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Fancy Ass Cafe & Hotel
4.6/539 Reviews
Wuzhen East Gate
Today I stayed at Fengze Yaju. The proprietress was very enthusiastic, the room was comfortable and atmospheric, and the decoration was very local, and she also helped to send it to the station. The service was too good. Strongly Amway everyone stays in this famous hotel. Once again, I wish the proprietress a prosperous business and a lot of money!
Wuzhen Shuimuqinghua·Qingqiu Inn
4.9/5321 Reviews
This time the store was very good, the health was very clean, there was no sanitary corner, including the bathroom, there was no smell at all, and the service was good. The beautiful proprietress was very enthusiastic and told us that it was comfortable and not expensive to take the ride. I also sent a small gift. The breakfast was delicious and I forgot to ask how the dumplings were packaged. The three of us especially liked to go back and try it. In short, everything was fine and it was a pleasant trip.
4.7/520 Reviews
Nanbei Lake
Hotel accommodation is good, the location is good 👌🏻, especially the proprietress and the proprietress's mother-in-law are very approachable and warm and generous, and there is a primary school student's niece is smart. They are mainly dining, with 5 accommodations, which is quite good. You can consider recommending it to everyone.
Xitang Holiday Hotel
4.5/5644 Reviews
Outside Xitang Scenic Area
The location of the hotel is good, the front desk is polite and warm, and the facilities are OK. The hotel is in a separate yard, the room is quiet, and the surrounding environment is also good. It's super close to the scenic spot, just across the road from the hotel yard. You can check out until 2 o'clock. This is very good. You can take a rest after lunch. The price/performance ratio is quite high.
Paris Hotel, South Lake, Jiaxing
4.8/52147 Reviews
Jiaxing University Area
Come to Jiaxing for tourism, the family room booked by the hotel, the bedding in the room including the TV is great, the front desk service, especially the hotel manager is very good Breakfast can be full, but sent breakfast to send a nightingale, the attitude is super good, although, the nightingale is a bit tasteless, I don't want to run down after the shower. The hotel children liked it very much. I grabbed the doll and couldn’t catch it for the first time. Later, the manager saw that the children were depressed and gave a lot of coins. The service was absolutely full of stars and the price was super good. The KTV next door at night is very unfriendly, and the ghosts cry and wolf at night, disturbing sleep.
Heyuan Baicui Manor
3.4/51 Reviews
Two couples with one order, the room given to us was not even together. One is a detached house, and the other is a two-bedroom type that needs to share the same hall with others. We negotiated with the housekeeper whether we could change it. We could change the two pairs of people into one apartment and leave it alone to others, but it didn't work. In the end, we negotiated with others to change the room. At this point, the awareness of hotel service management needs to be improved. Overall satisfaction in other aspects. If you want to change from a boutique homestay to a high-end homestay, you still need some warmth.

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