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The Oterra
4.6/551 Reviews
The specifications are very high. It's just a little expensive. The service is super good. All kinds of smiles and courtesy. But the downstairs commissary is very potholing. The same thing as the airport, he only sells 100. . . What are you talking about best friend best price. . .
Sai Vishram Business Hotel
4.9/540 Reviews
Very Nearby to the office location, people are very friendly, excellent service, stress bursting ambience, Good food, well cleaned rooms, Free service for cabs for local travels are helpful and driving people are safely dropped and picked. Fantastic experience on the whole
Lemon Tree Hotel Electronics City
4/546 Reviews
Had a fantastic time at Lemon Tree, all thanks to dear Naveen for creating the experience for our event. Great food. Great hospitality. Great experience. Thank you so much for the wonderful evening Looking forward to visit again

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