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Asahikawa is the second largest city on Hokkaido in Japan. Since it is a major city in the region, it has convenient links on the railway, including the Hakodate Main Line and Furano line. The downtown area is not far from the Asahikawa Airport (AKJ), which has links to major cities in Japan.

The city is well known for its zoo, Asahikawa Zoo, as well as the Ueno Farm. The Asahikawa Zoo is one of the most famous within Japan, and also the northernmost zoo in the country. Because of its location and position as one of Japan’s coldest cities, the zoo is able to host a wide variety of animals, including both penguins and polar bears.

In terms of outdoor attractions, Asahikawa has a lot to offer visitors, such as the Kaguraoka Park and Tokiwa Park. In terms of cultural activities, shrines such as the Kamikawa Shrine, Asahikawa City Museum, and Asahikawa Ramen Village are located within the city as well.

Asahikawa has cold winters and mild summers, making it a great place for both skiing and bike riding when weather permits. The city is known for its winding bike paths that extend through the forests and countryside.

Whether you come to Asahikawa for business or vacation, there are hotels available to accommodate all types of visitors. Hotels in Asahikawa range from luxury hotels to youth hostels.

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