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Looking for a perfect restaurant? or being tired of restaurant dates always just all the same? Maybe what you need is a feast at “fun” places. Imagine to dine with your love while schools of colorful fish swimming next to you two just one glass wall away. Imagine enjoying Hai Di Lao hot pot, Upin Hotpot or Nonya Cuisine and boarding on a ship floating slowly on the sea for a Singapore coastline tour. What would you choose if you could have the view of the whole Singapore island from the ship, or just sit in a dull restaurant for few hours until the end of the dinner?

S.E.A. the Best Aquarium and the best Dim Sum House

High Tea in the Deep Sea + Behind The Panel Tour Bundle

With this exclusive bundle, you’ll begin your day in the amazing S.E.A. Aquarium with a guided tour of the secret areas and discover how aquarists care for the marine animals. It’s the perfect awe-inspiring experience before your relax during your delectable afternoon tea session with good fortune and abundance flowing all around you – all while you indulge in fine beverages and pastries specially made with symbolic meaning.


1.Promotion is valid from 03 January till 14 February 2022, subject to availability.

2.Booking is for 1 table

3.^Redeemable at Ocean Restaurant during High Tea meal period only between 3.30pm - 5.30pm

4.Valid with dine-in only, not applicable for takeaway

5.For High Tea set menu, please click here

6.No sharing of High Tea set for child 4 years and above

Behind The Panel Program – Specific Terms & Conditions:

1. The meeting point is located at Open Ocean Habitat Tier 4, which is at the halfway point of S.E.A. Aquarium. We recommend arriving at the Aquarium about an hour prior to the session, so Guest will have sufficient time to enjoy its first half.

The Delicious Dishes with the Beautiful Coastline Scene

Hai Di Lao Hotpot Lunch with River Cruise

Must View Client Testimonial on This Tour:

Client Testimonial Youtube Link - Click Here

Come Rediscover Clarke Quay & Marina Bay with us as we visit many popular landmarks around the areas. We will start with a River Cruise down Singapore river. We meet at 10:45am at Hai Di Lao Hotpot at Clark Quay.

Enjoy Hai Di Lao Hotpot Lunch, the menu is below:

Soup Base (For 1 pax, you can choose 1 over 5; for 2 pax above, you can choose 2 over 5): Three Delicacy, Sichuan Spicy, Tomato, Mushroom, Sichuan Pickles.

Main Dish: Pork Jowl, Sliced Fish, Dumplings, Mini Sausage, Spiniach & Golden Mushroom, Thin Vermicelli, Crab Sticks, Cheese Tofu, Egg, Lotus Root, Quail Eggs, Luncheon Meat, Winter Melon, Fishball.Bowl of Rice

Free supply of side dishes, drinks and fruits.

Upin Hotpot Dinner with River Cruise

Must View Client Testimonial on This Tour:

Client Testimonial Youtube Link - Click Here

Come Rediscover Clarke Quay & Marina Bay with us as we visit many popular landmarks around the areas. We will start with a River Cruise down Singapore river. We meet at 5:45pm at Hai Di Lao Hotpot at Clark Quay.

The boat leaves at 6pm. Enjoy a river cruise down Singapore river and understand our history and see how we have developed over the decades into a modern metropolis. Learn about the history behind the various landmarks of Clarke Quay and Marina Bay

Take a chill and cozy river cruise along the Singapore River and admire the beautiful night skyline. The boat will be about 45 mins and it will return to the starting point where you boarded the boat. We will then proceed to Central Clarke Quay to Upin hotpot.

Have a scrumptious hotpot dinner at Upin hotpot as you chat with your friends and loved ones about the day’s activities. Menu will be a mixture of meat, vegetables etc that are suitable for the required number of pax. After dinner, take a night stroll to digest your food through the Singapore River and enjoy Singapore city skyline in the night.

