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Huizhou 4-Star Hotels Guide

Huizhou is located in southeastern Guangdong Province and at the northeastern part of the Pearl River Delta. Huizhou borders Daya Bay of the South China Sea on the south. It is adjacent to Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Huizhou is also a famous city of overseas Chinese and is part of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone. The city currently administers two districts; Huicheng District and Huiyang District, and three counties; Boluo County, Huidong County, and Longmen County. Two state-level development zones, the Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone and Zhongkai High-Tech Industrial Development Zone were established here. The land area of Huizhou is 11,200 square kilometers, accounting for 1/4 of the entire Pearl River Delta economic area. With a sea area of 4,520 square kilometers and a coastline of 223.6 kilometers, it is one of the largest cities in Guangdong Province.

The coastline of the five towns of Xiayong, Xunliao, Pinghai, Gangkou, and Yanzhou is known for being picturesque and extends for over two hundred kilometers. The Turtle Nature Reserve of Gangkou Town is the only turtle reserve in Asia and is located in Huidong County, Guangdong Province. The natural reserve covers an area of 1,400 hectares. It was established under the approval of the People's Government of Guangdong Province in 1986 and was promoted to a national-level reserve in 1992. The main targets of protection are the endangered marine turtles and their spawning and breeding habitats. This area has a sub-tropical maritime climate and is located at the junction of Daya Bay and Honghai Bay. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides in the north, west and east, and is surrounded by sea in the south. The sea floor is flat and rich in food, which makes it a traditional breeding ground for sea turtles and the only breeding ground in the northern part of the South China Sea of Mainland China. The symmetric pattern of Shuangyue Bay, which looks like two moons, isn’t found anywhere else in the world.

Huizhou has a subtropical monsoon climate and the Tropic of Cancer runs through the city. The territory is rich in rainfall, with enough sunlight, mild climate and evergreen seasons. The average annual rainfall is 1700 mm, and the average annual temperature is 22°C. Because there is pleasant weather throughout the year, every season is suitable for travel. Book a hotel in Huizhou now and start your vacation!

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4.3/5579 Reviews
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Maidi/South Bank of River
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Dayawan Area
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Huicheng District
4.5/5620 Reviews