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Best time to travel to Dongguan

Dongguan is located in the central province of Guangdong. This is an industrial city, with Pearl River to its western borders, Huizhou to its Northeast borders and Shenzhen to its southern borders. Are you curious about the closing hours, and times when tourists’ flock into Dongguan? Well, there is always the best time to see Dongguan attractions. One of the most important factors to consider when you visit this city would be the weather. Certain activities cannot be executed without proper weather and climate. For example, in the month of January, the air is a little humid and balmy. This makes it the best time to visit Dongguan. You will be able to cover most of the Dongguan attractions. Between the months of February and August, you will see many tourists visiting the city. Now, the part of securing cheap hotels in Dongguan will become difficult. Between the months of September and October, the humidity would be an issue. And, you may witness a bit of discomfort. However, the best Dongguan hotel deals are secured now. Finally, you can choose to visit Dongguan if you are looking for the coldest weather conditions. This might be the right time to focus on all the things to do in Dongguan.

Nearby Airports

You have four airports near Dongguan. Most of them are located within 100 kilometres. The closest airport to Dongguan would be the Shenzhen Baoan International Airport. Then, you have the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, which is around 60 kilometres away from Dongguan. Foshan Shadi Airport is located around 70 kilometres from Dongguan. And, the Huizhou Airport is present around 90 kilometres from Dongguan. In all these cases, you need to find a way of getting to Dongguan from the Dongguan Airports nearby. 

Though the airports are located far away from the heart of Dongguan, you will not have any trouble reaching it. There are many well-planned shuttle bus services from the airport, to all parts of the country. On average, if you choose to hire a taxi, you will be asked to pay around 300 Yen. When you want a cheaper option, you can opt for the Intercity bus services, that will pick you up from Gate A9.

Getting around the place

Before you choose to see the Dongguan attractions, you need to find a way of getting around. The best and finest option would be rail transit. This mode of transportation is easy and interesting. After all, Dongguan boasts of a well-established metro system. Since, early 2016, this metro system has helped tourists and locals travel in style. 

Another way of travelling around Dongguan would be in busses. Every ride will cost you around 2 Yen. This is definitely one of the cheapest ways of travelling Dongguan.

And, when you are willing to roam around alone, and independently, you need to opt for the taxis. The taxis are extremely cheap in this city. You will not pay anything more than 80 Yen for a single trip. Of course, you must be careful in picking only the licensed, green Dongguan taxis. 

How to get to Dongguan

Travelling to Dongguan can be a “journey” by itself. Primary carriers who connect Dongguan to the rest of the world would be China Southern, Hainan Airlines, Donghai Airlines, EVAAir, Sichuan Airlines, Qantas, Scoot, Xiamen Airlines, China Eastern, Air China and AirAsia. Of these, Air China and Air Asia are known for offering the cheapest deals. 

For example, if you are travelling from Sydney to Dongguan, tickets range from 500 to 750 USD. Every week, there are three direct flights between these two destinations. And, your average flying time is around 10 hours. After you land at the airport, you need to find a way of getting to Dongguan from the Dongguan airport nearby. 

Hotel information

You will never be short for hotels in Dongguan. Whether you are aiming for a cheap hotel in Dongguan, or pricey, luxurious Dongguan hotels, you have an abundant option to choose from. Here are some of the finest hotels in Dongguan for you:

5-star hotels in Dongguan

Reputed names in this list would be Wanda Vista, Hyatt Regency, Mels Weldon Dongguan Humen, Tangla, Fairfield by Marriott Changping, Haiyatt Garden Hotel and the Royal Garden Hotel. On average, you will have to spend between 220 and 500 SGD per night. 

4-star hotels in Dongguan

Famous four-star hotels in Dongguan are Oriental Ginza International, Mannidum Amanti Hotel, Zhonghao International Hotel, Citadines Songshan Lake, Heng Xin and Lavande. You need to spend between 80 and 140 SGD per night. 

3-star hotels in Dongguan

For the best Dongguan hotel deals, you need to focus on the 3-star hotels. This includes names like the Forla Hotel, Lavande Hotel, Vienna International Hotel and Kaili Yade Hotel. Even when these appear in the collection of “3-star Dongguan hotels”, you will be astonished by the quality of service offered. For a night, you will need to spend between 100 and 75 SGD. 

2-star hotels in Dongguan

For cheap hotels in Dongguan, you need to focus on the 2-star hotels. This includes names like Mengbake, Jian Shiguan Hotel and the Moon Island Boutique Hotel. These hotels cost between 30 and 80 SGD. 

Dongguan Tourist Information

There are so many impressive Dongguan attractions for you to enjoy. Here are some of the best Dongguan things to do in Dongguan.

  1. Guan Yin Shan is a beautiful holy temple located in front of the train station. This statue looks and feels like a Buddha statue. Towards the mountain, you will see a beautiful small village. The best way to explore this site is by walking. 
  2. Dongguan Yulan Theatre is another impressive venue for tourists. Here, you will be able to witness a variety of cultural performances. The finest performances till date would be the Butterfly Lovers. A Chinese classic that replicates Romeo and Juliet. 
  3. Those who are interested in shopping should visit the New South China Mall located in Wanjiang Road. This is one of the world’s largest malls.

Top Food Places in Dongguan

Your list of things to do in Dongguan will be incomplete without food. Here are three of the best places to enjoy a good meal in Dongguan:

  1. The veggie box is definitely a delight for vegetarian food lovers. This restaurant features well-priced food items. It has a scrumptious range of yummy treats for just 30 to 60 Yen. 
  2. Pizzeria Maccehronie by Salvatore is for those who want to enjoy Italian food in China! Well, this is a posh destination, for a unique dining experience.
  3. Hello Salad is another classic location for food lovers. 

On average, all your meals in Dongguan will range between 30 and 150 Yen. Rarely would it cross this zone!

If you are ready to plan your trip to Dongguan, start exploring We have access to some of the best Dongguan hotel deals, and a wide range of cheap hotels in Dongguan. In fact, we will also help you in getting to Dongguan from the airport

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