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Misty mountains, aboriginal hill tribes, elephant sanctuaries, ancient Buddhist temples, and more welcome you to the beautiful city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The erstwhile capital of the Lanna kingdom has centuries of heritage and cultural treasures to discover. Explore a variety of shopping options for traditional Thai silk, tea, tribal handicrafts, antiques, silverware, and more. Experience finger-licking cuisine, lively nightlife, outdoor adventures, and more on your trip to Chiang Mai.

Weather, Best time to travel

Nestled in the mountainous landscape of Thai highlands and blessed with abundant natural beauty, Chiang Mai is located about 700 kilometers from Bangkok along the Mae Ping River basin. 

Chiang Mai enjoys 3 distinct seasons. Crispy summers from March to May, magical monsoons from June to October and cool winters from November to February. During the peak summers, the temperature can soar up to 40°C while in winters it can drop down to 10°C. The average temperature throughout the year is about 25°. If you are planning a long motorbike trip to the mountains, ensure that you pack a jacket or sweatshirt as the temperature drops rapidly post-sunset. 

The festival of Songkran is celebrated mid-April to welcome the Thai New Year, while the Bo Sang Handicraft festival is held in January. The flower festival is lined up for February while November brings Yee Peng and Loy Krathong – the festival of light. Check the event calendar before you freeze your travel dates.

Airport / Nearby Airport

Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) serves the province of Chiang Mai and Lamphun. The busy airport has 2 terminals to serve domestic and international flights. The modern airport offers a plethora of services for the convenience of the flyers. Foreign exchange counters, ATMs, coffee shops, restaurants, retail stores, souvenir shops, and more are available for the passenger’s comfort.

The airport is barely 10 minutes’ drive from the central business district. Getting to Chiang Mai from Chiang Mai Airport is pretty convenient. You can even take a tuk-tuk, a songthaew, bus or a taxi. A return trip to the airport by cab would cost about 100 baht and for 160 baht, you can travel to most destinations across the city. Avis, Sixt, Budget, Hertz, Europcar, Thai Rent a Car, Bizcar rentals, Chic car rent, can be conveniently booked on app or search engine. Check with your hotel for a free airport transfer service. 


Getting around in Chiang Mai is pretty convenient. There are options to hire a tuk-tuk, songthaew, motorcycle taxi, scooter or bike on rent, private taxis, and more. Flag a songthaew parked along the roadside and take a ride share or hire the entire vehicle. Many shopping centers and malls offer free songthaew shuttle services for tourists. If your destination is closer to the area, hitchhike a free ride. Public buses and minivans connect you to major tourist destinations with affordable fares. There are plenty of tuk-tuks available, however, negotiate the rates beforehand to avoid getting in trouble. Get a fair idea of pricings from your hotel staff or a friendly local before you board one. On an average 60 baht for 4 hours can be negotiated. Motorbike taxis are perfect for solo travelers, they navigate smoothly through traffic-filled roads and the fastest way to reach the destination. You can also rent a cycle to explore the city or take a metered taxi.

How to get to destination

Singapore to Chiang Mai (SIN-CNX) flights are ample and frequent. Singapore Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Turkish Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Silk Air, Thai Airways, Thai Air Asia and other airlines offer flight services between these destinations. Scoot offers a direct flight that takes about 3 hours to reach Chiang Mai at SGD150 while flights with a stopover can cost you about SGD114. Travel time taken may vary based on the stopover city and flight route.

Hotel Info, prices for different hotel range

There are ample options for hotels in Chiang Mai to suit every budget and requirement. Here’s a list of most preferred Chiang Mai hotels rated by guests to choose from. 

  • 5-star hotel price: Rarin Jinda Wellness Spa Resort – SGD124, Chala Number6 – SGD128
  • 4-star hotel price: Lanna Palace – SGD41, Cmor Hotel Chiang Mai by Andacura – SGD36
  • 3-star hotel price: Joyful Thai Boutique Hotel Chiang Mai – SGD33, Chiang Roy 7 Days Inn – SGD28
  • 2-star hotel price: Thapae Happy House – SGD21, Rustic Guest House – SGD26

Explore the popular areas in the city for more amazing Chiang Mai hotel deals.

Chiang Mai Tourist Information

There are so many interesting things to do in Chiang Mai. The cultural treasures embed magic in your experience. Explore the rich heritage of the region and feel close to nature as you take an expedition to the hills and connect with tribal and aboriginal residents of the village.

Top tourist attractions in Chiang Mai

Check out these top Chiang Mai attractions:

  • Temple hopping trip - Visit Wat Phra That Doi Supeth mountainside temple for its sweeping view of the valley or check out the ruins of Wat Chedi Luang. Wat Phra Singh is a 14th century restored golden temple while Doi Suthep is cut from a granite mountain. Wat Chiang Man is a picturesque temple with ancient architecture while Wat Suan Dok is famed for its grand dome. Check out Wat Phra That Doi Kham, Wat Lok Moli, Wat Buppharam, and many more temples.
  • Elephant Sanctuaries – There are a number of elephant farms and rescue centers spread across the region. They offer special tours to experience the mighty tuskers in their natural habitat.
  • Forest tours – Chiang Mai is bequeathed with abundant natural beauty. Explore the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park with forested park temple and waterfalls or visit Hmong hill-tribe Village. Take a river cruise on Ping River or check out Ban Khun Chang Khian.

Explore the night markets for local shopping and explore beautiful parks and gardens. 

Top food places in Chiang Mai

Explore the delicious regional cuisine of Chiang Mai. Try Khao Soi – the soulful noodle soup made with rich and spicy coconut curry, served with meat chunks and yellow noodles. The Khao Niao sticky rice served with a variety of dips, sauces, and salads show the influence of Chinese and Burmese cuisine infused in local flavours. Try these places for finger-licking experience Thai food.

  • Laab Kai Mueang Pan Waen: Located at the south gate of Bumrungburi Soi 3rd road is the perfect place to try Gaeng Hang Lay Moo – an aromatic pork curry cooked in a variety of spices and herbs for 60 baht.
  • Ton Payom Market: Find the best Sai Oua - fragrant sausage infused with Thai spices and herbs at the busy streets of Ton Payom behind Chiang Mai University.
  • Ton Tem Toh – The large and airy restaurant at Nimmanahaeminda Road serves an extensive variety of Northern Thai Cuisine including soups, barbeques, chili dips, sticky rice, and more. – one-stop solution to your travel needs

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