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Erly Wijaya Residence
Khas Jakarta
Transmart Carrefour ITC Kuningan
Ciputra Artpreneur
ITC Kuningan
A&w Mal Ambasador
Colville National Forest
Mushola Sampoerna Strategic Square P-2
Kuningan City
Polo Ralph Lauren

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5 star

4.3/5Excellent116 Reviews
Kuningan South Jakarta|6.21km from downtown
Lobby is big and comfy. Swimming pool area is amazing. Water is clean enough, and there's a pool for children, adult with 0,9 m / 1,2 m / 1,4 m deep. Also a good place to relax
4.4/5Excellent43 Reviews
Kuningan South Jakarta|5.5km from downtown
Don’t book this hotel based on the photos alone. Everything in the room was as displayed in the photos but the carpet had stains, the bathroom was moldy to the point I’m not even sure they had tried to clean it, and the kitchen area (which I was excited to use) looked as if it hadn’t been cleaned either. And this is during a pandemic when everything should’ve been cleaned thoroughly. I was so disappointed with my room I didn’t spend a single night here.
4.5/5Excellent52 Reviews
Kuningan South Jakarta|5.08km from downtown
Huge rooms are reasonable prices. Next to Noble House which houses J Sparrows, Moonshine and Basque for those that enjoy some drinks. Many restaurants like Loewy, Burgreens are in the same complex. Short cab right away from SCBD and Sudirman. Walking distance to Lotte Ave mall for retail therapy.
4.6/5Outstanding39 Reviews
Sudirman South Jakarta|4.62km from downtown
When I came in for breakfast, I said the room number, and a man at the door said that you must wear a mask. I brought it on immediately. After that, a woman brought me in and gave me a menu. I thought it was a semi-self-service. Order these to start recommending the front is the package and the back is the extra order I said I want to eat the self-service at no extra cost. She said that you are in-house guests? After 15 minutes the smashed menu stayed on my table and I took it to the table next to no one Too few dishes for breakfast, the bread can't bite 10:15 Drinks are already taken away. What time does it end? Then when we were about to finish eating, a waiter said this in Indonesian and asked us if we wanted to order the expensive menu? Haha I can understand. Can I order that thing from you? Do not eat for free? you ask again and again too little variety of breakfast Take me to the table and sit down normally, you need to ask me what tea and coffee I drink or you keep selling the menu for money. Oh by the way, when I went to the self-service area to pick up things, I asked what we were drinking and said that the tea was tea bags and water and this The water waited another 20 minutes Breakfast service has a big problem, too bad Most of the breakfast chairs have oil residue and bread residue fruit with worms The breakfast room looks like a contract The hotel room phone can't reach the service center. It takes 5-8 minutes to call twice, and then call me back in 5 minutes! poor service I thought it was a broken phone, but it doesn't seem to be a service issue The manager understood the matter and asked a lot of process and then asked me what my name was! I later found out that the man wasn't the manager yet. After I found out the feedback, the manager didn't want to communicate with me either. I found an employee at random. After understanding a bunch of processes, the employee asked my name. Later, the manager answered the phone or asked me how the process was. I asked Ctrip to communicate. The manager found an employee to fool me. Later, there was another person who called me Ms. Zhao and Mr. Lin. Zhao is male and Lin is female. is wrong

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Business travel

4.6/5Outstanding126 Reviews
Kuningan South Jakarta|5.13km from downtown
Overall is a great hotel. Service to be improve and up to Jw Marriott standard. On my 2nd night of stay my room are not been make up properly. Towel not replace, robe missing, tea and coffee not replace, slipper not replace. I called 2x for replacement still no.... End up I have walk down and inform personally to the staff. Is very disappointing. But the recovery is good as I have good attention from the chief. So I believe I will come back again as my regular hotel in Jakarta. mainly due to the recovery from the Chef.
4.1/5Very Good124 Reviews
Kuningan South Jakarta|6.2km from downtown
The location is good but it is not easy for first-timers to find the lobby. The room size is very large and the cookware is well prepared. The staff is very friendly, but the morning buffet, as everyone points out, is ok. The biggest downside is the poor soundproofing.
4.5/5Excellent115 Reviews
Kuningan South Jakarta|4.61km from downtown
During the Chinese New Year stay, the hotel has a Chinese New Year decoration. The lobby of the hotel is very large and magnificent. When checking in, the counter staff asked if it was the first time to check in? Because it was the first time I checked in, I was upgraded to a room type for free. It was really thoughtful and directly made the guests have a good impression of this hotel. The hotel is located in the city center of Kuningan, which is lively and prosperous. Some of the standard equipment in the hotel gym is not much but enough. The steam sauna has not been opened due to the epidemic. The room is spacious and comfortable, and the bathtub is too small to stretch and soak your feet. Some of the breakfast meals have a variety of exquisite and delicious choices, and the dining environment is also very high-end and comfortable. It has been included in the pocket list of hotels worthy of staying.
4.1/5Very Good64 Reviews
Sudirman South Jakarta|5.62km from downtown
It was my second stay in this hotel. However, I must say that this stay was not quiet pleasant. The floor is still dirty even there was died cocroach in the corner of family room. The television was hard to turn on and my room view is not good either. For the breakfast, the choices were quiet varied. The taste was reasonable. The pool was so spacious and pleasant.

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4.1/5Very Good26 Reviews
Kuningan South Jakarta|7.83km from downtown
Overall it was an okay experience, could have been better. I went to check-in around 3pm and requested for a single bed instead of twin, but they did not have it ready until 4pm… the elevator was very slow. But the room is decent for the price. There is a rooftop restaurant at the 9th floor with live music during the night which is nice.
4/5Very Good62 Reviews
South Jakarta|5.92km from downtown
The service is nice. The place is clean and comfy. The breakfast menu are great as well, they're delicious. However, when I tried to contact the receptionist thru WA that they gave me, it took a while for them to reply my text. So I had to actually go meet them cos it took so long for they to reply. But overall, it's a good hotel.
4.8/5Outstanding44 Reviews
Kuningan South Jakarta|5.02km from downtown
The hotel is located in Kuningan, the center of Jakarta, next to the Jakarta Marriott Hotel. The view from the window is the bustling downtown of Jakarta. The room is spacious and comfortable. There is a window next to the bathtub where you can watch the scenery while taking a bath. There are too few equipment for a five-star hotel, but it is very considerate that the gym also provides Pocari water to the tenants. The last part is the breakfast part. The meals are delicious, but there are too few choices. Some look a little off.
4.2/5Very Good66 Reviews
Kuningan South Jakarta|5.6km from downtown
Very nice hotel, but the side facing the viaduct is a bit noisy, and all kinds of motorcycles on the road make you suspect that you are in Syria at night. The food is not very good, but the coffee is brewed well

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Erly Wijaya Residence map