Sofia to Koh Samui flight schedule

Sofia to Koh Samui flight schedule

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In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, national and regional entry-exit restrictions are frequently updated and subject to change. Please read the latest Country/Region Entry Restrictions before travelling.

Sofia to Koh Samui flight schedule & cheap flights

Sofia to Koh Samui flight schedule & FAQ

  • When are flight tickets from Sofia (SOF) to Koh Samui (USM) the cheapest?

    Airlines adjust prices for flights from Sofia to Koh Samui based on the date and time of your booking. By analyzing data from all airlines, on, you can find the lowest flight prices on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.
  • How much do flights from Sofia (SOF) to Koh Samui (USM) cost?

    According to's data, the lowest price is around S$1,121.
  • What is the transportation method from the main airport to downtown in Koh Samui?

    • The distance from Samui International Airport to downtown is about 3km, by taxi about 20 minutes.
  • How many airports are there in Koh Samui (USM)?

    There are 1 airport(s) near Koh Samui (USM): Samui International Airport.
  • What are some travel guidelines for Koh Samui during the COVID19 pandemic?

    Entry restrictions and flight schedule changes and cancellations are frequently updated and subject to change. If you plan to travel to Koh Samui, please obtain the most updated information from the airline you plan to book your travels with. You can also refer to COVID19 Country/Region Entry Restrictions for more information.
  • Which airlines offer free date changes for flights to this city during the COVID19 pandemic?

    There are no airlines with flights to this city that provide this service. Please use this information as a reference only and confirm with the airline prior to booking.

Hotels in Koh Samui

4.6/5Outstanding260 Reviews
Lamai Beach Koh Samui|6.47km from downtown
We stayed 3 nights ~ It was a honeymoon ~ The service is really good, every waiter is super gentle and smiles at you from afar ~ There is a beautiful girl with short and medium hair and braces who can speak Chinese. She is really cute and has a good personality! !! There is a pick-up and drop-off in the hotel, and those who are far away will beckon to us and wait for a long time, I'm here ~~~ Breakfast is not much variety, but it tastes good ~ Take the hotel road and turn right for 500 meters to 711 ~ If you are riding a small motorcycle, go to Chaweng for 10-15 minutes. The hotel has a small motorcycle ~ The beautiful sea view we ordered with a swimming pool, I thought it was a footbath before I came, but I did n’t expect it was a real pool, 1.3 meters deep ~ We love this hotel anyway, so we booked another 3 nights ~ Add some wonderful memories to our honeymoon trip ~
4.7/5Outstanding170 Reviews
Koh Samui|14.14km from downtown
Located on the southwestern tip of Koh Samui, the hotel is a beautiful sunset hotel. The hotel is relatively large, divided into two areas on the mountain and the beach, and is connected by a shuttle bus, which is very convenient. The hotel staff is very good and enthusiastic. The rooms are cleaned twice a day. There are many Chinese staff in the lobby, and the communication is barrier-free. During the period of residence, there were few Chinese people, mainly Western tourists. Breakfast at the hotel is relatively rich, combining Chinese and Western. It is worth mentioning that the noodles are good and fit the Chinese stomach. The booked room enjoys the executive lounge treatment, including free afternoon tea and sunset cocktails, and free soft drinks in the room. It must be said that I was very impressed. We stayed for three days. The afternoon tea and cocktails are not repeated every day, which is quite exquisite and delicious. The Executive Lounge is also the best place for the entire hotel to enjoy the sunset. It is strongly recommended that rooms with administrative treatment be set, and the price is very high! The hotel's mountain villas have a lot of space and beautiful surroundings, but the sea view is somewhat obstructed. This is not as good as the rooms below the lobby. The field visit only has good sea views for the two-bedroom suite villas, which are basically unobstructed. The hotel has a total of 7 swimming pools. The blue pool in the villa area and the main pool by the sea are recommended, each with its own characteristics. If you want to talk about the disadvantages, it is because the room decoration has some ages. The beds in the booked rooms are not convenient. There are no elevators in the rooms. It is not very convenient for the elderly, but the facilities and functions are relatively intact. The bath products are of good conscience. Too much Ritz-Carlton staying behind. In short, the flaws are not concealed, the InterContinental Hotel is indeed a resort hotel with beautiful scenery, comfortable living and high cost performance, and will definitely stay again in the future!
4.6/5Outstanding140 Reviews
Lamai Beach Koh Samui|6.01km from downtown
🌲Banyan Tree 🌲Banyan Tree is so comfortable, it is indeed a big brand! The service is a bit shy. Tipping is at most 20 baht. It ’s unnecessary. Give it once a day. The sea at Banyan Tree looks particularly clean after being treated by the hotel. It is turquoise 🏊🏻‍♂️, you can also snorkel, 🚣🏻 ‍♀️ There are several security guards on the beach who will feel safe. Let's talk about breakfast. Breakfast is eaten on the first floor of the lobby. The view is incomparable. I have lived in Conrad Koh Samui, Luxury Collection, The Ritz-Carlton, Banyan Tree, the most comfortable here. Obstructed by the tree shrews, I spent more than 1,000 yuan a day at the front desk to upgrade to a beach pool villa. It made sense. Except for the expensiveness, I was reluctant to leave at last. After I returned to China, I immediately booked a flight ticket to Sanya. Now I am lying down and writing a review on the three Asians. The domestic ones are not very good, but there is a saying that there is no harm without comparison. Although the SY hotel is atmospheric and luxurious, the comfort cannot be compared with Samui. It seems to go again Koh Samui, it is not likely to come to Koh Samui again in the next five years. Couples and couples planning to come to Koh Samui for a few more days ~ 8 days and 9 days will not be enough, the whole environment of Samui is very primitive It can be said that it is a small town, the hotel service must be better by the sea, and the experience will be different. G Grap for taxi is very convenient, the system has its own translation, and communication is perfectly fine. 🏝🏖⛲️🏨 Vacation Paradise Samui ~
4.6/5Outstanding217 Reviews
Congwong Beach Koh Samui|7.24km from downtown
The Ritz-Carlton, Koh Samui is located on a hillside facing the sea. The hotel area is very large. Because it is a newly built hotel, the architecture and room facilities are very new. On the highest floor, the view is wide and the sea view in the afternoon is beautiful and shocking. The hotel staff are very welcoming and attentive, making people feel at home, like one! Breakfast is good and rich. It is updated daily. Drink fresh coconuts casually. The room service is also very good. The meals are exquisite and delicious. It is worth recommending. It is a little expensive. The hotel has only one free public swimming pool, but it is very large. The deep water area is 50 meters long and it is very enjoyable to swim. There is also a swimming pool in the spa area, which is not open for free. The hotel's recreational facilities are also relatively rich. There are mini golf, basketball and tennis, and artificial snorkeling pools, so you won't be bored in the hotel. Talk about the areas where the hotel can be improved. The bath products are really not in line with the hotel's positioning, and the sink is very inconvenient to use. In short, Lisi Carlton is still worth living in, and should stay next time in Sumy.

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