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Weather and best time to travel to Huangshan

 Huangshan is a beautiful mountain range, and it is best to visit Huangshan from April to November due to a comfortable climate Huangshan experience four different seasons in a year. Each one of them has their charm.  Greenery all around in spring, shining yellow sun in summers, view of mighty clouds in Autumn and snow-capped mountains in winters. What else one needs apart from this throughout the year. The best time to visit in spring is from Mid March to May. The mountains are all fresh and full of blossoming flowers. June to September is best to visit in simmers. The splendid scenery of dawn, streams of waterfalls, and exciting rainbows shining over your head make every minute worth remembering. If in Autumn, visit Huangshan from September to November and From December to Mid March for the icy peaks in winters.

Airport in Huangshan

The nearest airport to Huangshan is Tunxi which is around 5.4 km away from the city Centre. Getting to Huangshan from Huangshan airport is as easy as it could be. Every twenty minutes there is a bus that is operated by a Nine travel network for Yuzhong Garden, and the cost of the ticket is 160 yen, and it takes around 20 minutes from the airport to the city centre. Much convenient, cost-friendly, and fastest way to travel from the airport to the city centre. Another mode of transportation has a taxi which you can hire for yourself.. Though it might cost a little more, it will be a better option if you are travelling with more luggage or with small kids. There are four other airports closer to Huangshan, not as closer as Tunxi but options are always open for travellers. The other airports include Nanjing, Nanchang, Yiwu, and Huangshan. It takes 3 to 4 hours from each of these airports to reach Huangshan.

Transportation in Huangshan

Apart from air travel, other modes of transportation available in Huangshan include Train, bus, Taxi, ship Rickshaw. There are two main railways stations in Huangshan namely Huangshan Railway station and North- Railway station. There are direct trains from Huangshan railway station for Beijing, banking, Shanghai, and many more places. The other railway station mostly serves bullet trains. There are two bus stations too. One in the city centre and the other one is at the foot of Huangshan Mountain scenic point. The travellers can also cruise, though it is a slower mode of transport being in the sea is always fun. Also, 20 public lines if the local buses are also convenient to roam about in the city. Taxis are also available with a flat rate of CNY5 for the first 2.5 km and CNY1.5 for each extra kilometres. Taking a rickshaw to go to a nearby place is also a good idea. There are also two-foot routes if you are looking to go to the mountain top.

How to get to Huangshan

Getting to Huangshan is indeed the most efficient and cost-effective way to travel. All the major cities in China have direct flights to Huangshan. Here is a tip for the travellers. Do chi the flight schedule before you book a flight to Huangshan because the flight schedule differs from high tourist season to off-season. It only takes an hour to fly direct from Huangshan to Shanghai or vice verse. The top airlines that fly to and from Huangshan are China Eastern Airlines, The Asiana Airlines, and The Air Busan. The frequency of flights from Huangshan depends upon the destination you are looking to travel. But in general 2-3 flights, each day to all major cities are available. The frequency is more during e holiday budget-friendly people travel. It is advisable to buy tickets in advance to get the best, the price for the flights.

 Hotels in Huangshan

From luxury hotels to budget-friendly, you will find them 4-star Huangshan. Five-star hotels in Huangshan include Huamao international hotel, Floral Shuimoxuan culture theme boutique hotel, Rucun Shanju Boutique hotel, and many more. 4-star hotels in Huangshan are Huangshan international and Tiandi International hotels. Huangshan’s old view and Huangshan Park Street hotels are among the three-star category in Huangshan hotels. Huangshan hotel deals can be researched online, and the best hotels with affordable prices should be booked.

Huangshan Tourist Information

Top tourist attractions in Huangshan

Huangshan is indeed famous for its scenic beauty. Let’s see the Huangshan attractions that you must visit if you happen to be in Huangshan

  • Yellow Mountain- It often referred to as a Mountain under the heaven. It is also a World Heritage site of UNESCO. It’s pine trees, hot springs, mighty clouds that will make you feel like you are somewhere in heaven. People who have been there already say that no other mountain is worth seeing if you have been to this mountain. Visiting yellow mountains is indeed the main thing to do in Huangshan.
  • Hongcun Ancient Village is another world heritage site ringed by mountains often called as a village in the Chinese paintings. Watered by the network if parks and shaped like a water buffalo. This dares back to 1131 and is a must-visit place for all those who love the work of history.

Top food places in Huangshan

Food has always been on the top of the bucket list for travellers visiting list. The local delicacies are a must-try thing. Here are few places that you must visit in Huangshan

  • Lajoie DiYi Lou – A restaurant near Tinxi old street offers lunch and dinner. The place is recommended by almost everyone who dines there even once. Recommended dishes from the restaurant include Hui-style Mandarin fish, Hairy tofu, stone frog, and fungus soup.
  • Mei Shi Ren Jia-Situated in the city centre, this is a perfect place if you are looking to try the local dishes. The recommended dishes in this place include Braised mandarin fish, Braised chicken, bamboo time cooked rice, and many more.
  • Shilin Grand Hotel is famous for serving the traditional Hui style dishes. Though the additional ones are delicious too, it is located in the North sea sight spot. It will surely add flavour to your already adventurous you’re to Huangshan.

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