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Best Time to Travel to Hualien.

Hualien City is on Taiwan island on the eastern coast. Hualien is full of Mountain, Pine Garden, rich in culture, famous for stone carvings in a museum, Stone carvings are authentic cabinets both traditional and contemporary artifacts. It is filled with trees and The best place to visit Hualien is from November to April. If you are looking for a less crowded season you can travel in October it is the season summer to winter, less crowded and you can avail of cheaper accommodation.

Nearby Airport.

The Hualien airport was inaugurated on 16 May 1962 and open only for military and domestic civilians.

In the year 2001, Hualien Airport was certified and permitted to operate for international flights, charter flights could fly from Yanakuna.

The vicinity of Hualien Airport to a military base has triggered some anxiety between airline officials, travelers, and Porcelainof China Air Force, particularly during when private citizen flights were held canceled due to war game movements.

Getting around the place.

Hualien is one of the best places to visit for your holidays. The scenic beauty of Hualien will bring in lots of peace. You will enjoy staying the arms of nature, mountain, valleys, greenery, and peace around. Local trains, buses, and taxis are available to roam around and reach your destination safely.

How to get to Hualien City.

If you are a local traveler, you can travel by train and enjoy the scenic beauty while reaching Hualien. From the train station, you can travel through taxis to reach your destination. All the international travelers can take flights from their home country and reach Hualien accordingly.24/7 taxi services are available to serve the travelers and make them reach safely to their respective destination.

Hotel Information 

There quite a lot of options for a hotel in Hualien city. You can as per your location preference and budget.

1.Classic City Resort – This hotel cum resort is in the heart of Hualien city. It offers a pleasant stay. The ideal place to stay with families. One of the cleanest hotels in the city. The hotel is located very near to the train station, supermarket, and stores.

2. Lanvin Home stay – Started in 2015, Lanvin homestay is one of the popular places to stay in Hualien city. Amenities like Free Wifi in all areas, wakeup call, Multimedia system etc…While booking the accommodation you can choose rooms with breakfast or without breakfast and enjoy your travel period. The rooms and services are perfect.

3. Pine Breeze Hot Spring Hotel – This hotel is located in the heart of the city. Bus and train stations are nearby. The shopping complex is around the hotel. Stay in Hot spring hotel for a relaxing time, you can a huge variety in breakfast, room service are on time and perfect.

4. Promisedland Resort & Lagoon – Promised land resort is one of the luxury places to stay in Hualien city. Enjoy the amazing landscape, variety in Breakfast, fresh and delicious food, Wifi, swimming pool, play area for kids, 24/7 room service, spaces rooms, and spa facilities are also available.

5. Hualien Farglory Hotel – Cosy bed, luxury rooms, awesome view from the window, 24/7 services are the USP of this accommodation. For a family trip or a business trip, Hualien is ideal for your stay. The hotel is located on top of the mountain, convenient to reach from the airport and train station. Meeting rooms and ballrooms are also available. Well – equipped 5 star total in Hualien city.

Hualien Tourist Information.

Top tourist attractions in Hualien city.

East Gate Night Market – Perfect destination for your shopping in Hualien City. There are several stalls and shops – Food, beverages, fruits, vegetables, apparel, and a lot more in one place. Must visit when you are Hualien.

Swallow Grotto – Trekking lovers swallow a grotto is an ideal place. Walking through the rocks, rivers, and caves will be life lasting experience.

Belbin Park – Very neatly maintained park. Safe for walkers and children. Bikers will love the drive to Beibin park. Restrooms, parking, and eateries also available for visitors.

Hualien Culture and Creative Industrial park – Hualien Industrial park is in the city hub of Hualien. The landscape of the park is nearly 3.3 hectares. In the Culture and creative industrial park, you get to see the history of Hualien. Local display, souvenir shops, handicrafts, old depots are a few of the attractions.

Top food places in Hualien City.

Juicy pork buns - Gong Zheng Bao Zi serves the best of pork buns which are extremely tasty look tempting and fluffier and look like a pillow bun.

Scallion Pancakes – Pancakes are very popular in Hualien. Pancakes are a must for breakfast. To experience the best taste of pancakes in Hualien visit Lao pai.

Streamed goose – Streamed chicken, very light, and less spicy best when paired with tangy sauces and ginger. You get the best tasty streamed goose at Mr. Goose restaurant so do not forget to visit when you are in Hualien city.

Oyster Omelette and Coffin toast – These are common food for Hualien’sOyster Omelette is a simple recipe – oyster, fish oil, salt, pepper, and eggs made super-fast and delicious. Coffin Toast as also popular and available in most of the café in Hualien city.

Pork Rib Noodles – You get both dry and soupy pork rib noodles in Hualien city. Jing Xiang restaurant is very popular for all types of noodles.

For all the vegetarian eaters – Hualien has a variety of salads, sandwiches, rice articles available in all the eatery, café, and restaurants. is your one-stop destination for all your travel needs. we at facilitate right from flight booking, accommodation booking, pick and drop from airport, site seeing, and food. considers your taste and interest during the travel plans. provide end to end services for your overall trip. We can customize the travel trips as per customer needs and budgets. Our customer service executives are available 24/7 to serve you. makes your journey an eternal experience for a lifetime. We wish you a happy stay with

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