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Provence Hotel
Dongbuzhou Long Beach Park
Group 2 of Chonghai Village
Cuonan Group I Village
Liukuang Town
Shanghai Style Art Museum, Jiangsu
Wangxiaoli Agricultural and Nonstaple Products Purchasing Station
Qilin Comprehensive Market
Sanchang Comprehensive Market
HaiMen ShangYe BuXingJie

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5 star

4.8/5Outstanding45 Reviews
Bandung City|2.58km from downtown
When I arrived earlier, I got early check in. I choose junior suite room and its big, clean, and excellent design. Then also all staff excellent perform and helpful. Thank you special for Runi, Chani, GRO team, and Mahendrq and also Sadrasa Team. Also thank you for aurprised birthday cake for my daughter. Thank you and I will ne back
4.6/5Outstanding77 Reviews
Bandung City|1.3km from downtown
It is really nice to stay in the Papandayan after hectic traveling. The kids really enjoyed to see the mini forest. They liked to touch the golden fishes and Koys. They also liked to took pictures there. They served very delicious food during breakfast. We enjoy various foods. Unfortunately they limited the time to eat in the restaurant. Generally, staying in the Papandayan is very nice.
4.7/5Outstanding45 Reviews
Bandung City|3.99km from downtown
King Family Room is spacious enough for us, but the amenities just so so with that price. I can't find any bath wardrobe, sanitary bag, pen + notes in my room. For bf, they have varieties of coffee, juice and dessert (I like how they serve the food) , but limited option for main course.
4.7/5Outstanding49 Reviews
Bandung City|5.71km from downtown
Thank you so much for upgrading the room. Outstanding service. Clean hotel. Fast response. Breakfast taste needs to be improves a bit, but ok overall.

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Business travel

4.6/5Outstanding136 Reviews
Bandung City|4.99km from downtown
Good location, easy to find resto/cafe/mini mart near hotel We stayed at tower room, so we can enjoy additional service (tea and snacks in the afternoon, seperate breakfast). Some of their best service, waiter at the tower resto proactively offered their new drink (bandrek susu) and they can send welcome drink (include snacks) to our room. It's very special and different with other hotel.
3.9/570 Reviews
Bandung City|2.59km from downtown
the check-in and check-out process is very fast and friendly, the location is really the best on jl asia africa, jl braga is across from the hotel, just walk away. clean spacious rooms, comfortable mattresses, cold air conditioning.. for okay food, maybe not too waw.. yesterday I had time to try lontong chicken.. the sauce is not hot hehe. but my family loves the fried rice it's really good.
4.5/5Excellent86 Reviews
Bandung City|2.88km from downtown
I really like it from the start of check-in, the service is really good, the rooms are also okay, clean, comfortable, the bathroom is clean, comfortable, complete too. When I arrived, I was given a welcome fruit too & the food was also delicious, honestly when I came, I was immediately served and called the food one one and one then also delivered After finishing his food, he was asked again what he offered to eat. Friendly, really friendly again, when I checked out, I was given a snack, he said for the huhuyyyyy street, I really like Four Points 😍😍
4.1/5Very Good103 Reviews
Bandung City|5.26km from downtown
It is better than the Holiday Inn in my mind. The facilities are relatively new, the service is good, the coffee shop and restaurant are okay, and there is a small winery in the hotel which is not bad. The windows in the executive room are relatively small.

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4/5Very Good68 Reviews
Bandung City|2.27km from downtown
I was asked for queen bed but I think the receptionist misheard it and we were given a twin bed. But later on the staff was helping to arrange the bed. Then we asked for 1 bed for the 2nd night and it was not available. Please confirm to the guest when checking in if you do not have the queen size bed room. Other than that we were really happy with the location and the security friendliness
4.5/5Excellent46 Reviews
Bandung City|5.16km from downtown
we would like to extends our thanks to # Mr. Hadi the Front office manager for his hospitality, provide us great view of room with all our preferences and late checkout 13.00. # Mr. Devi the manager on duty for the fast response solved AC room problems. # last but not least Chef Walijan for Provide our good breakfast even its serve to the room (no buffet during pandemic). Overall this hotel its good choice for escape from your daily routine. God bless and success for you Guy's.
4.5/5Excellent45 Reviews
Bandung City|5.26km from downtown
Harris Citylink Bandung is very comfortable, friendly and friendly employees. Staycations with small families are even more memorable. Easy access to mall (connecting) and avoid traffic jam surround Bandung on weekend, and find variety food here event we didnt take breakfast. Unfortunately we can hear our side room talking and did (no soundproof)
4.5/5Excellent210 Reviews
Bandung City|2.52km from downtown
During peak season (Long week end), the Lift speed is very slow and the capacity is always full, The breakfast menu is good varied, only just need improvement for the taste, and some quest who pack the food to be brought to their family on outside the breakfast area need real finalty action from the staff/Manager hotel, because the kind of this quests are very embarrasing, thank you.

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