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the Westin Guangzhou
4.7/53023 Reviews

the Westin Guangzhou

Guangzhou|0.79km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
As my wife and I celebrated a special occasion during our recent stay at The Westin Guangzhou, we were met with an extraordinary experience that went beyond our expectations. From the moment we stepped into the hotel, we were greeted with friendly smiles and a warm welcome, setting the stage for an impeccable stay. Our room was spacious, offering contemporary decor and luxurious comfort. The captivating city views added an extra touch of enchan**ent to our stay. The plush bedding and indulgent amenities ensured that we had a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep. What made our stay truly exceptional was the hotel's personalized service. Upon checking in, I casually mentioned that it was my wife's birthday. Little did we know that the Westin Guangzhou would exceed our expectations by surprising her with a magnificent birthday cake. The staff arranged the cake with u**ost care and consideration, reflecting the hotel's commi**ent to creating memorable experiences for their guests. Every encounter with the hotel staff was nothing short of outstanding. They were attentive, responsive, and always ready to go the extra mile to make our stay enjoyable. The Westin Guangzhou's dedication to customer service is truly commendable. During our stay, we also had the opportunity to indulge in the hotel's culinary delights. The restaurant options were diverse, offering an extensive range of delectable dishes. The breakfast buffet was both scrumptious and satisfying, catering to every taste and preference. The Westin Guangzhou's prime location truly adds to its appeal. Situated in the heart of the city, it provides convenient access to numerous tourist attractions, shopping destinations, and vibrant nightlife. Whether we wanted to explore the local culture or unwind in luxury, the hotel's convenient location had us covered. In conclusion, our stay at The Westin Guangzhou was an exceptional experience. The hotel exceeded our expectations with its elegant surroundings, impeccable service, and genuine care for its guests. The surprise birthday cake was the cherry on top, leaving us touched and grateful for the hotel's thoughtfulness. If you are looking for a remarkable hotel that combines luxury, comfort, and warm hospitality, The Westin Guangzhou is an excellent choice. We look forward to returning soon for another unforgettable stay.

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4.6/56398 Reviews


Guangzhou|0.33km from Guangzhou East Railway Station
Come to Guangzhou to travel and choose the Mehood Hotel, before was at the airport to live a good hotel, feel good, and then come to Guangzhou East Railway Station Tianhe District near this to play, I did not hesitate to choose their hotel, the sense of experience although there is no Baiyun Airport that store experience is good, but it is also quite good, the front desk staff service attitude is very good, when I checked in, it was a twin room at the beginning, that is, the decoration of his room is older, and then I went to talk to the front desk, in fact, the room does not have much to do with it, mainly the taste of the room。 Then I called the front desk to talk about it, and the front desk explained it to me for the first time, and then went to help me do a free upgrade. It is also because of the nervousness of a shopping mall considering them, and finally I was replaced with a relatively good big bed room, the decoration of this big bed room is relatively new, the sanitary facilities and equipment of a room are much better than the room originally booked, the room is very new, and then it is a decoration of the wooden floor, it has a beautiful feature, that is, one of its toiletries are very complete, that is, like shower gel, gel water, facial cleanser, makeup remover These things are very complete, very complete, uh, including their room is a small degree of intelligent controller。 It can control a light in the room, curtains, these things, and then they also provide a free supper at night, although that supper is mainly pasta, but I think it's pretty good, because at night, you can eat casually, and then you go to sleep. I like the smell of the aromatherapy in their room, because the toilet may put an aromatherapy oil, and then as soon as you enter the door, it is the feeling of fragrant fragrance, although their room is not the kind of smart toilet, but the whole is relatively new, relatively clean, and then the room has an umbrella, because there has been a heavy rainstorm in Guangzhou these days, I can bring an umbrella in their room when I go out. I think that's very sweet. It is according to a season in their Guangzhou to equip the room with these umbrellas, because they Guangzhou also often have a rainy season such a thunderstorm weather, plus a recent thunderstorm, I think it is really a very intimate hotel choice, their hotel really did not choose wrong, the next day I went to use one of their breakfast, their breakfast types are quite a lot, although there is no such characteristic Cantonese refreshments and the like, but compared to other hotels it provides a meal, has been a very rich category, they have some fruits, porridge, pasta, and then fried rice, fried noodles, and some sandwiches, small cakes。 Really fulfilled one of my needs for breakfast, a little bit of everything. They also have a gym and laundry room, and the gym and laundry room are on the fourth floor, so you can use them yourself if you need them. They also have a laundry room, and everything is quite complete, such as laundry detergent, hangers, dryers, including ironing machines. It's really impossible to be picky about setting up the equipment and the environment.111111 I am very satisfied with this experience, if I come to Guangzhou next time, then I should choose their hotel, and it is really good for everyone to stay in this hotel.

