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5 star

4.1/5Very Good70 Reviews
Semarang|1.31km from downtown
Centrally located. Room was clean but the bathtub was dirty when we checked in. Realised that the stopper wasn't able to open fully. Bath Towels are clean and fresh. Service was excellent. Breakfast was a bit disappointing though.
4.2/5Very Good48 Reviews
Semarang|2km from downtown
Mesenin friends from out of town, it's not bad for a budget hotel. The drawback is that there is no toothbrush and toothpaste. The room is comfortable and there is a sofa. Get a view of Lawang Sewu. Most like it because if you go to dp mall, just walk
4.6/5Outstanding62 Reviews
Semarang|0.98km from downtown
Breakfast doesn't taste good
4.2/5Very Good50 Reviews
Semarang|0.93km from downtown
Please pay attention to pillowcases, sheets, duvets, towels. The color is all dirty. Pillows also have sour smells and are not dry. That in the photo there is a color difference with the tissue

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Business travel

4.1/5Very Good49 Reviews
Semarang|2.85km from downtown
The room is big, the view is cool, the room is on the 20th floor, the swimming pool is really cool, it's just that there are no extra beds available. But the king size is big enough for 3 with 1 child. Luxurious bathroom with abundant water. The hot water makes me stop taking a shower. Even though it's a little small, it's enough. The lift sometimes makes you wait a bit longer because it's only 1. But it's still 5 stars for this hotel. Satisfying
4.2/5Very Good52 Reviews
Semarang|1.96km from downtown
Very professional and great value for money. These guys know how to provide an awesome service. We turned up 25 minutes before the trip left but there was no problem. Ben, our guide, gave relevant insight into the area including the history and natural elements. He was fun and informative, and a great driver. We can’t recommend this trip highly enough. Service, content and value tick all the boxes.
4.3/5Excellent63 Reviews
Semarang|1.4km from downtown
A very well maintained classic hotel in Semarang. Centrally located right across a very big mall. The room was very clean and comfortable. Complete amenities and what I like the most is the pillow. Average size but very good for my sleep. Great job Novotel Semarang...
4.5/5Excellent40 Reviews
Semarang|2.61km from downtown
The hotel is comfortable and clean. Good and friendly service. View of intersection 5 so you can see the crowds in the afternoon and evening from the room. A welcome drink is available while waiting for check-in.

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4.5/5Excellent41 Reviews
Semarang|2.17km from downtown
Very nice budget Hotel...cleanliness very good.. variety menu for breakfast is very good.. View and pool on the roof top is incredible for budget hotel. Parking area little bit limited on weekend. but, overall very nice hotel..
4.3/5Excellent72 Reviews
Semarang|0.93km from downtown
The lobby is luxurious, the rooms are okay, the parking lot is a bit cramped, the breakfast is really good, the swimming pool is a little narrow
4.4/5Excellent49 Reviews
Semarang|1.98km from downtown
Checking in was horrible. We called 3 hours before arriving, told them specifically time of arrival. When we arrived our car was having problem getting to the lobby for check because they are having event at the bar. They gave all the parking to people going to the bar, and people paying the room were told to park across the street or wait after 11pm. How does the manager prioritize people going to the bar than a paying room customer, and i booked four rooms? And he didnt even apologize for the super inconvenience, *****. And our room is one floor from the rooftop bar, we can hear people shouting and stumping on the floor. Really need to get this manager replace. Such a good hotel and art property, clearly no zen to enjoy the art pieces.
4.3/5Excellent58 Reviews
Semarang|1.47km from downtown
The hotel is actually okay, but I like getting a spare room with full grounds. Dusty dirty room. The others are not a problem n okay. If the food is good, eat next to the Soto Bokoran hotel

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