet specialties. The ingredients are all self-purchased dishes from local residents, fresh and delicious, making people have a endless aftertaste. Overall, staying at the Zamba Hotel was a very pleasant experience. The hotel is strategically located, well equipped and attentive. Especially the oxygen-producing equipment and Tibetan specialty drinks in the room, as well as the local specialties of the restaurant, are impressive. Although the price is slightly higher, the price is very high compared to similar hotels. There are too many excellent places to list one by one. I recommend everyone to stay at the Zamba Hotel and experience the charm of Tibetan culture firsthand.

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Gonggazong Manor Hotel
4.7/5349 Reviews

Gonggazong Manor Hotel

Xinduqiao Town Kangding
This is probably the best B&B in Xinduqiao. The price is also the most expensive. The high view and the far view are very good. When the store staff came to the parking lot to help with the luggage, the room still liked it but I didn’t see me clearly when I booked it. I thought our room was on the second floor, but the first floor also happened to be raining heavily as soon as we arrived in the room. There was a tree at the door of the room. It was swaying in the wind and rain. It was very artistic and I could see the mountains in the distance. The only bad point was that when we checked in, we agreed to eat on time at 6:30 and ordered 288 set meal for two. When we went to the restaurant at 6:30, there was no seat. We also waited for a while and waited for others to eat us. I sat down and the store staff told us that we couldn’t sit there. There were seven people. I said we had set it up. Then let us wait for another twenty minutes. After a bit of unpleasantness, we decided to drive out to eat. The fresh mushroom soup pot outside was expensive and not tasty. Let’s talk about the room, the room is heated, and it’s not cold to sleep that night. It seemed that the rain was scattered all night. I liked the decoration of the room and the facilities were okay. The breakfast was very hearty and the service attitude was very good. I baked bread for us, fried eggs, vegetables, bread, snacks, fruits, rice, milk, yogurt, etc. Before leaving, a sister gave us two cans of snow chrysanthemum tea. Thank you I also like the restaurant. The restaurant is surrounded by windows on several sides and the scenery is great

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Kangdingqingge Square

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casuko !

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Tagong Yara Snow Mountain Hotel
4.4/561 Reviews
I booked this hotel temporarily when I was in a traffic jam and tired. Compared with the homestays and hotels in the same location, the price/performance ratio is very high. The service desk staff is very enthusiastic. They also upgraded our room for free and introduced the Tagong play guide. I am very satisfied and very happy. The view of the room is very good, opposite the Tagong grassland, the room is clean and tidy, the mattress is very comfortable. The breakfast room is atmospheric, the breakfast is relatively simple, just fill in the stomach.
4.1/55 Reviews
Kangding Urban Area
The aunt is very enthusiastic and gave us a free upgrade room type. We brought brown seeds with the aunt's own freezer. The room was clean and the environment was good. It was worth staying. If you pass by Kangding, you can go to their house. Facilities: Good Hygiene: good Environment: Good Service: Passion
Kangding Lianhuahu Dengba Inn
4.9/523 Reviews
Because of the delay on the road, when the evening arrived, it was raining, the children picked us up at the door with umbrellas, put their luggage, went to the restaurant for dinner, the fire was warm, the fresh mushrooms fried by the hostess were so delicious, the pot was full of gas, the room was spacious and comfortable, and there was a small river when the window was opened. It is also very close to Moon Lake, a great stay experience, warm and pleasant!
4.8/53 Reviews
It's perfect, a paradise. I didn't expect to have such a comfortable and clean hotel in Jintang Town. I originally passed by and found it on I planned to rest for one night. I didn't expect to live in and didn't want to leave. I stayed decisively for one night. The bosses are very hospitable, just like returning to their hometowns, and invited us to eat together. The fresh white bean stewed pork trotters and the walnut sugar buns personally wrapped by the elderly are delicious to fly, and you can pick up chestnuts the next day. There is also a wild scenic spot nearby, which is also recommended by the boss. The mini version of Jiuzhaigou is very beautiful. The whole family unanimously decided to come back next time on vacation, which was a surprise on National Day.
3.6/518 Reviews
Xinduqiao Town
The boss is very good, arrived late, the boss is afraid that he can not find us at the door, but also help us with our luggage, due to the change of the itinerary, stayed for one night, the boss is really very good!
Kangding Time New Nest Hotel
3/518 Reviews
Kangding Urban Area
🤔nice, a very cost-effective accommodation in Kangding City, there are only more than one hundred twin beds, clean and tidy, and comfortable, it is recommended! Ctrip is really useful when traveling, saving a lot of money💰,

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More about Kangding

New and popular hotels in Kangding recommended by There are many discounted hotels on Kangding is a quiet city. You'll definitely feel relaxed during your visit. Kangding is not a big city. When traveling here, you can choose to stay in hotels around the city center. Cities near Kangding include Luding, Yajiang, Tianquan, and so on.

For those traveling for business and tourism, Kangding Airport is the preferred choice when visiting Kangding.

Kangding is not a tourist city, so the hospitality industry there isn't very well-developed. Many hotels can only be booked on location. Kangding has high quality and low-priced hotels. You can spend one night at a nice hotel for only 64 SGD. There are 4 four-star hotels in Kangding at an average price of 89 SGD per night. There are 7 three-star hotels in Kangding at an average price of 77 SGD per night. There are 4 two-star hotels in Kangding at an average price of 58 SGD per night. Unique local hotels in Kangding provide guests a unique and fresh feeling. In Kangding, there are hotels under the Thank You brand. Travelers who favor this brand can choose to stay there to enjoy the luxury services provided by Thank You. If the comfort level of your trip is important, there are many choices in Kangding, such as hotels under the Thank You brand. 318 Car Campings (Ganzi Xinduqiao) is one of the most popular hotels in Kangding. If you're still unsure, recommends Yujing Saussurea Boutique Hotel.

In the city center of Kangding, you'll have easy access to Nanwu Temple. If you want to spend a fun vacation with your family, locals recommend visiting Tagong Temple. You can also visit top-rated attractions like Xindu Bridge. The natural environment here is praised for its scenic beauty. Attractions related to nature include Paomashan Park.

Average Temperature

• January to March: 4.06°C during the day, -0.89°C at night

• April to June: 13.88°C during the day, 9.16°C at night

• July to September: 17.11°C during the day, 13.12°C at night

• October to December: 6.76°C during the day, 2.41°C at night

Average seasonal Rainfall

• Spring: 19.0 cm

• Summer: 115.03 cm

• Autumn: 124.0 cm

• Winter: 28.07 cm

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