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Take Hotel Seoul Gwangmyeong
4.5/5111 Reviews
The location of the hotel is great and I went there with my kids and there is a swimming pool and kids cafe, so I recommend it for a family trip ^^ And there are so many restaurants nearby that I definitely want to go again.
Golden River Hotel
4/538 Reviews
I asked to check in at 7 pm. I thought it was too late to clean. I didn't expect that if I asked for an early check-in, I would have to pay extra. Moreover, the hotel name or address navigation cannot be found at all. The hotel's front desk is located on the fourth floor, which is difficult to find. But the room is big, cleanliness is OK, the bus station is not far away, but there is no subway station nearby,
GM JS Boutique Hotel
4.4/5111 Reviews
I am also recruiting a lady in Cheolsan Room ㆍ Will I go to work tomorrow? Will I go to work from Damju? Are you worried? Today, if you do it from now on, you will earn another day~~~! Late time contact available Kakaotalk available 010 - 8805 - 5048 Shintaebubu #Night Alba Import #Night Alba #Room Albashi-class #Shintaebubu #Business Alba #High-income Alba Professional #Yuheung District #Yuheung District #Fox Alba #High-Acquisition Alba #Room #Room Saron 20s # Singing Fashion Saron City-class #Room Saron City-class #Room Saron Wall-class #Singing Lady City-class #Bar Albashi-class #Yuen-Tung Albashi-class #Room Lady City-class #Room Lady Guham #Sillim Lady Guham #Cheolsan Lady Guham #Gwangmyeong Lady Guham #Mokdong Auntie Guham #Youngdeungpo Auntie Guham #Cholsan Castle Shintaebu #Cholsan Bodo #Hongdae Bodo #Silim Bodo #Yeongdeungpo Bodo #Gwangmyeong Bodo #Guro Bodo #Shintaebu #Sinchon Bodo #Cholsan Room Bodo #Silim Room Bodo #Gwangmyeong Room Bodo
La Casa Hotel Gwangmyeong
4.5/5219 Reviews
Excellent facilities. Reception spoke English and well located to shops and KTX station. I used the laundry facilities and even other patrons we’re super friendly and obliging. For a non Korean language speaker all signs had English versions. Bathroom was very clean with nice toilets and bath. Shower sprayed all over the bath and can overflow onto the floor. Excellent extras with green tea and coffee with kettle. No sugar or milk so if you want that you need to buy it. Overall I recommend the stay at La Casa Hotel Gwangmyeong.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the popular hotels with Breakfast in Gwangmyeong?

    Whether you are travelling to Gwangmyeong for business or tourism, Take Hotel Seoul Gwangmyeong , La Casa Hotel Gwangmyeong and GM JS Boutique Hotel are all preferred hotels.

  • How much is the average rate for hotels with Breakfast in Gwangmyeong?

    For hotels with Breakfast in Gwangmyeong, the average price on weekdays is S$ 159, and the average price on weekends (Friday–Saturday) is S$ 186.

  • What promotions are available for hotels with Breakfast in Gwangmyeong? provides various promotions and discounts for users all year round. You can check the promotions page to see what promotions are available on

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Number of Hotels7
Number of Reviews484
Highest PriceS$ 548
Lowest PriceS$ 63
Average Price (Weekdays)S$ 159
Average Price (Weekends)S$ 186