DUKW™ Tour + Nonya Cuisine

Discover Singapore in 30 minutes on land and 30 minutes on sea. Get up close to iconic landmarks of Singapore from the Marina Bay. Enjoy a unique tour experience on a remodeled amphibious war craft. Get up close to Singapore's famous skyline, historical landmarks, and gorgeous bay view. Enjoy authentic Peranakan cuisine and by only using the freshest ingredients and select choice of spices in one of the oldest Nonya Restaurant in Singapore


2-Way Transportation

DUKW Tour Ride

Specialty Nonya Cuisine

Tour Guide (English/Mandarin)

Any Time is the Best Time to Dig in Crabs

Singapore River Cruise PLUS House of Seafood Signature Chili Crab Lunch or Dinner

This boat cruise is an iconic experience showcasing the 3 quay - Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Marina Bay.

You will be shower into a new chapter on our Singapore River story. In this modern age, Bumboats on this historic waterway remind us of its rustic charm. SRC has been preserving the heritage of this important river for more than two decades. Its bumboats have become the icon of our river to visitors and locals alike.

Along the cruise, the tour guide will share about our bridges and nearby landmark plus the symbolic stories behind it.

After this well enriching boat tour, you will be served a delicious Signature Chili Crab meal at House of Seafood.

House of Seafood offers a wide array of exquisite and mouthwatering seafood dishes, with the specialty being their famed, award-winning crabs!


River Cruise Bumboat Ticket

Set Lunch / Dinner at House of Seafood

Chilli Crab with Gardens By the Bay

Activity Details

Located in the heart of the city stands one of Asia's prominent horticultural treasures. With the picturesque night view it offers and user-friendly amenities for all age groups, Gardens by the Bay is definitely the most ideal place for family bonding sessions for you and your family.

Before we embark and explore the iconic gardens, we would first start off with a hearty Chilli Crab meal at the Majestic Bay Restaurant. The sweet and savory tomato and chill-based sauce complements so well with the huge, tender crabmeat chunks that you would definitely come back for more!

You will also be served with one of the restaurant's signature dishes - Ee Fu Noodles. This stir-fried noodles has such aroma and distinct wok hey taste that you can never find elsewhere.

After dinner, walk through the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

Flower Dome

Being labelled as the world's largest Glass Greenhouse in 2015, the scenic paradise Flower Dome is going to offer will definitely leave you in awe by its beauty.

Cloud Forest

Right in the centre of the Cloud Forest stands a 35-metre tall structure - the Cloud Mountain. Explore the many levels of this intricate structure which is covered in lush vegetation and mist.

End the night with the serene scenery at Gardens by the Bay with your family and friends.

Japanese style

IRODORI Restaurant Japanese Buffet

Activity Details

Visit Fort Canning Park,Fort Canning was believed to be the site of palaces of 14th century ancient Singapore Kings. The Sang Nila Utama Garden is one of the nine new gardens in Fort Canning Park, named after the first ancient king of Singapore and reimagines the Southeast Asian gardens of old.

Walk to FOUR POINTS BY SHERATON @ IRODORI Restaurant. Enjoy the Singapore scenery along the Singapore River along the way.

Arrive IRODORI Restaurant Enjoy the Luxury Japanese buffet.Irodori Restaurant has the widest selection of a-la-carte buffet menu, with all dishes prepared by experienced chefs using only the freshest seafood and ingredients from Australia, New Zealand, Norway & Europe are used in restaurant.

Japanese style in the Sky

Singapore Cable Car Sky Dining

Activity Details

#Fly Me to Japan Cabin

Savour an exquisite 4-course Japanese spread in our private cable car cabin for 2 with stunning panoramic aerial views. Starting from the appetiser, this gastronomic experience will fly you through Japan as you taste fresh ingredients and dishes inspired by different regions like Hokkaido and Okinawa and toast with specially curated sake against the dazzling night sky. The menu is available for dining from 1 July. Get your boarding passes ready for an in-flight dining experience now!

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