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Shanshui Trends Hotel (Guangzhou East Railway Station)
4.2/51564 Reviews
I have been using this hotel now since 2012. Perfect location, easy into city center, lots of food choices and is right in GZ East railway. Now as a VIP, i get to stay a fee hours after checkout time
Huayun Vili International Apartment
2.7/547 Reviews
In general, the booked room was occupied by someone else under false pretense, and the front desk did not perform the verification work. The service attitude was very good. Although two rooms were adjusted in the end, the gap in the check-in experience was huge. The room equipment was aging significantly. It is recommended to replace it.
Guangzhou Junrui Hotel
3.9/532 Reviews
The location is excellent and the transportation is convenient. Exit B1 of Guangzhou East Station, Line 3, is just there. The hotel has complete facilities and the room is clean and tidy. It is close to the window and the stay is comfortable. What is particularly surprising to me is that you can open the door and speak to the Tmall Genie to turn on the lights, and then they will light up automatically and the curtains will open and close automatically. Novelty. The front desk staff are very nice, proactive and enthusiastic. Breakfast is included, and there are many varieties. I personally think it is quite cost-effective. Eating is also very convenient. If you want to eat stir-fried vegetables or refreshments, there is a restaurant in front of the hotel. No. 9 Private Kitchen. The dishes made by the Cantonese chef are also delicious. Even a simple beef fried rice noodles is delicious. In short, I personally think that the living environment and the food environment are of high quality.
Ji Hotel (Guangzhou Tianhe East Railway Station)
4.6/54296 Reviews
The location is great because is right beside the high speed trail and there are many restaurants close to it. But I have to change the room, because the first one was smelling very bad, but they could change me. The room could be cleaner. Another thing, it’s a very big city, I went during Canton Fair, that is a very big event, but they weren’t prepared enough to accommodate tourists that don’t speak Chinese. The communication was very difficult!!
2.5/541 Reviews
Service attitude is very good, location is convenient near Guangzhou East Railway Station, the first time I stayed at this hotel, the overall experience is very good
Lixin Hotel (Guangzhou East Railway Station)
3.9/51241 Reviews
The rooms were clean, very comfortable, and the staff was amazing. They went over and beyond to help make our stay enjoyable. I highly recommend this hotel for anyone visiting Guangzhou.

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Guide for Travelling in Guangzhou

Exploring Guangzhou, China

Situated in the southeast of China, Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, is a vibrant metropolis blending old-world charm with modern marvels. Known as the "City of Flowers," it boasts a subtropical climate, which results in an enchanting cityscape of greenery and blossoms.

Traveling to Guangzhou

Most international visitors arrive via Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, which offers extensive connections globally. From the airport, the city is easily accessible by metro or taxi. Train travel to Guangzhou is also common due to the city's significant railway network.

The main mode of payment in China is usually through AliPay or WeChat Pay. Most places still accept credit and debit cards, but it's wise to carry some local currency (RMB) for smaller vendors. English is not widely spoken outside of major hotels and tourist areas, so a translation app may be helpful.

Guangzhou's Top Attractions

Guangzhou is home to a medley of attractions, appealing to history buffs and modern architecture enthusiasts alike. Explore the Canton Tower, which offers panoramic city views, and then delve into history at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. For nature enthusiasts, the Baiyun Mountain and Yuexiu Park offer serene environments right in the city.

Climate and When to Visit

Guangzhou has a humid subtropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 10°C in winter to 33°C in summer. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit, when temperatures are more moderate. Light, breathable clothing is recommended for the warmer months, while a light jacket may be needed during the winter.

Choosing Your Accommodation in Guangzhou

Guangzhou's diverse accommodation options cater to all kinds of travel needs. For proximity to historical landmarks, consider The Garden Hotel Guangzhou. If you are a foodie, Langham Place Guangzhou is located near many culinary hotspots. For those looking for luxury, Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou offers top-notch services and views of the Pearl River. If you're traveling on a budget, consider Hanting Hotel, known for its value. Instagram-lovers will appreciate the aesthetic design of the Park Hyatt Guangzhou.

Booking with Trip.com

With Trip.com, arranging your Guangzhou adventure becomes effortless. Their vast selection of hotels, user-friendly booking system, and 24/7 customer service ensures a hassle-free experience. Plus, you'll earn Trip Coins, which you can use for future discounts. Choose Trip.com to make your Guangzhou trip unforgettable.

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