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Regina Cristina
4.1/543 Reviews

Regina Cristina

Capri|0.14km from Laboratorio Capri
We went for the terrace restaurant for a lunch. We ordered our drinks and sharing appetiser to start, this was a mixture of rice and mozzarella arancini, dough balls, fried penne balls and zucchini (all vegetarian in both Italian and English translations on the menu). After this came we began eating, after having almost a full large fried pasta ball I noticed ham in the pasta inside the ball, my boyfriend opened the rest (including the one on my plate) and all these had ham inside - disclaimer I have been a vegetarian for 7 years and I have never eaten pork. My boyfriend told the host and the waiter and we were told it was on the menu so we asked for a copy of this, to which he read that is was not on the English translation. Then they said it was only one the Italian (the meat) however I translated the Italian section and again there was no mention of pork in the dish. I was given no apology at all from the restaurant and made to feel it was my fault they did not disclaim on their menu the ‘vegetarian’ dish contained pork. I was offered a small caprese salad as substitute for an apology (and substitute for taking away the dish). I declined numerous times for this salad as I felt sick from eating pork and still had my main coming. After the waitress asked 3-4 times if they can bring the salad I accepted. The main dishes were disappointing, at the end of the meal an aperol spritz - we hadn’t ordered - was put on our table, left for around 10 minutes then taken straight to the table behind us (from ours) as they made a mistake with the order, which seemed incredibly unhygienic. At the end of the meal the bill was incredibly high for the level of service given and food received. I will be taking this complaint further with the evidence I have as this is the first time I have ever experienced this breach of contract in the food industry and lack of apology after the action was done.

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Hotel Mamela
4.6/5100 Reviews
Honeymoon hotel, spacious rooms, pleasant colors
Albergo Gatto Bianco
4.4/566 Reviews
A great hotel, it has all the comforts, excellent location, Andrea greeted us and said goodbye, she was very attentive and friendly, the only thing they can improve is to have vegan options such as milk or yogurt for breakfast. Overall it exceeded our expectations.
Hotel la Floridiana
4.4/574 Reviews
We stayed at Hotel La Floridiana for 6 nights and loved it! We enjoyed the hotel so much that we extended our trip an extra night. The location was great, 10 minute walk from center of town. The views were beautiful, the lobby and pool area were stunning! The complimentary breakfast was delicious- made to order omelets and pancakes/waffles! The hotel staff was what made the hotel exceptional- we felt welcomed every time we left the room. Special thanks to Suraj, Claudia, Victoria and Kasun for going above and beyond to make our stay expectational, especially singing for my birthday! The staff is knowledgeable, with good recommendations of things to do in the area. We will definitely stay here again if we are back in Capri!
Villa Helios Capri
4.1/522 Reviews
Visited Villa Helios last September, Capri was part of a month long travels in Italy. I always research and read about the place we stay at. Villa Helios is one of those places where your breath just stops for a second, that’s how beautiful it is. The view is unparalleled. Stephane greeted us with professionalism, responded to all the questions we had, he gave us tips on restaurants and so on, the staff was amazing :-) Our room was pretty basic, the size was good, it was very clean, the bed however was a little hard for me but still comfortable. Breakfast was very good, plenty to chooser from. Villa Helios is close to the main piazza, so perfectly located! The gardens are beautiful and lush. We are so happy that we came here! Million thanks to making our trip so amazing. A tip; From the port we decided that we were bringing our own luggage to Villa Helios, I wish we hadn’t! Omg, the hike to get to the Villa was difficult. We had huge luggage! Take my advice and higher guys at the port to take your luggage to Villa Helios, you can ask Stephane the manager to give you advice on who to higher. You will thank me later :-) We will certainly be back, million de merci!
Capri Tiberio Palace
4.7/552 Reviews
There are hotels, there are luxury hotels, and then there is the Capri Tiberio Palace. In all my travels, I can honestly say that I’ve never felt better treated or more welcome that at the Capri Tiberio Palace, a true palace in every sense. They go out of their way to make every guest feel like they are a king and queen. The rooms are gorgeous, the staff is extremely attentive to all your needs, and if I could give them a 10 star, I would. From the front desk, to the concierge, to all the staff, all 5 Diamond quality. And then there’s Elena-Daniela Carp, the restaurant manager. I cannot say enough what an amazing person she is. I arrived to Capri a bit late due to some train lines running very late to Napoli. I missed my scheduled Ferry and the restaurant usually stops serving at 9:45pm. When I arrived around 10:15pm and they saw how tired and hungry I was, they called up to the restaurant, and they reopened the kitchen to make sure I was fed. Throughout my stay here, Elena has showed what true 1st Class Service is all about. They always say, it’s all about how they made you feel that you’ll remember the most, and Elena and the front desk staff made me feel like I’m special. And they treat every guest like this. I cannot wait to return to Capri next Spring or Summer. There is no place else I would even think to stay but here. Cheers!
La Residenza Capri
4.6/561 Reviews
Very friendly people , clean rooms always helping you even if you need to go further in italië , amazing food on capri nice stores , beautiful views there was good breakfast i place i will return to also they give us free upgrade also they will always hell you good my favorite guy giuseppe he was amazing ofcourse the other people of the crew are also really nice to us

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