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Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and is situated along the banks of the Red River Delta in the northwest region. Hanoi City has a total area of 3,328.9 square kilometers and an approximate population of 8.1 million people. Hanoi is the second-largest city in Vietnam. Hanoi is considered as the capital for commerce, culture, and education in Northern Vietnam. Hanoi is the second most productive economic center of Vietnam and is becoming a fast-growing tourist destination as well.

Weather, the Best time to travel

The climate in Hanoi is a mild and tropical climate, which is very typical of northern Vietnam. The dry season is from November to April and the wet season is from May to October. June to August are the hottest and the most humid months. There are two main seasons in Hanoi; one is when the northeast monsoons are active from November to April. The other season is the southwest monsoon from May to October. The winter season is from November to February, and the average temperatures are between 10-15°C. Springtime is between February to April. During this time, usually in April, the temperatures are warmer and also accompanied by more rain. From May to September, the weather is hot, and the temperature is in the mid-30s. There are heavy rains in July. The months of September to November constitute the season of autumn and are generally sunny and mild. If you are visiting Hanoi, the best time to travel is between September to November or from March to April. During these months, the temperature is much milder and range between 18-30 °C. If you are traveling from November to March, make sure to carry your jacket as it can get quite cold in the evenings.

Airport / nearby airport 

The Ná»™i Bài International Airport is the airport that serves the city of Hanoi in Vietnam. The airport is about 35 km northeast of Hanoi and is located in the Phu Minh Commune in Sóc SÆ¡n District; The Ná»™i Bài International Airport has flights that connect to all destinations in China, and international destinations such as Southeast Asia, Asia, Africa, and Europe. The airport can handle about 20 to 28 million passengers annually. There are a lot of travel options to getting to Hanoi from Hanoi Airport. The city bus travels between Hanoi and the airport, and it takes about 20-25 minutes for this journey. A few airlines offer Airport bus shuttle, which is also a good option. There are plenty of taxis to get you into the airport, as well as into the city of Hanoi.


Getting around in Hanoi is very convenient, as most Hanoi attractions are close to each other. There are many things to do in Hanoi, and since it is a compact city, it is effortless to get from one place to another. The city’s local population travels on motorbikes, and tourists can hire motorcycle taxis to commute. These motorcycle taxis are called Xe Om, and a 2-km ride costs around â‚«20,000-30,000 VND or dong. Taxis are an easier option for tourists, and you can hire them from your hotels. The starting price for taxi hire is between â‚«10,000 and â‚«12,000 VND. For a unique experience as a tourist, you can hire the cyclo, especially to travel through the old quarters. These rides cost about â‚«20,000 VND for an hour’s hire. You can also take a bus ride as the buses mostly stop in front of the main attractions. The price for a standard ticket is priced between â‚« 5,000 and 10,000 VND.

How to get to Hanoi

As a tourist from Singapore, traveling into Hanoi is very easy as both the cities are well connected, and there are different means of transport by flight, rail, or road. The flying time between Hanoi and Singapore is approximately 6 hours and 40 minutes. There are direct flights that operate between these two destinations, such as Scoot, Singapore Airlines, and Thai AirAsia, to name a few. The average price for a return ticket is about â‚«26,40,000 VND. 

Hotel info, prices for different hotel range

Hanoi offers many exciting options for hotel choices that will suit varied kinds of travelers coming into the city from different parts of the globe. There are different ranges of hotels in Hanoi based on luxury and facilities. A traveler can choose the hotel accommodation according to the budget and facility that a hotel offers. To give a basic idea of the accommodation in Hanoi, and a range of Hanoi hotels, they can be classified as-

  • 5 STAR HOTELS-There are over 30 luxury hotels that provide the most expensive and luxurious choices in Hanoi. There are some well-known hotels that one can choose from in this range, such as the Oriental Jade Hotel, Diamond Westlake Suites, Peridot Grand Hotel, Hilton Hanoi, etc. These hotels offer world-class amenities and luxuries, with prices upwards of â‚«42,99,253 VND.
  • 4 STAR HOTELS-There is a wide choice of hotels in this range to choose from. These hotels offer luxury as well as a price cut as compared to the higher-end hotels. Some of these hotels in this range are Gallery Majestic Hotel and Spa, La Sinfonía del Rey Hotel & Spa, Grandiose Hotel & Spa, etc. These hotels are in the range of â‚«21,50,027 VND upwards.
  • 3 STAR HOTELS- The range of hotels in the 3-Star category is also quite varied. These hotels are in the price range of â‚«12,28,704 VND. All the different range of hotels listed here sometimes come up with good discounts and as a traveler watch out for these special Hanoi hotel deals.
  • 2 STAR HOTELS- For the budget traveler, there are a variety of cheap hotels in Hanoi that one can choose from. These hotels cost upwards of â‚«307,198 VND. There are several websites and choices through which you can book Hanoi Hotels.

Hanoi Tourist Information

Top Tourist attractions in Hanoi

Hanoi City is over 1000 years old, and hence there is a unique blend of rich Vietnamese culture and modern progress that makes it very interesting for visitors coming into this beautiful city.

  • Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is a UNESCO World Heritage site that signifies Vietnam’s historical and cultural importance.  It served for over eight centuries as the political center. It is a very important landmark in Hanoi and a must-see place.
  • The Water Puppet Theatre brings to life Asia’s ancient puppet tradition. It is very interesting to see a whole troupe of puppet masters behind a screen, bringing to life puppets as they dance over a liquid stage. The price range for the entry ticket is about â‚«100,000 VND.
  • Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son are popular tourist spots, and many tourists and visitors love to hang out here. The Ngoc Son temple is situated in the middle of the lake and is connected by a bridge. There is a fee of â‚«20,000 VND to visit this temple. Visitors here love the sunrise and sunset, and it is a photo lover’s paradise.

Top Food places in Hanoi

Hanoi offers both local Vietnamese cuisine as well as international cuisine to cater to the taste buds of every traveler who comes in from different parts of the globe.

  • The Old Quarter Street offers authentic and traditional Vietnamese food such as Pho (noodle soup), Pho Bo (beef noodle soup), Pho Ga (chicken noodle soup), etc.
  • Banh Mi 25 in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is famous for its Banh Mi baguettes, Banh Mi with paté, and Banh Mi sandwiches. 
  • In addition, there are plenty of Hanoi cafes, coffee shops, and specialty restaurants that serve traditional and modern food.

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