Santiago to Phuket flight schedule

Santiago to Phuket flight schedule

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Santiago to Phuket flight schedule & Flight info

Direct Flight PriceS$1,833 SCL⇒HKT

Santiago to Phuket flight schedule & cheap flights

Santiago to Phuket flight schedule & FAQ

  • When are flight tickets from Santiago (SCL) to Phuket (HKT) the cheapest?

    Airlines adjust prices for flights from Santiago⇒Phuket based on the date and time of your booking. By analyzing data from all airlines, on, you can find the lowest flight prices on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.
  • How much do flights from Santiago (SCL) to Phuket (HKT) cost?

    According to's data, from Santiago(SCL) to Phuket(HKT)the lowest price is around S$3,585.
  • What is the transportation method from the main airport to downtown in Phuket?

    • The distance from Phuket International Airport to downtown is about 15km, by taxi about 30 minutes.
  • How many airports are there in Phuket (HKT)?

    There are 1 airport(s) near Phuket(HKT): Phuket International Airport.
  • Which airlines offer free date changes for flights to this city during the COVID19 pandemic?

    There are no airlines with flights to this city that provide this service. Please use this information as a reference only and confirm with the airline prior to booking.

Hotels in Phuket

4.7/5Outstanding565 Reviews
Kata Beach Phuket|18.57km from downtown
At the beginning of the garden view room, the three adult rooms were too small, and it was requested to upgrade the jungle view room. The front desk was very enthusiastic and careful to help. The previous hotel had three beds in the triple room, and the room was large, but this hotel room is still arranged according to the size of the double room, one large bed and one small bed, a bit disappointed, the extra bed is a temporary bed is hard and uncomfortable . After all, when you book on Ctrip, the room rate for one more person will increase by 30%. In the end, it only feels bad for only two people. other aspects: 1. Hotel facilities: The hotel is still good. I spent three days in Patong with a sea view room. This is a rainforest style. Jungle view room decoration is still good, bugs but acceptable. The shower gel and shampoo worked well, and I also sent a bath wipe. The shower nozzle is not easy to use, and the water flow is very small, so it is not comfortable to wash. This aspect should be improved. In addition, we saw a small green snake in the hotel, but quickly fled without taking photos. It should not hurt people. 2. Catering: The breakfast is average. The hotel offers dinner for 2 people, plus one person will be charged 500 baht, drinks will be charged extra, 50 baht outside the coconut, 200 baht for the hotel, a lot expensive is not recommended. The dishes and taste are good, and they are changed every day. It ’s just that there are so many bugs. I found bugs on the bread and fruits at breakfast, which made people nauseous. 3.Beach: The hotel is located in the middle of Karon and Kata Beach, both are very close. If you walk along the hotel path for 5 minutes, you will call Karon Beach. After walking out of the hotel, walk to the right for 15 minutes. Kata Beach is quieter. There are few shops. It's Christmas, and there are many foreigners. 4. Swimming pool: 1.4 meters is suitable for me haha; the swimming pool is not large, there is only one in the entire hotel. 5. Very suitable for bringing children to the hotel, staying for 4 days and 3 nights without going to the sea, a bit boring, you can book a day of activities locally.
4.6/5Outstanding781 Reviews
Kata Beach Phuket|18.52km from downtown
Tell me how it feels to stay two nights. Health: Nice, clean everywhere, Room: The bed is very comfortable, very soft, very big. There is plenty of hot water and a good bath. Employee: Because of the epidemic, very few staff, understandably, arranged to stay a hairdressed man, on the surface very polite, actually a belly careful, no work clothes, the hotel occupancy rate is very low, I will tell me there is no big bed. After the arrangement, I saw a bunch of things, and I didn't push the luggage car to come over, so we took two babys and took a bunch of luggage. After going upstairs, I found out that I had arranged the room on the edge of the room. I think it should be their specific rules. The Chinese live in a bad room, and the middle is left to the foreigners. The next day when swimming, sure, the good rooms in the middle are all foreigner. There is a staff who is very dedicated, wearing a suit, in an inch, very polite, see the guests come to take the initiative to stand up and greet, English is very good. Breakfast: Under the epidemic, breakfast is sent to the room, and you can choose your own food on the first day. Common breakfast. What makes me sick is, the breakfast on the first day, chicken fried rice, chicken is stinky, stinky... and that is, it is recommended to change the chef! The eggs are not good, the first day of the egg, boiling time too long, the yolk are green. The next day of the egg, boiling time too short, inside is still transparent liquid.
4.3/5Excellent846 Reviews
Karon Beach Phuket|17.94km from downtown
With the exception of the quilt (two sheets of quilt and one sheet of quilt, I woke up and pull it again), this hotel almost met all the requirements of my trip. Price Six nights 2600 yuan, with children, pay 300B an extra night when checking in, ask for an extra bed, said that it will be 500B, and the front desk again, and finally 300B. Little money, happy! 2. Location. In the middle of Karon Beach, the road at the door is small, eating, killing chickens, and 7-11. Within 100 meters of the right hand is the sea, comfortable! 3. Entertainment. Comes with a large tropical storm slide, three large pool lounge chairs, indoor and outdoor children's playground, small and big crazy! Seven days is not enough! 4.Environment, the hotel environment is great and clean, and the room air conditioning is also very powerful. Except that in the evening, the swimming pool that caters to the Russians is not friendly to the children's nap, but it is still very quiet. This is why I chose to live in Karon. Patong is too noisy. 5. Buffet breakfast. Basically, it is bread and muffin with scrambled eggs. There are only two staple foods suitable for Chinese people: fried rice and fried noodles (flour). For Russians, the hotel has hardly seen Chinese faces in 7 days.  Small tips, the hotel taxi costs 500B to Patong. There is a tuk-tuk at the junction of the road by the sea, which can be 100 yuan cheaper.
4.5/5Excellent63 Reviews
Kata Beach Phuket|18.46km from downtown
More than 700 one night, the price is quite high. The sea view from the balcony is really good. It should be the best hotel in Karon Beach. There is a restaurant outside the hotel, but no delicious restaurant was found. . However, there are two good spas, and it will take ten minutes to get there. More than an hour from the airport, really far away. Drive to the central of Patong and the cold of Jiangxi for about 15-20 minutes.

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