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The Atrium Hotel & Resort Yogyakarta
Unyq Batiq
Kranggan Market
Leather Craft Tourists Center
Galeria Mall
Megah Tekstil
Yogyakarta Station
Toegoe Hotel Cultural Reserve
Batik Roebini
Wrekso Leather Goods

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5 star

4.6/5Outstanding129 Reviews
Yogyakarta|1.59km from downtown
This is an old hotel located in a location with good access to downtown Yogyakarta. The facilities are clean and well maintained, giving you the feeling of being in a museum steeped in history. The overall atmosphere of the hotel is very calm and quiet, and the exhibits placed here and there create a mysterious atmosphere. The interior of the room is spacious enough and comfortable, and you can feel a new sensibility with the old-fashioned interior. There is a balcony overlooking the pool, and the night view from the balcony is reminiscent of a European resort. The bathroom is a bit small, but it is not a big problem to use, and there was no bathtub in the room I stayed in. The overall service of the reception staff is very professional and friendly. The staff speak English and are very accommodating if you have additional requests for rooms. If you're interested in the exhibits inside the hotel, you may be able to hear the secrets of old photos and antiques from the staff. The dining room is opposite the lobby and has a large number of tables, both indoors and outdoors. The quality of the breakfast is mediocre, and if you don't have high expectations, it's okay to have a simple meal. It is a space suitable for enjoying the fresh air of the outdoors while looking at a fountain like a work of art, and enjoying a memorable meal while looking at antique interiors and exhibits, but the overall service of the server and kitchen staff is not professional and the quality of the service is very poor. It was enough to ruin the positive vibes I had experienced. Ignoring customer questions, pretending not to hear them even when they say thank you, ignoring the menu because there are many drinks that are present but not prepared, ignoring customers because they have a small number of dishes, or asking for the omelette they ordered for breakfast because they did not deliver it for more than 30 minutes Bonnie gave me the cold rolled eggs that I had placed next to the crater to eat, etc... (I ordered a menu for my wife who went down around 9pm and went on the go, and the female server gave me a pint glass to share, and with a rotten look, she set the cold aperitif and tableware. A male hall manager who pretended he didn't see it and ignored it.. I think I'll never forget this worst experience for the rest of my life.) I wondered if such a service would be appropriate for a 5-star hotel. It was a moment when our plans to spend a quiet and happy time in a great historical hotel were quickly shattered. If the hotel side checks my reviews, I hope that they will pay more attention to recruiting and educating staff for the valuable experience of other customers (not only westerners who are good at tipping, but also Asians who are suspected of being Chinese). Thank you.
4.1/5Very Good118 Reviews
Yogyakarta|0.16km from downtown
The location is very good, just a five-minute walk to Maryborough Street. The hotel is also very new and the specifications are good. Recommended for travel. Will go again next time
4.6/5Outstanding116 Reviews
Yogyakarta|2.64km from downtown
Cozy hotels with delicious breakfast from Sido Muncul Group! You need to try ice cream Tolak Angin.Definitely will come back when i’m in Jogja!
4.1/5Very Good88 Reviews
Yogyakarta|0.24km from downtown
Good and humble hotel in Jambuluwuk Malioboro Yogya this holiday in yogyakarta. very good jambuluwuk malioboro hotel. breakfast is very good. hotels are ok. the swimming pool can also function properly. people are friendly and kind. I stayed here a very pleasant night. this is just the first day here it's ok. from the security guard to the hotel service all good.

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Business travel

4.6/5Outstanding63 Reviews
Yogyakarta|2.43km from downtown
we stay for 2 nights and it was such a good choice. the service was great and room was clean. they hotel was busy but they manage to maintain health protocols for covid. Love their coffee as well, we will come back for sure.
4/5Very Good34 Reviews
Yogyakarta|1.94km from downtown
Hotel located near to shopping mall, hospitals and easy to find street foods along the street and around. Services are nice. They changed bedsheet and towels everyday. Staffs are freandly. Environment is quiet and save in the night.
4.1/5Very Good52 Reviews
Yogyakarta|1.28km from downtown
If for the hotel it's good.. The facilities are complete, the ac is very cold, breakfast also has cereal, roti, coffee, tea, rice stew etc., 1, and the fisherman is friendly, and the best thing is that there is no cigarette smoke in the hotel, if anyone smokes will be fined.. There's a unique story, when I stayed at this emerald hotel, I felt my wallet was missing, and I tried to call the hotel. Finally from the hotel willing to deliver my wallet and its contents safely to my home (via JNE) and in the delivery charges responsible by the owner of the wallet's good job of this emerald hotel service, Keep a loyality like this and I am also a lot ”Thank you for the refund of my wallet, hope the hotel has more people to stay and hope the workers are always healthy and avoid disease” at this time 1ammmmiiinnnn
4.6/5Outstanding61 Reviews
Yogyakarta|1.77km from downtown
I had an excellent stay at the hotel. With a very affordable price I got such high quality facilities such as hot water, tv with premium channels, super cold AC, comfortable bed, a very strategic location. The staff were also very friendly, helpful, and approachable. They made it very easy for me. I’ll definitely going to stay here again in my future trip. Recommended!

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4.6/5Outstanding81 Reviews
Yogyakarta|1.4km from downtown
Thank God it was a pleasure to stay at Harper, for the service and facilities, thank God, it was according to expectations, only for the restaurant section, the bread and pasta here are helped to take it, so it's a bit clunky if you want to go back and forth to take or pick up according to family members, we are a family of 4 Moreover, my son likes breakfast, he likes bread and pasta. Finally, his mother's bread is for his son, because he is ashamed to take it again😂 .. all the services are good.. outside at night it is also delicious, there are a lot of angkringan sellers and crowded along the way. stay the night it's raining.. parking on the harper is also free 🙏👍
4.5/5Excellent40 Reviews
Yogyakarta|1.18km from downtown
All is really good actually, the hotel located very near from station, so that I can walk away from station to hotel, took 4 or 5 minutes. there is Alfamidi in front of hotel so you just cross the street. the room was so clean, neat, and comfortable. I can sleep so deeply and was a 9 hours sleep, that was really nice since 3 weeks I didn't have sleep well. the shower is good, there is warm and cold water, and no worries when you take a shower at late night. but there is some problem when I have to flush at the toilet room 507. the flush button was a little bit hard and need effort to press the flush button. and just that, over all is good. it would be nice if there is a mirror that can show us a full body so we can make sure that we are dressed well.
4.2/5Very Good49 Reviews
Yogyakarta|2.4km from downtown
I went with my partner for a holiday for 4 days and 3 nights. The location was good near malioboro, they have a lot of parking space too, but about the room i wont recommend it, i stayed at no.311, the ac was kinda hot for me and the bathroom was quite smelly to so it effect to the whole room especially when i going out for a whole day and came to the room the smell was quite strong for me so it makes me uncomfortable. But all the staff was so welcome and polite maybe because it's a old hotel and i unlucky to have a room like that, i don't know about any other room so i make sure to write a review about my room only.
4.7/5Outstanding116 Reviews
Yogyakarta|1.62km from downtown
Excellent hotel to spend time with family... the service is also excellent the staff very friendly... very recommended...

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