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Best time to travel to Dalian

You might be planning on a trip to Dalian! Over the years, this destination has become extremely famous amongst tourists. It is recognized as the Hong Kong of China. Dalian is located in the sub-provincial port city of Liaoning Province. This is the second-largest city in the province. And, Dalian is the fourth most populated city in the whole of Northeast China. Choosing to visit Dalian in any season, will be a memorable experience. This city has comfortable summers and winters. Your winters will not be too cold. And, the summers will not be very hot. In Dalian, spring begins around the month of March. This is one of the finest seasons to visit the city. All trees and flowers begin to bloom during this time of the year. In fact, the Cherry Blossom Festival happens every year in Dalian during the month of April. Next, you can choose to visit Dalian during summer, which is not too hot. Technically, the ideal time for visiting Dalian would be during Autumn. This is when busy crowds fade away, and you will have the best taste of seafood and fashion. Fall is famous in Dalian for its International Fashion Festival, which is also known as a fashion carnival. If you plan to visit this destination around Autumn, you need to look ahead of time for Dalian hotel deals. 

Nearby Airports

Regardless of where you are boarding your flight, the closest airport to this city would be the Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport. The airport is located 8 kilometres from the heart of Dalian. This is one of the busiest and well-established airports in Northern China. According to sources, this is the 24th busiest airport in the whole country. The airport stretches around 135,000 square meters. And, there are 42 independent parking spots for aircraft. The airport’s key airline would be China Southern Airlines. Most of China’s Japanese destination flights land at this airport. The Dalian airport is connected via numerous bus lines, and Metro Line 2. The exquisite airport bus line connects passengers to the central district. If you are willing to shell some extra bucks, you can pick a taxi from the hub station.

Getting around the place

Transportation in Dalian will never be a problem. Public transport is well developed in this part of China. The best way to navigate through Dalian is via bus. There are hundreds of buses to connect you to any location. Buses operate from 4 in the morning. And, are available till midnight. Next, you can choose to travel via the metro lines. 

Trams in Dalian are extremely famous. The trams are maintained pretty well from the old days. 

Finally, you can choose to hire a taxi. Getting to Dalian from Dalian Airport becomes easy and quick when you choose to ride a taxi. 

How to get to Dalian

As mentioned previously, China Southern Airlines is a primary player in this destination. There are plenty of China Southern Japanese flyers too. Air China has multiple nonstop options to Japan from Dalian. Few other notable airlines operating from Dalian would be Uni Air, Korean Air, Asians Airlines and Air Nippon Airlines. 

For instance, if you are planning to travel to Dalian from London, the flight duration will be around 17 hours. There are no direct flights between these two places. And, on average, your trip will cost between 350 to 500 USD. 

Hotel information

You will never be lost for hotels in Dalian. The place beams with some of the finest accommodation options for you. When you are aiming for Dalian hotel deals, you need to book in advance. And, the finest hotels for you to choose from would be:

5-Star Hotels in Dalian

This list features names like Shangri-La Hotel, the Intercontinental Dalian, Hotel Nikko Dalian, and Furama Hotel Dalian.  These hotels range from 30 to 100 USD. You will have access to a variety of facilities, ranging from WiFi access to swimming pools to complimentary breakfasts to anything you can imagine under the sun. But, you need to book Dalian hotels well ahead in advance for bigger and better deals.

4-Star Hotels in Dalian

Zhongshan Hotel, Dalian Grand Continent Hotel, Central Plaza Hotel and the Kerren Hotel are a few interesting names in the list of 4-star hotels in Dalian. These hotels generally range between 15 and 20 USD. 

3-Star Hotels in Dalian

Qing Qiu, Home inn selected Zhongnan Sunny Hotel and Orange Hotel Selected are few famous names in the list of 3-star options in Dalian. These hotels range between 15 and 25 USD per night. These Dalian hotels tend to offer some of the finest discounts in the city. 

2-Star Hotels in Dalian

Meng Shang Xuan Seaview apartment, UNILOFT, and Jinjiang Inn are few affordable hotels in Dalian. These hotels are extremely cheap. And, they range between 10 to 15 USD. 

Dalian Tourist Information

Important places to see in Dalian include Xinghai Square. This is the largest city square you will find in the entire world. The place is both posh and luxurious. This has everything important from bronze statues to stunning parks to fountains to memorials to rare, lavish hotels. This venue tops the list of Dalian attractions

Binhai Road is a must drive through for anyone to visit Dalian. The is a great spot for clicking a dozen photographs. The lengthy stretch is known for changing every kilometre. The foliage, open sea, caves and paved roads are all reasons to visit Dalian. 

Longwangtan Cherry Blossom Park is a major reason why many people choose to visit Dalian. This is nothing but a scene of splendid cherry blossoms that will take you through a story in one of your old books. The park was founded in the 1920s. Since then, it has been one of the best things to do in Dalian.

Top Food Places in Dalian

When you are in Dalian, there are few restaurants, and food varieties to cherish. These delicacies will not be found anywhere else in the world. Indeed, they are true specialities of this wonderful city. 

  1. Xiang Gong is famous for its Cantonese food. It is extremely famous amongst tourists. This is mainly because of its top-notch quality, and service. You will find a variety of dim sum items on its menu.
  2. Shuangshengyuan is an authentic restaurant for seafood varieties. It is more than a century old. It began as a small street food stall. Today, people from all parts of the world cherish food from this outlet. 
  3. New Oriental Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant is reputed for its tofu and seafood dishes. It is highly famous amongst tourists and locals. Highlights of this restaurant would be the crystal dumplings, dim sum and Mabo tofu. 

Planning a trip to Dalian will be a great experience. You will never feel bored in this part of China. Most of the things are affordable, and you will certainly have a spectacular time. If you are looking for Dalian Hotels, navigate to Trip.com. Here, you will have access to some of the cheap hotels in Dalian. 

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