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Jendela Indonesia
Sumber Redjeki Toko
Grand Merciful Building
Mega Trade Centre
Cakalang Statue
Mini Eiffel Tower
Jangkar Mas

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5 star

3.5/523 Reviews
Manado|0.21km from downtown
Breakfast has bread, rice, fish and meat (less variety), fried eggs, noodles, something like soup, juice, milk, coffee, tea. Most of them are slightly spicy, and there is no tomato sauce in the local tomato sauce. I am not used to children (16 years old) to eat okay. No one was eating at the hotel for dinner. We ate two times and it was too long to wait. There is food waste in the trash can of the bedroom, so the ants are recruited. I don't know why their hair dryer is not on the wall. The garbage bin of the bathroom is not placed near the toilet with a similarly cleaned nozzle (there are nozzles in all local toilets that are not accustomed to use). I don't want them to hang up the ”Do Not Disturb” cards every day. If they clean up, they will put a tip under the pillow and they will take it away. The hotel has the same name as the domestic plug, and there is actually no conversion plug! The pillow is uncomfortable and always collapses with our Suwan latex pillow. The lobby staff will not be able to speak Chinese or English, or use translation software to communicate. The hotel does not need a face towel to bring it, the toiletries are also very good. The toothbrush is very hard and the handle is very soft. There is a safe in the refrigerator. Going upstairs to take the elevator requires a room card! The hotel's bathroom, exterior, breakfast, pool, hall, bedroom balcony shot still on the sunset. The morning video is for reference only!
4/5Very Good84 Reviews
Manado|0.77km from downtown
The service of the Aryaduta hotel is quite satisfactory, the rooms are spacious, near the megamas area, the food is pretty good even though during covid the choices are a bit reduced Every time I go to Manado, I definitely stay at Aryaduta
4.1/5Very Good57 Reviews
Manado|2.76km from downtown
To be honest stay in this hotel have make me get everything near to my room include meals and all my need a long I stay here for one day in weekend specially for the best sunset Point in the heart of Manado City
4.1/5Very Good32 Reviews
Manado|0.22km from downtown
Although there are many tour groups to live in, the hotel is very clean. Except for the high occupancy rate, the middle of the bed is a bit collapsed, but it is not serious and does not affect the use. Hotel, but the overall feeling is the most suitable hotel, the location is more convenient in the city, and clean, I think these two points are enough, the bath water is not small and very hot, to my satisfaction, also Yes, I will live here in the future, cheap and affordable. There are many supermarkets nearby

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Business travel

3.9/523 Reviews
Manado|0.52km from downtown
There is a distance from the sea and a taxi is required to go out to sea. The price is very high, the breakfast is rich, and the price of more than 200 is much stronger than the domestic Samsung hotel. . . . . . . . .
4.5/5Excellent5 Reviews
Manado|3.39km from downtown
Good service attitude, the front desk lady smiled
4.3/5Excellent25 Reviews
Manado|4.52km from downtown
The location of the hotel is far from the center of the city. The rooms are large and well equipped. The service is also good, there are service staff who understand Chinese. Has its own independent pier, it is more convenient to play in the sea. The meals in the restaurant are more in line with Chinese tastes. The disadvantage is that due to the hotel's location and the lack of other shopping and dining places around it, these consumptions can basically only be done inside the hotel, and the price inside the hotel (especially food and beverage) is significantly different from the urban price. Sorry.
4.3/5Excellent49 Reviews
Manado|9.98km from downtown
That was the 2nd time I stayed at this hotel. It was always nice to spend time with family there, the pool is clean and the view is also amazing. I booked 4 rooms, all of them are in the 3rd floor, the view from the balcony is amazing! The staff are friendly and helpful. It was a good choose to stay at this hotel to celebrate my birthday! Thanks Grand Luley, definitely wanna go there again❤️

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4.6/5Outstanding113 Reviews
Manado|5.87km from downtown
Quite a good choice in Manado, maintenance and service up to a decent standard for a chain hotel. The golf course next to it is not operated by the hotel and is generally maintained, but the driving range is still a good choice
3.5/520 Reviews
Manado|3.4km from downtown
The hotel's door was abandoned. After looking for a long time, I found the lobby through a passing waiter. It was once brilliant. Now there are only five or six floors, the other floors have been abandoned, the room is small, every time I walked through the bed. I will hit the TV, the facilities are a bit old, breakfast is just like the best thing, the only thing is that there is a net red infinity pool, you can watch the sunset and sunrise, many girls come to take pictures, but at the end of the evening, Shunde fishing port begins to smoke. The famous Durian Street is just at the door of the hotel, opposite the city square. It is convenient to eat and drink.
3.9/539 Reviews
Manado|0.15km from downtown
Best on my experience. I was stay in one of the best hotel in manado,sulawesi utara. Hotel are welcome with comfortable and safety atmosphere, the room hotel is clean and large, hotel staff very hospitality and polite is a good service for me and the hotel is near by downtown area. Very recommended!
4.5/5Excellent28 Reviews
Manado|2.34km from downtown
The location of the hotel is particularly good. The opposite is the big shopping mall. It is not far from Durian Street. The service attitude is also very good. The first day the room was broken. We sent us a special faraway Novotel hotel and included a Novotel breakfast. Although it is a big bed room, but the room is oversized and the large balcony also gave us a bed, but it is too far. It is more than 9 o'clock. I have not strolled around the mall. The room that came back the next day was a little small. The toilet can also be used for one person, but you can see the sea and the setting sun. The scenery is very good! Overall still possible! Breakfast is also very good! !

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