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Blue Tree Premium Alphaville
4.4/5115 Reviews
Stayed here 1 night for business. The rooms were very spacious and clean. The bed was comfy, internet worked well. The lunch at the hotel restaurant was very tasty. The location seemed very safe. Overall, a nice stay at a very reasonable price.
Radisson Alphaville
4.1/568 Reviews
Everything is perfect! For an excellent value, I had a peaceful and comfortable stay. Spacious and very clean rooms, all brand new. I am very satisfied. The staff are very helpful. Holy breakfast. This makes me want to stay longer.
Quality Suites Alphaville
4/541 Reviews
Era meu aniversário de namoro e No check in a recepcionista disse que tinham 2 reservas em meu nome e que eu tinha que ligar para vocês para cancelar pois não poderia por ser uma empresa terceirizada. Além de tudo, ao chegar na suíte, me deparei com 2 camas, sendo minha reserva 1 cama de casal, desci e falei para a recepcionista o erro, ela disse que ambas reservas estavam como 2 camas e que eu tinha errado na reserva, depois que ela mudou para outra suíte, disse que eu tive sorte por ela ter um com cama de casal. Falei com o suporte pelo app assim que subi para a suíte e ele verificou que estava tudo correto na minha reserva (1 reserva, de 1 suíte com cama de casal)e o hotel que errou e causou toda confusão. Falei cedo com a supervisora do hotel, Laís, que foi muito educada e pediu desculpas pelo ocorrido.
Lummina Barueri Alphaville
4/540 Reviews
I spent 10 days in that hotel, where 8 of them, only sleeping, today the only day I stayed to rest, I ask for a late checkout and receptionist doesn't care that my daily covers the day and that I wasn't required to pay, I understand the mistake and did not ask, I went down to make the reverse process, but the arrogant, poorly educated and riddled receptionist simply said: you should have looked at your date of exit. The obligation to look in and out is from the reception, it charges me unduly and still makes me guilty, and worse, you have no supervisor ( Mrs Suellen) or manager ( Mr Gabriel), all of them are free and two newcomers without support at the reception. If you refuse to make a change of value, because you report that you have no financial functioning, if you don't support to meet weekends, you don't open a reservation then the hotel has nothing legal to enjoy, old structure, simply I don't indicate.
Comfort Suites Alphaville
3.8/563 Reviews
Hotel is ok for maybe a night or so... but 10 days was too much.. a lot of things just aren't great. First day after long flight ordered salmon and it was sufficiently under cooked that i stopped eating... so wanted them to pick it up and called 3 times and told front desk one and still no one got it until next morning. Gym is big but dilapidated with little variety in equipment and some of what's there is broke. Sleeping isn't great as portable air conditioner is loud, bed is hard and doors of other rooms slam shut. I thought neighbour was being rude late at night but that's just how it is. Soap is cheap and so i bought a bar and there are few drawers to keep clothes. Had laundry done with best shirt for final meeting with client... and they popped a button.. worse they don't tell me si spent whole day holding my shirt together. Location is convenient but there just are better options
Std - Anora Spaces - Stadium Alphaville
4.1/512 Reviews
I was with a broken dish I warned receipt and they only asked to leave in the corridor to collect them did not provide any other in the place, sweatshirt and cotton was smelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the popular hotels with Gym in Barueri?

    Whether you are travelling to Barueri for business or tourism, Blue Tree Premium Alphaville , Quality Suites Alphaville and Hotel Sequóia Alphaville are all preferred hotels.

  • How much is the average rate for hotels with Gym in Barueri?

    For hotels with Gym in Barueri, the average price on weekdays is S$ 133, and the average price on weekends (Friday–Saturday) is S$ 129.

  • Which hotels with Gym in Barueri are recommended for business travellers?

    Many hotels with Gym in Barueri are suitable for business travellers. Comfort Suites Alphaville and Radisson Alphaville are preferred hotels.

  • What promotions are available for hotels with Gym in Barueri? provides various promotions and discounts for users all year round. You can check the promotions page to see what promotions are available on

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Number of Hotels30
Number of Reviews455
Highest PriceS$ 649
Lowest PriceS$ 77
Average Price (Weekdays)S$ 133
Average Price (Weekends)S$ 129