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Cebu is a province that is situated in the Philippines in its VIIth Region, Central Visayas. Cebu consists of one primary island as a landmass and then some 167 other islands that are surrounding it. The capital of the Cebu Province is called Cebu City. It is the oldest city in the Philippines and it also goes by the sobriquet, “Queen City of the South”. Interestingly, Cebu was the first capital city of the Philippines. The complete metropolitan area of Cebu is comprised of seven surrounding cities and six municipal zones. It is among the most developed provinces of the country without a doubt. The overall population of the province is over 2.9 million as per the survey of 2015 and the total area is about 5000 kilometers squared. The climate of the place is tropical, and it receives two major seasons, dry and wet. Most of the year is sunny and dry but the months from June to December receive occasional rains. The area is also prone to typhoons and there are one or two every year. The northern parts of Cebu get more rainfall in comparison to the southern parts. Generally, the highest average temperature here is 36C and the lowest is 18C.

The airport in Cebu/ nearby airport in Cebu

The nearest airport from Cebu is the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB). This is the second busiest airport in the country of the Philippines. The airport is situated in the Lapu Lapu City on the Mactan Island which is a part of the Cebu Metropolitan Area. The area of the airport is an overall 1970 acres and it currently operates with a single runway which is some 3.3 kilometers long. The airport has two terminals; the first one is for domestic flying purposes while the other one is for international flying purposes. The distance between the airport and Cebu city center is 15 kilometers. Getting to Cebu from Mactan-Cebu International Airport takes about 30 minutes by road. One of the most convenient ways to reach the city from the airport is to take a taxi. The taxi fares for this journey to the city are in the range of 5-9 S$.

Transportation in Cebu

The most common form of public transport in Cebu is the use of jeepneys, which are multi-seat customized type jeeps. These vibrantly painted vehicles are very common in the whole of the Philippines. Nowadays many private companies are bringing in modern jeepneys and running them as fleets with their own routes. Another mode of public transport in this area is taking a bus. Most buses can be found stationed at the CSBT (Cebu South Bus Terminal) which is managed by the Cebu Provincial Government. There are multiple private bus operators too which help increase connectivity in and around the city. The city of Cebu has over 600 taxis operating as of 2018. The taxis here are either white or yellow. The white taxis are regular taxis of the city while the yellow taxis are airport taxis. Apart from these taxis, there are some online ride-hailing services too that operate in the region.

How to get to Cebu

Although it is among the busiest airports in the country, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport does not have much direct connectivity with the world. The airport has some 36 domestic destinations and about 37 international destinations. Most of these destinations are in Asia; places mostly in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, etc. Flights from other parts of the world (out of Asia) are mostly ones that are of a connecting nature. In these cases, one of the ways is to find a flight to the Manila Airport of the Philippines or any Asian location which connects to Cebu and then find a subsequent flight from thereon. Flying to Cebu from Singapore is easier. Many airlines like Air Asia Philippines, Singapore Airlines, and Silkair offer direct flights from Singapore to Cebu. The direct flight time is generally about three and a half hours from there and the flights are not very expensive.

How much are hotels in Cebu

  • Luxury beach resorts hotels in Cebu with upscale amenities and amazing views are available for less than 200 S$. 
  • Decent 3-4 star Cebu hotels cost less than a 100 S$. These come with standard amenities like AC rooms and Wi-Fi. 
  • There are many cheap hotels in Cebu which are available for about under 20 S$. 
  • Neighborhoods near the city center in Cebu have good Cebu hotel deals and are preferred by tourists.

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Cebu Tourist Information

Top tourist attractions in Cebu

Here is a list of some of the good places to see and cool things to do in Cebu.

  • If one is in a mood to get a thrilling adventure, the Sky Experience at Crown Regency could be just the place for them. The place is loaded with options of extreme sports, activities, and many rides that give you a gravity-defying experience.  
  • To get a feel of the daily life of a local, one can visit the SM Mall in Cebu. It is the most popular mall in the city and is a great place to find exciting activities for adults and kids. Exploring around here is a fun and easy way to kill time.
  • One of the most visited Cebu attractions is the Cebu Heritage monument. This piece of architecture comprises of dark stones and attractive sculptures that lead one on an insightful journey into the history of Cebu.

Top food places in Cebu

Cebu is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines and has a wide range of great food places. The food of Cebu is unique in a way that it presents a blend of the East and the West in the cuisine.

  • One of the popular restaurants of Cebu is the Anzani Restaurant which is a fine dining place serving a unique kind of new Mediterranean cuisine. The place is also known to serve delicious desserts. 
  • Another great place to eat is the Lantaw Restaurant which is a seaside eatery. The restaurant s made up entirely of wood and serves a variety of cuisines.  
  • A popular dish in Cebu is Lechon, which is basically a suckling pig that is roasted. The CNT Lechon is among the best places in Cebu to try out this dish in an ambient setting. CNT Lechon has three branches in Cebu. helps you land great deals on travel and stay bookings.

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